Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 265

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Contrary to my predictive statement last week, sources tell me Donald Trump (R-NY) is in the process of completing the necessary paperwork for his presidential candidacy … and his poll numbers are rising. The Bloviator-in-Chief is a sideshow attracting a certain type of voter. Fortunately, those voters are a minority. Unfortunately, The Bloviator takes votes away from more worthy candidates. Then again, maybe he will announce The Nincompoop as a running mate!

Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-LA) just entered the presidential race as the 13th candidate. Here’s his candidate profile from The Onion. I’m also happy that his announcement put this past Onion headline to rest: Bobby Jindal unsure he wants to put family through 2-month campaign.

The Supreme Court’s latest decision about the Affordable Care Act was predictable to me … and so has been the responses by the presidential hopefuls.

Numerous southern families support flying the Confederate Battle Flag because their ancestors fought under that flag. OK … so why isn’t the Nazi flag flown at the cemeteries for World War II German soldiers?

Although tropical storm Bill made the news, Anna did not. Here’s the list of storm names for 2015 (which includes a subtle, but interesting, Cincinnati connection): Ana, Bill, Claudette, Danny, Erika, Fred, Grace, Henri, Ida, Joaquin, Kate, Larry, Mindy, Nicholas, Odette, Peter, Rose, Sam, Teresa, Victor, Wanda.

We recently attended a concert by a world-class handbell group. Their individual skills make their collective efforts shine. I was in awe with the fluidity of the fast runs … and Flight of the Bumblebee demonstrates my point. The upper-bell players (on the left) are holding two bells in each hand. Because each bell is at a different angle, each is individually rung by changing the hand position .. meaning the players are incredibly fast.

Act 6 of Meals: The Musical featuring alcoholic beverages to accompany the meal is complete. Although the number of songs was down, the crowd as a bit rowdy. For those wanting a head start on Act 7, see the Hear Ye page.

Unfortunately, this continues to amaze me: The number of bloggers who used to visit here, but they are no longer blogging.

Two announcements

  • An Explore post for your Saturday … this time – a place … but where? 🙂
  • Hoping to announce a challenge early next week

To lead you into The Onion, here’s their list of tips for managing your energy bill.

On This Week’s Headlines from The Onion (Combos welcome)
Study: Workers happiest when pretending to be working from home
Disney World forced to euthanize character that attacked visitor
Mom recommends previously-unheard-of form of transportation son could take to get home
Guest given air mattress that will slowly deflate throughout the night
FDA approves female-libido-enhancing man

Interesting Reads
A world without work
Positive and negatives of online education
Innovation districts
(Photo Gallery) The Deteriorating Side of Ellis Island (from 2014)
Platypus venom
(Interactive Timeline) What the census calls us over time

Here’s a 2-fer to send you into the week – a leftover from this Act 7 and a hit from the 80s. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

53 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 265

  1. I can’t believe The Donald is running again. Really? Don’t we have enough candidates already? I’m glad I don’t watch the news, Frank. 🙂 Your blog post is all I need.


  2. I’m not even going to touch the whole Bloviator thing… All I can say is Jimmy Fallon is having the time of his life with all the candidates!
    I absolutely loved that “Flight of the Bumblebee” ~ what a hoot and talent to boot!
    I was frankly shocked NO ONE submitted “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer” ~ I forgot the original and cannot stand George Thoroughgood (I think it’s from overplaying, in all honesty).
    I agree with Jim.. John Lee is rocking those socks!
    And J. Geils… just because? 😛
    Have a most wonderful Friday and week-end Monsieur Frank!


  3. Numerous southern families support flying the Confederate Battle Flag because their ancestors fought under that flag. OK … so why isn’t the Nazi flag flown at the cemeteries for World War II German soldiers?

    Good question, Frank. And there is a good answer, I submit.

    At the end of the excellent “interesting read” about A World Without Work, I followed a link to another The Atlantic essay about The Confederate Cause. It painstakingly and precisely lays out the well documented history of how the reason for the war, the casus belli, transitioned from slavery to states’ rights. That was widely embraced only when the Civil Rights movement began, and before then the real reason was stated often, clearly and in writing by all manner of Southern authorities. The author of the article ends poignantly with this:

    This mythology of manners is adopted in lieu of the mythology of the Lost Cause. But it still has the great drawback of being rooted in a lie. The Confederate flag should not come down because it is offensive to African Americans. The Confederate flag should come down because it is embarrassing to all Americans. The embarrassment is not limited to the flag, itself. The fact that it still flies, that one must debate its meaning in 2015, reflects an incredible ignorance. A century and a half after Lincoln was killed, after 750,000 of our ancestors died, Americans still aren’t quite sure why.


