On a Challenge

Regulars recall my first venture into fiction (here). The comments provided many helpful suggestions (which I’m incorporating in the rewrite) and various concerns with the ending. From this, I’m issuing a challenge to any and all participants to develop a new ending. See the information below.

Challenge Overview

  • Rewrite the story’s ending
  • Start after “The music ends.”
  • Your ending must be 75 words or less
  • A dance video or song doesn’t have to be included

aFaShortStoryChallengeOption A (by commenting)

  • At the designated date and time, I will repost the story (actually the revised version)
  • Readers can enter their ending as a comment
  • Take the badge to the right for your collection

Option B (by posting)

  • Copy/Paste the story (thus my permission)
  • Wait until I post the revised version on Challenge Day
  • Post the entire story on your blog with your ending
  • Embed the badge at the beginning of the story
  • Link to my revised post
  • Encourage others to participate
  • Extra Information below important

Extra Information

  • Posting date is Sunday, July 12th, 9:30 pm (Eastern US)
  • These instructions are also posted on the Challenge page
  • For Option B challengers, I will include the revised version (for copy/paste) on the Challenge page around July 5th

A Surprise for My Effort
The image below shocked me in multiple ways. 1) A reader took the time to do this … (I’m graciously honored) and then 2) I realized he based it on my words. I wanted to share this with you while publicly thanking Calvin for his time, efforts, and generosity.

post cards from a reader_v2

78 thoughts on “On a Challenge

    • Pauline,
      Sure I’ve noticed, but with you, I figured life was getting in the way. Hope you, Siddy, and the cat are doing well! Meanwhile, I think you’ll like the challenge, thus I hope you join in.


  1. Great idea, Frank! It’s so cool what Calvin did with your words. That is very special. I think you should frame it. Well, I’m in. I’ll do my best to come up with an alternate ending. Next week, right? I hope you’ll remind us again.


    • Amy,
      Thanks for the idea about framing it as the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

      I knew you would appreciate the challenge. You actually have two weeks to work on it. I have no clue why I did it that way. Oh well … But next week I’ll post the revised version on the Challenge page for those who want to copy/paste for their own post.


  2. How cool that Calvin took the time and effort to do this! I’m in the midst of going through page proofs with the deadline approaching, so I can’t participate in your challenge, but it sounds like fun!


  3. I applaud your call to meld the innovative minds of your readers, Frank. Whom amongst us could resist a chance to flex our inspirational muscle. Yes, some may look away, ‘I don’t want to’; still to accept the invitation to tango. Creativity is after all, a Cortè, best to not fight it, but rather just let it happen. And not really a challenge as it is a chance for escape and adventure. Maybe that is why I confess now, I glossed over the rules -nothing wrong with going a-ca-sinatra?

    The ‘postcard from a read’; my way of thanking you for the poetry in your story. It allow me to go and see what I otherwise would have missed. And I thank you again for just that.


    • Calvin,
      I’m still astonished that you saw poetry in my words … thanks for your creativity in showing me! …. and many readers are applauding your efforts.

      Various endings will be fun to see read …. so I look forward to this!


  4. WOW. Applause for Calvin and his inspiration. That is frame worthy.
    Hmmm, date noted for challenge. We’ll see what dances up on the stage…difficult to follow such a mastery piece. Cool idea
    (Oh someone is bound to come up with a video…please?)
    Off to practice some tap dancing on keyboard in prep.


  5. A very artistic idea by Calvin! Sorry I can’t be of help with your already excellent writing, but what a great idea to unleash the creative skills of your readers.


  6. Hmmm… firstly, I add my kudos to Calvin’s lovely efforts…
    secondly, looking forward to adding my two cents’ worth!
    Thirdly, you come up with great ideas Mr. Frank.
    Bonne nuit, mon ami!


  7. I’m not sure you want me to write an ending because I have no idea what I would say Frank lol. I’m currently writing another eBook and my brain is fried. But I will say this, I can see why another reader designed something for you. You’re such an inspiration in the blogging world.


    • Kay,
      Fried mind is ok … well, to an extent. 😉 … But the challenge awaits if you need to switch your mental focus for a break from your eBook. But hey – I designed that award.


  8. Just realised I said I would check this out over the weekend, and it’s now Monday! But that’s ok, it’s prior to the reposting date, so I can still take part in the challenge! This is a fun idea Frank 🙂


    • Vanessa,
      Correct … so it will be up when you awaken next Monday morning. … and I think we will see quite the variety. Pass this one to some of your friends that you think will enjoy this.


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