On a Blogging Series

My post On the Blogging Blues (April 27, 2015) was not only well received, readers provided many worthwhile comments about related topics. While the post focused on the importance and types of blogging breaks as a way to prevent the blogging blues, I collects the comments, organized them into topics, then paraphrased the wording.

This is the first post featuring those comments – all about blogging. Future topics include Breaks & the Blues, Community, Posting & Frequency, and Writing, Thanks to everyone for your valuable contribution.

Topic: Blogging
Trying to visit and comment almost every day is important – but on really busy days, I give myself permission to delete the notification emails.

Finding the right ratio of posting to spending time on other blogs is difficult. Cutting back posts is a way to have the time to read others and stay connected.

Reducing posting frequency is a way to enjoy blogging and keep longevity – plus it gives time for other things in life.

Blogging is posting, replying to comments, and reading/commenting elsewhere.

Humans are creatures designed for learning. Whether researching to write or reading others work on blogs is a way to learn.

Finding the balance between managing your own blog and visiting others is difficult – but it’s also different for everyone.

Nothing about blogging should be forceful.

Blogging a hobby, not a career.

Etiquette is important in all human encounters – blogging included.

I blog because I love to write and interact with people all over the world.

Reading mindful posts fuels the mind.

One size doesn’t fit all.

Blogging should be fun and without stress.

Use your notification tools wisely.

Blogging etiquette is important, but most people don’t know what it is.

Keeping up with all the posts of the bloggers I follow is difficult.

Posting, replying to comments, and reading/commenting elsewhere is a high-energy commitment.

Somewhere we get the idea that blogging every day and having hundreds–nay thousands- of followers is virtuous.

You can’t please everyone, so you’ve got to please yourself.

Blogs fuel the need for meaningful contact. Visiting thoughtfully tended blogs energizes the mind.

I came for writing but stayed for friendships.

The positive experiences of blogging cause some to think twice before stopping.

69 thoughts on “On a Blogging Series

  1. Great post. I would add that blogging should be fun. It has opened up a whole new world for me. It makes me more observant on my travels, I have a good record of the places I have been and I have met some great people along the way, both in person and online.

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  2. Thoughtful collection. Difficult to select my favorite. …”hobby not career” (had to laugh about that one. So many non bloggers think people only blog to make money…and that it’s easy to make money blogging) Loved seeing etiquette mentioned several times.
    And those last two lines are perfectly placed (and so true)


  3. Agree! Blogging is a joy, not work. If my job demands my time, then I post less, or not at all. The beauty is that I have something to look forward to when I’m not so busy.
    Of course, I have my few fave blogs that I visit even when I am crazy with work.
    This blog is one of my faves!


  4. To be honest, I shut off all the emails from the blogs I follow and just use the WP reader, or follow the links from my comments or other blogs when I haven’t seen a blog in my reader for a while. Emails demand attention by their nature, and I don’t want anything about blogging to be demanding.


  5. Yes, Yes, Yes! These are fantastic tips. Forgiveness must be granted to oneself as well. Far too often we expect more from ourselves than is humanly possible. Blog when there is something to share, visit other bloggers and participate in the community of writers and photographers out in the world. Love this.


  6. I started off blogging for me, which still continues, though sometimes I struggle because I try to write what I think readers want to hear, huge mistake for me, those posts end up in the trash and I take a break.

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    • Catherine,
      The balance between writing for self and writing for readers can be a bit awkward. It’s important to recognize the readers, but one still has to be self … not easy.


  7. I’m putting four of the rules I got from your blog today on my refrigerator: (1) Keep learning. (2) Don’t force it. (3) Have fun. (4) Please yourself.


  8. Wow Frank. I read each of these thoughts and agreed with each and every one of them. Blogging should be fun, it should be a collection of unique voices, and etiquette does need to be exercised. Beautiful. I really loved this. Besides the Hamburger post, I think this is my favorite.


  9. I always like reading about blogging. i don’t know if I said anything in there or not, but I could have! That says a lot. Has the change helped? I have gotten really busy all of sudden, so have had to cut my blogging time. I think we all do what we can. You seemed to have chased those blues away!


