Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 260

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Generally avoiding questions by Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is an interesting strategy. I wonder if it will cost her votes in the long run. Then again, there is plenty of time.

At least three more Republicans could very soon be joining the fray of seeking the nomination: Sen.Lindsey Graham (R-SC), Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), and former Gov. George Pataki (R-NY) … and more are on the way. It also appears former Gov. Martin O’Malley (D-Md) will be announcing on the Democratic side.

Fox News and CNN recently announced their selection criteria for the early Republican presidential debates. Although CNN has a Segment B for additional candidates, I would like to see a debate with the top 5 candidates being excluded.

Politico is a popular and reputable online news source about US politics. They recently expanded into Europe at politico.eu.

Speaking of Politico, here’s a gallery for political junkies about political guests with David Letterman.

This is interesting: A conservative economist and member of the Reagan White House explains how he believes Fox News hurts Republicans. For those wanting to know more, click here.

Here’s an excellent report by CNN about surveillance over the South China Sea.

Speaking of China, I want to know if one can read this blog in mainland China. Do you have any connections that can answer my burning question?

Attention bacon lovers. US bacon prices are 25% lower than a year ago.

It’s Memorial Day weekend – a 3-day weekend – the official start of summer vacation season- the Indianapolis 500 – parades, ceremonies, 21-gun salutes, pools open, picnics, outdoor activities, and more.

I thought the Dancing With the Stars Finals show was very entertaining … and Sharna Burgess was on every week. Cheers to Season 20!

Meals: The Musical returns next week, so I’ll announce the theme on the next Monday Morning Entertainment.

There will be a Saturday post as the Explore series resumes.

To lead you into this week’s headlines from The Onion, here’s their pros and cons about raising the minimum wage.

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On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion
Anthropologists discover Ancient Greek Super PAC that helped shape first democracy
One year old still waiting for father’s first words
God realizes he forgot to put souls in humans
Child visits Ellis Island to see where grandparents once toured
McDonald’s reintroduces Hamburgler as attractive suburban dad

Interesting Reads
Cyber-archaeology saving relics
Islam and feminism
Photo gallery honoring BB King
Trains: driven by drivers or engineers
Columnist Roger Cohen’s thoughts about living in Italy
Smartphones and personal medicine

Your Weekend Celebrations
(Weekend) Mudbug Madness Days, Polka Weekend, Old-Time Player-Piano Days

(Fri) Toothpaste Tube Day, Buy a Musical Instrument Day, Don’t Fry Day, Vanilla Pudding Day, Canadian Immigrants Day, Harvey Milk Day, Heat Awareness Day, Biological Diversity Day, Maritime Day, Goth Day, Title Track Day, Wig Out Day, Maritime Day

(Sat) Lucky Penny Day, Jazz Day, Polka Day, Pickle Day, Crohn’s & Colitis Day, Turtle Day, Heritage Breeds Day, Taffy Day, Day to End Obstetric Fistula

(Sun) Scavenger Hunt Day, Escargot Day, Judgment in Paris Day, Brothers Day, Tiara Day, Mary Had A Little Lamb Day

The start of a 3-day weekend in a USA is a good reason for a 2-fer to send you into the weekend .. one from 1981 and one from today (which happens to be a Cincinnati band) … and both are timely. Which did you watch? Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

56 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 260

  1. I once got three hits on my blog from China. Kind of surprised me, because I’d never seen visits from there before. Maybe one of their countrymen (or women) will answer your question!


  2. I’ve got the last two shows to watch – might be time this evening – I’ve got my favourite, so fingers are crossed! I watched both videos – was struck by how bad the quality is on the older one – hasn’t technology improved in the past thirty years! I’ve just been gifted Netflix and think that is just great – I may never have time to do anything else ever again!!


    • Pauline,
      Oh yes .. the early videos can be actually funny. In terms of DWTS, aren’t you happy I didn’t say anything in this post? 😉 … let me know when you’ve seen the finals.


  3. Watched both videos… like yesterday I can remember going to see Loverboy! I thought they were the cutest ever… 😀
    There’s a Canadian Immigrants Day? Huh. Who’d a thunk?
    Have a bunch of lucky pennies (Did I mention to you my father used to claim that every penny he found was a penny from heaven – meaning from my firstborn? When we went through his clothes, ever single coat/jacket had a penny in it! (Sorry if I am repeating myself…))
    Escargots as an appetizer on Sunday sounds like a grand idea!

