On Satire Bits: The Finale

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The first post I dedicated to a collection of satire from The Onion was on November 8, 2011. Five weeks later, the second post. The weekly feature started the following month, January 10, 2012. Somewhere along the line, Curmudgeon-at-Large suggested what became the Combo Challenge .. .and the rest is history. (Thanks Mudge!)

The previous post explained a change in this blog’s format … and On Satire Bits is a casualty from the reality stick’s blow. That’s OK, after all, it’s been a good run of 134 posts. A special thanks to The Onion for making it easy.

Before we get on to the final Combo Challenge, a reminder that Meals: The Musical continues with Act 5 featuring Ingredients. Although there is much latitude here, song titles must include herbs, flavorings, spices, and common ingredients that aren’t dishes themselves. Herbs and spices are acceptable on their own. On the other hand, stay away from fruits, vegetables, meats, chocolate, and anything that might cause the producer’s shorts to knot. Curtain time is 9:30 pm (Eastern US) Wednesday.

Although some voluntarily participate creating their own headlines in the small collection in Opinions in the Shorts, the time has come for the final Combo Challenge. For the occasion, some of the headlines below the image are from the first Satire Bits. Make your own headline from the words from the headlines below. My Combo is at the end.

Thanks again for supporting On Satire Bits, have a good week, and hope to see you at the theater for Act 5.

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Coal lobby warns wind farms may blow Earth off orbit

Adult bookstore to enhance shopping experience with café

An over-the-top Chinese salute to Lady Gaga, with old people

Chickenpox lollipops ineffective

Google “opt-out” feature lets users protect privacy by moving to remote village

Jennifer Lopez comes out with own clothesline line

Facebook increases user control with new ‘Cancel Account’ feature

Tests biased against students who don’t give a shit

Restaurant gives totally unwanted twist to Mexican cuisine

High school student taking rejection from first-choice college in stride as if future not over

Totally unknown guy strolling around your part of office for some reason

Report: Income inequality most apparent during fifth grade classmates birthday party

Parents of crying child must not be any good

Teen makes clever remark in science class

My Combo: Jennifer Lopez crying in adult bookstore over Lady Gaga experience

66 thoughts on “On Satire Bits: The Finale

  1. “Lady Gaga warns Chinese parents to control Jennifer Lopez during Mexican birthday party.”—She’s been known to get a little crazy. ¡Ay, caramba!

    Glad I got to do one more before this series ends. (Though after reading my combo, you probably aren’t. He he he.)


  2. I thought for sure it would be TAPS playing for the last one. This works too!

    Jennifer Lopez comes out in adult bookstore crying: “don’t give a shit!”


  3. Frank, It’ll be sad to have to read the Onion on my own. But I’m awful at these combos. Tonight, though, to honor the finale, I’ll give it another go ..

    Teen biased against students who makes clever remark in science class (because that is the truth, don’t you think?)


  4. Sad to see the Onions go, but staying with my theme this week of “Fart Proudly” how about this for a Wednesday finale,
    “for some reason Chinese cuisine makes old people strolling around village blow off unwanted wind”


  5. Chinese students from unknown part of Mexican remote village taking rejection in stride.

    I am sure you’ll find the blogging schedule that works best for you. It’s certainly a challenge keeping all the plates spinning!


    • Debra,
      Just goes to show that a lack of cultural acceptance is a problem throughout the world.

      I’m hoping the new schedule works … so go back a post for the explanation.


  6. Restaurants give crying child chickenpox lollipop.

    Frank, oh I’m sad to see this come to an end, but it was a great run! You got lots of posts from it. I’ll have to seek out The Onion on my own, I guess. You know, I have lots of thought about blogging lately. The hardest thing for me is seeing so many leave blogging. I guess that’s bound to happen eventually.


    • Amy,
      Restaurant managers all over the world now how a useful suggestion!

      This series could have gone on for a long time …. well, as long as The Onion stayed in business. As posts go, this series was easy to put together … but time valuable.

      I’m with you about the sadness as bloggers leave. Then again, there’s a whole new batch of bloggers to tap into! … but one needs time to visit.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Dear Frank, I might not have taken part every time, but I did so enjoy everyone’s hilarious combos. Here’s my take for the finale:
    “Chickenpox lollipops give totally unwanted twist to fifth grade classmates birthday party”


  8. Jennifer Lopez may blow earth off orbit; parents of crying child don’t give a shit. Whatever changes you make don’t matter to me – I will be here to read and enjoy your blog regardless. 🙂


  9. I don’t always comment your satire posts, but I do read and enjoy. I’m sorry to see it go, but understand what happens when you get hit with the reality stick.


  10. Lobby shopping with old people comes out with Cancel Account feature biased against totally unwanted high school guy crying income inequality in science class
    Which makes no sense, but it will save you money?
    Coal lollipops….mixed Christmas stocking message: bad lumps, yet tasty good?


  11. I may not have been here for the first – but – I am here for the last… 😀

    My fave: YOURS – Poor JLo.
    My Combo: Parents of crying child don’t give a shit about Earth being off orbit.


  12. Frank. I will miss The Onion review you so graciously provided, but will enjoy whatever you post–as always. Change is good, but that is often not realized until well after the fact.

    Here’s my combo: Facebook biased against totally unknown parents who give a shit.


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