    • Jim,
      Many thanks for the article. I was aware of the flag’s resurgence during the Civil Rights movement. A related side note is looking at the flags of a given southern state over time.


  4. I know a cat (as in feline) who is quite conservative and can hack up a hairball like nobody’s business. Mr. Snickers would make a great running mate for the Trumpster. Plus he would love to curl up in that nest that The Donald calls his hair. But, Poor Mr. Snickers, he’s Siamese so he probably stupid or part of some terrorist plot. I bet Sarah Palin will be getting a call…”You’re hired!” 😉


  5. Oh Lord. This election is even more than I can bear. Bare. And I’m a political junkie.

    One of my nephews once slept at my house on an inflatable with slow leak. It was hilarious.

    And the Onion Disney headline reminds me of one of my favorite headlines ever — seen on a tabloid in a newspaper box in about 1985 — “MICKEY MUGS MIKEY” — Little Mikey (~8)had pulled the tail of a guy in a Mickey Mouse suit at Disney world. Mickey hauled off and punched Mikey.


  6. True that Donald Trump is a sideshow attracting a certain type of voter, and true that those voters are a minority. True also is that the Bloviator-in-Chief speaks a language the GOP’s base likes, and that he will, sadly, make the debate group where the rest of the candidates will be confronted with matching his rhetorical venom and his warped view of governing.

    I share your awe of the individual skills and collective efforts of the handbell choir.

    I’m guessing you found today’s Supreme Court decision on gay marriage predictable.

    Good point about the Confederate and Nazi flags. Each was flown by governments that made it official policy to condemn certain groups of human beings to sub-human status.

    Thanks for the remind to read my Atlantic Magazine’s article “A World Without Work,” and also for the read about the positives and negatives of online education.


    • Tim,
      Neither of the two big Supreme Court decisions surprised me. I actually predicted 6-3 on the health care.

      In terms of The Bloviator, Yes – he is a sideshow … but No – he does not speak to the GOP base (as shown by his high disapproval rating among Republicans).


  7. The Onion on BJindal, too very good! Trump running again and currently polling at #2, what a debate they will have.

    Loved the music and the reads! The Ellis Island pictures, I don’t know how to react such a part of so many peoples history coming to this country and now crumbling. The Census, that was fascinating and I played with it for a while.


    • Val,
      All the candidate profiles from The Onion have been fun. One thing for sure, The Bloviator will take the air out of the debate stage … keeping him talking is a way of giving him more rope.

      I’m with you about the sadness on Ellis Island … and I’m not surprised you played with the Census interactive! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Love the bourbon, scotch beer song, & Centerfold is lots of fun!
    I’ve always wondered why the Confederate flag has not been relegated to museums & other appropriate venues. What are some Americans hanging onto?
    The past is fascinating, but it is not now.
    Great post!


    • Resa,
      Glad you enjoyed the songs. In the comments is another version … a bit slower, but awesome.

      In terms of the Confederate flag, talks amplified after the shootings in Charleston, which in some ways has taken time and talk about the tragedy. And then, were does it stop. For instance, do we also remove statues of Confederate heroes? Then again, regarding the flag, I imagine digging into history we would find some interesting points.


  9. i have family roots in the south and I learned at a very early age that the Confederate flag was divisive. If now isn’t a time to take it down, I don’t know what is. And Donald Trump? The circus has indeed come to town. I can barely find time to blog any more, Frank. As much as I want to, my role with my parents is a wonderful opportunity to do for them and I honor that role–BUT, the time? Oh my goodness. I say that I long ago learned how to be in two places at once, but now it’s the third sphere that has be in a dither! So I blog when i can. I think that must be happening to more and more people. I’ve noticed the “absences” as well. Here’s to a new week!


    • Debra,
      When it comes to being a caretaker, do what you have to do as that’s much more important that blogs. But I’m glad to know the reason behind your absence. Strength and peace to you!

      The Bloviator is the ring master of the circus. I say, keep him talking. Then again, he’ll gain followers because of the entertainment factor … and that’s sad!


  10. Pardon my delay on the musical. Lately – it seems I’m arriving fashionably late. That’s the WP Diva in me. LOL
    As for saving on energy – I really do miss air drying my laundry outside. I don’t think it’s allowed in our subdivision. Something about the smell of “fresh” air that I miss. Or – maybe it just reminds me of my childhood.
    This gave me a good chuckle: Study: Workers happiest when pretending to be working from home
    I actually get more done when I work from home.
    My internet service sucks & was able to only catch one video – the handbell one – and enjoyed it.
    I can’t wait for my internet/tv contract to end in Sept. Time for better service. The one we have now we got so that we could save. It saves some $ – but – not our sanity. 😉


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