On a Lindy Monday

The weekend is over – but that’s not sad because there are days ahead leading to another weekend – and for we in the USA, next weekend has an extra day. How was your weekend? What did you do?

Ours included two nights of ballroom, errands, dinner with my father-in-law, dinner with friends, work, (while my wife attended a neighborhood car show).

Act 4 of Meals: The Musical provided bacon, barbecue, beef, burgers, cheeseburgers, chicken, chicken wings, hot dogs, meat, meatballs, pork, pork chops, ribs, steak, t-bone, and turkey while including sides as beans, carrots, mustard greens, and potatoes. Meanwhile, I’m researching the next act’s theme.

Celebrations for Your Week

(Week) New Friends – Old Friends Week, Bike to Work Week, Pickles Week, Safe Boating Week, Emergency Medical Services Week, Dog Bite Prevention Week, Medical Transcription Week, Stationery Week, Heritage Breeds Week, Trade Week, Backyard Games Week, Educational Bosses Week, Coaching Week, Healthy & Safe Swimming Week, Police Week

(Mon) I Love Reeses Day, No Dirty Dishes Day, Bike to Work Day, Mother Whistler Day, Museum Day, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, Visit Your Relatives Day, Accounting Day, HIV Vaccine Awareness Day, Cheese Souffle Day

(Tues) Devil’s Food Cake Day, Send an E-card Day, Boys Club Day, May Ray Day, Hepatitis Day, Autoimmune Arthritis Day, Bake Sale Day

(Wed) Turn Beauty Inside Out Day, Be a Millionaire Day, Pick Strawberries Day, Weights & Measurements Day, Eliza Doolittle Day, Emergency Medical Services for Children Day, Employee Health & Fitness Day, Quiche Lorraine Day

(Thurs) Rapture Party Day, I Need a Patch For That Day, Strawberries & Cream Day, Memo Day, One Day Without Shoes Day, American Red Cross Founder’s Day, Humus Day, Wait Staff Day, Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue & Development, Meteorology Day, Chardonnay Day

It’s time to start your week with a smile. Because I know you enjoyed the Caldonia clip from an old movie, I hope this Lindy Hop scene from Hellzapoppin’ (1941) makes you smile. Have a wonderful week.

63 thoughts on “On a Lindy Monday

  1. It’s a long week-end for us as tomorrow is Victoria Day so I’ll (hopefully) find some time to do the gardening I haven’t done yet!
    Lots to celebrate this week! Absolutely love stationery (must keep away from stores that sell the stuff) and it ties in with my oldest pen pal friend…
    Biking is always great and it’s impossible to not have dirty dishes ~ especially in this house!
    Devil’s Food Cake is one of my specialities
    Who doesn’t want a little Eliza Doolittle in their life?
    Strawberries and cream? Match made in heaven!
    That was rip-roaring fun video to get the week started!


  2. “No Dirty Dishes Day”—Woot woot, I’ll take it!

    This weekend I got to see my magician son rock it at his high school talent show. He did great, and the crowd loved him. Apparently magic is no longer geeky, at least not the card tricks he does which on Saturday night involved a knife and a blindfold. It’s a bit odd to hear girl’s call out your son’s name. But I doubt he was complaining…


  3. Thanks for the remind that this is “Backyard Games Week.” With a bevy of relatives from Virginia preparing to descend this summer, I need to dust the cobwebs off our croquet, cornhole, badminten, and wiffle ball equipment.

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  4. That video was amazing! They all looked like they really loved what they were doing – you did bring a big smile to my face! I was back home last weekend to see family and went to a street fair with my daughter yesterday. We were pressured by a few people to sign a petition to legalize pot in Ohio…it was interesting to say the least. Hope you have a wonderful week – and btw, I’ve been intending to say how glad I am that you and AB are friends now! I think you two have a lot in common! πŸ™‚


  5. That is on mad dance ….. Jive one thing .. but this is happy madness. Do you dance Lindy??? It’s a bit like the Rock n’Roll I once learned … but haven’t been able to do for years!!! About 35.
    I think I will celebrate on Wednesday – Turn Beauty Inside Out Day! Have a great week, Frank!!


  6. Wow–that Lindy dancing was crazy wild! I’ll have to show my husband and tell him that’s how we’re dancing at our daughter’s wedding. Haha!

    It sounds like you had a busy weekend.

    We saw two movies this weekend–Far From the Madding Crowd and Ex Machina. We had thought about going to some festivals, but it kept looking like it was going to rain (and it did some).


  7. Loved the dancing! A bit to energetic for my tired old bones, but man I loved watching. This week I am stuck in a room watching software demos, woe is me. Sunday I made soup for the week, it is so very good so I am making my own celebration….how to eat healthy on what is in your refrigerator week.

    Have a great week Frank.


  8. That clip always feels like drinking redbull, the energy is amazing.
    I’m 4 days late, hope you had a nice week πŸ˜‰


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