Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 264

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Jeb Bush (R-FL) ended the suspense (and Super PAC fundraising) by officially announcing his candidacy for president. Here’s The Onion’s profile on him.

Donald Trump (R-NY) officially announced his candidacy with buffoonery. The process requires candidates to provide certain disclosures, so time will tell he is serious, thus complies. He loves attention, so announcing gave him that, thus I hedge on him actually being in the race. As a bombastic egotistical Bloviator-In-Chief, talking with conviction doesn’t mean he’s truthful. Here’s the Fact-Check on his speech and his profile from The Onion. For those needing more, a reminder that The Nincompop (aka Sarah Palin) praised Trump’s candidacy.

It’s easy to find something odd in the news, but the Rachel Dolezal (the former NAACP chapter leader) has my head spinning.

My post about what initially attracts one person to another (On Selection) fostered good discussion. I encourage everyone to start taking note of your casual observation when you encounter people at the grocery store, walking down the street, or at any gathering.

The US Open, my favorite golf tournament, is this weekend. After the first day of competition, I’m withholding my endorsement of the course and layout until later.

Remember the mural honoring Martha, the last passenger pigeon? ArtWorks recently announced 10 new murals for downtown Cincinnati. Click this link to see the current look and projected new mural. The slidebar on the images provides an opportunity to see before and after.

Some personal updates

  • For those recalling my eye issue of a year ago, it never fully recovered, thus giving me a new normal
  • I’m involved with a major watering project in the neighborhood
  • Next week I’m transitioning from a sub in the golf league to a regular
  • After boasting last week about visiting many blogs, this week wasn’t very good
  • Yes … we’re still dancing

Meals: The Musical continues next week with an act featuring songs with an alcoholic drink in the title. Act 7 starts Wednesday, 9:30 pm (Eastern US). In case you forget, there’s always the Hear Ye page.

Another Explore will appear on Saturday.

For those of you that get email notification regarding Likes, I’m curious … which 3 posts are listed for me?

To lead you into The Onion, here’s the Republican response to climate change statement made by Pope Francis. The headline is worth the look.

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This Week’s Headlines from The Onion (Combos welcome)
Sexist pig had no idea when Team USA plays Nigeria
Co-worker who threw fit and stormed out of room looked like total badass
Man forced to come up with 45 seconds of facial expressions while server lists menu specials
New law determines bullets no longer responsibility of owner once fired from gun
Dept of Interior sets aside 50,000 acres of Federal land for anonymous sexual encounters

Interesting Reads
How each US President viewed God 
Europeans and the Bronze Age
800 years since the Magna Carta
Language of Apes
(Photo Gallery) California drought (Washington Post)

Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

43 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 264

  1. Oh, The Donald. Best I don’t even get started on him. I read an article on all the facts he got wrong in his speech, not to mention how he alienated Hispanics. Doesn’t bode well for him.

    Sorry to hear your eye never improved. My hubs is having an eye issue now with decreased visual acuity, so it’s been a bit stressful. Since you’ve been through something similar, I suspect you understand.


  2. I think he is going to have to be referred to as Jeb! from now on. I read today that Trump paid actors $50 each to cheer at his candidacy announcement. He’s going to keep things fun.


  3. Well now… I don’t follow American politics all that much, except what I see on The Tonight Show, truth be told… (no worries, I’m not big on Canadian politics, either) ~ all a bunch of hogwash. I will admit, though, to being surprised at how, well, not stupid, Jeb appeared on The Tonight Show. As for The Donald. Sorry, but, what a joke.
    Sorry about your eyeballs, Frank. Not fun.
    As for getting emails regarding comments and “likes”, yours is one of the few that I actually check the box “Notify…” because you have a fabulous following with really intelligent and fun comments. I did, however, stop checking said box on most blogs I follow as, frankly, I just can’t handle my inbox any more! It’s gotten out of hand!


    • Dale,
      It’s probably safe to say that “hogwash” is applicable for politics throughout the world.

      In terms of Jeb, I’ve always said that he’s more like his dad than his brother … and I saw a reply of the bit he did with Fallon.

      Thanks for the kind words about the community here … you included …. and Good Morning to you on this Friday.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kayjai,
      Thanks. The eye issue is what it is, and it’s what I call “the new normal” … Meanwhile, I started the season without a golf league, but it seems to be working out!


    • Marina,
      I haven’t mentioned the eye issue in some time, and for whatever reason, it came to me to mention it here. The “new normal” hasn’t stopped anything. Many thanks for the positive wishes.


  4. I plan to save your read “How each US President viewed God” but not for my golf bag.

    I’m guessing he Chambers Bay GC and layout will make your Top 10 list of golf courses needing windmills and clown mouths.

    I never could see you in the role of a golf league sub.


    • Tim,
      The role as a golf league sub was not only a financial bonus, it also paved the way for a regular role … so I was happy to sub … plus this is a league with many good players.

      In terms of Chambers Bay, it makes my US Open “don’t return” list. For the Open, I’m not impressed.


  5. Just saw under your “Interesting Reads” list “The Language of Apes.” Bet that language is much more coherent than anything that came from the Trumpster during his Trumpnouncement! 😉


  6. American politics are very entertaining, perhaps a little, too, entertaining.
    Kudos to Cincinnati’s mural project.
    Cheers to your attitude… a new normal!


  7. Regarding Jeb! & Trump – they sound more like RepubliCAN’Ts.
    Trump is somethin’ else – so full of crap & even more full of himself.
    At least with him – we know where we all stand.
    Can’t wait for the debates to begin.

    Way to keep on keepin’ on despite the eye not being back to normal. You da’ man!
    Keep dancin’ 🙂


    • RoSy,
      i guess The Donald has filed the first part of the paper work, thus going against my prediction. Nonetheless, he’s going nowhere. … and when the debates start, the country will learn more about your governor and maybe mine.


      • Since this – he’s gone all out & inserted foot into mouth. Why am I not surprised though?
        Good for him. And – even better for us – as we now know where he stands right off the bat.
        As far as the WI Gov – not too many people happy with his response on marriage equality. Some have even commented how they are sorry that they voted for him. Only time & votes will tell – eh?


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