    Have a most wonderful week-end Monsieur Frank!


      • I did way back when I was a young thang and again a few years ago we went to see them with Pat Benatar and Journey. Quite the concert! (They were OK…)
        Yes he did!
        No escargot? Cookednin garkic butter, maybe even gratinéed? No?
        Yep. No 3-day for us this week!
        And a good morning to you!


        • Believe it or not, I’m an Italian who believes garlic is overused!

          Interesting how the old rockers band together in a concert … we saw Styx, REO Speedwagon, and Journey. Wow!

          Liked by 1 person

        • I agree, too much garlic is too much!
          I saw “Dennis DeYoung Sings the Music of Styx” – amazing and way better than Styx with Gowan as lead singer (he’s OK as a solo artist)
          Journey’s new singer sings uncannily like Steve Perry, don’t you think?
          I love going to concerts. Too bad they are so bloody expensive!
          Prince surprisingly announced YESTERDAY that he’ll be in Montreal on SATURDAY! Damnation. I’m already going to the ballet with a girlfriend…


        • Agree with Journey’s lead singer .. .simply unreal!

          Concerts are crazy expensive … so much so, we seldom consider them anymore. So, Prince announced yesterday that he’s performing tomorrow? Hmmmm …. definitely fits his eccentric nature.


        • I know, eh? The only reason I went to see Rod Stewart last year was because a friend who could not go, sold us the tickets for half-price. $170 for two… I would not have paid that price for one!
          Yeah, the Purple One does things his own way, that’s for sure.

          Liked by 1 person

  4. WordPress is blocked in China. Though if you have a custom domain, your blog MAY be accessed from China which depends on the contents of your blog. If it contains some “offending” words, then the Great Firewall of China would block it as well…


  5. Loved the reads this time, the Cyber-archaeology is interesting; an unfortunate need but fascinating. Loved the Italian Curves, the description of dinner made my mouth water.

    I have nothing on the Onion this time, though God forgetting to put souls in humans, well that one hits close doesn’t it.

    I am taking the entire weekend and making a crayfish boil, oh yeah.


    • @ valentinelogar,

      Agreed, about the Cyber-archaeology being interesting. Can’t help but wonder about dystopian scenarios in that regard. Just how far out on a shaky technology limb can we climb and what would be the ramifications if it breaks? (One of my most memorable movie favorites is “Omega Man” starring Charleton Heston.) We are pretty far out now. The electrical grid is crumbling (don’t tell ISIL) along with the rest of the country’s infrastructure, books are being published on paper less and less, and I’m guessing very few people can do math without a calculator. Farming without GPS and chemical magic is probably becoming a lost art. Most schools don’t even teach cursive writing anymore. Oh well, what’s the worst that can happen? What’s that? The oceans are dying? Climate change? Oh my.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Thanks for including the BBC Magazine article “Viewpoint: Islam v feminism?” For me the writer shed light not only on the challenges facing women in the Islamic Faith, but also the need for followers of all religions to “find a framework for questioning and understanding meaning by using the Koran itself {or bible or other scared writings} rather than any outside source like history, prophetic tradition, or commentary.”

    I would like to find out more about CNN’s “Segment B for additional candidates.”


  7. Just sending a quick Hello your way Frank.. as I drop by to wish you and yours a happy weekend.. I have been busy the last few days.. and not been on the computer.. Its a Bank Holiday weekend here this weekend.. and the Sun looks like it might shine for us too 🙂

    Enjoy.. Sue xxx


  8. Have a wonderful holiday weekend, Frank. I’m grooving to “Shut up and Dance with Me.” WW just turned me onto this song a couple weeks ago (it is a part of his exercise playlist), and I fell in love with it. It makes me happy! Take care.


  9. Scavenger Hunt day sounds about right for my Sunday, as I am hunting for clothes & accessories for the series I’m designing. Luv the Loverboy tune!


  10. Oh noooooooo…. I missed Polka Day!
    It’s all good though.
    Instead I spent Saturday outdoors watching middle child tend goalie at 3 lax games. She was a guest goalie for a team that had no goalie for a tournament. It was a nice opportunity for her. The team won 2 of 3 games. Not bad – eh?


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