  10. Great comments! I think that it may be the commonality of our experiences within blogging that keeps us going. We know how easy it is be compulsive and at the same time struggle with the time commitment. We would miss the conversations and only bloggers can understand that people we have never met in person are far from strangers. I am REALLY having a hard time with it right now, but I would be bereft if i just let it go. If only I didn’t need sleep! LOL!


  11. Excellent post! … You nailed it here … Very true: “Reducing posting frequency is a way to enjoy blogging and keep longevity – plus it gives time for other things in life”.
    Overall, I can relate with almost all the points you highlighted here, except for commenting … [I usually catch up with blogs in an intensive way two days a week, but it also dependson the week ;P]… Hugs and happy weekend ahead, dear Frank. Aquileana 😀


    • Aquileana,
      All the credit for these ideas goes to the readers … all I did was compile the info, then turned it into a post. Given the number of regular readers you have, keeping up with others is a lot of work! Cheers to what your efforts!!!


  12. Too much going on – I had to limit my posts & visits. At first I stressed about it . But – then realized – it would be ok. After-all we all do have lives outside of the WP. 😉


      • It isn’t for me either Frank. I have three half finished posts, just sitting there waiting, calling to me. I am so tired, all the time right now I can barely see straight to read, let alone write. Keeping up, nearly impossible. I miss my friends, the community I have out here, but keeping up is so hard right now. So guilt? Will, I guess just bring it on.


        • Val,
          You’ll be fine because sometimes one does what they have to do. Besides, bloggers are toughest on themselves, while their readers are the most understanding. In other words, the key is taking the advise one would give others. Hang in there!

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    • Sarah,
      Praise to my readers who commented on the original post that led to this one. I suggest reading the original post and the first one in this series (both are linked on this post). FYI: Three more posts are upcoming in the series.


  14. Reblogged this on Sarah's Attic Of Treasures ( Will Include Posts From Our Neck Of The Woods) and commented:
    This is an valuable post for any and all of us who blog.
    I have been struggling to find a way to read and comment on YOUR blogs While posting and writing on mine.
    Some days, I have more trouble communicating than others. Those are the days I seem to post more . It’s easier for me than to try and find the words…the RIGHT WORDS to add to the comment section when I read other blogs. I read them off and on all day and as you can tell (it’s going on 4 AM) at night as well.
    I try and at least like them so you know I have read what you have written

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  18. I am late to this series- but enjoyed the posts you out together from the comments – what a grat idea-
    And so many good points.
    I also would add that there is something about comments that Can drain and sometimes pull from blogging – I see this with a few bloggers I know – where their introverted side wrestles with sometimes not being in the mood for immediate feedback – if that makes sense – well I am thinking of two bloggers specifically and one of them even said the drain it can be – she also said she loves and enjoys the gift of it – something like that – she actually sings for her blog and so has such a niche approach –
    Anyhow – I like how you mentioned the blogging dimensions as posting – replying to comments – and then reading and leaving feedback if we want –
    But forced and obligatory comments are annoying and I think too often people force this move from reading to having to comment – when sometimes there are no words (for various reasons) and as I move into a third year of blogging –
    I comment less – but connect when I do (or try to) – but the saddest thing I have seen was a blogger who stops posting cos they feel bad to not visit blogs more –
    And like your posts note – there is no one size formula – and depends on the reason for blogging – but I think it is sad when someone stops posting because they can’t visit blogs more and they maybe feel rude to post too much – do you know what I mean?
    Anyhow –
    Great series and hope u have a good day !

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    • Prior,
      Thanks for sharing your insight on this post.

      To me, reciprocating is important – but just may be me – so when I’m posting and replying, but not getting out – that bothers me. So yes, it is unfortunate when someone pulls away on those terms.

      Because comments are wide ranging, one’s community is important because the community understands and reflects the tone of the blog. For instance, there’s not much snark here – but if someone wants snark, it exists elsewhere. I love my community, but unfortunately, I’m a survivor – which also means I’ve seen my share of people fade away from blogging – some people that I greatly enjoyed and respected – thus I miss them.

      This is the first of what turned into a series of about 5 posts. Here’s the last one, which has links to the others. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2015/07/26/on-writing-for-blogs/


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      • O thanks for the reply – and I look toward to checking out the post – and more around here –
        And in the meantime – for some reason I always thought your name was frank – bah! I have been following your blog for a short while now and in the reader my mind saw “frank” and then this week .i realized it was “a frank angle” right ?
        Well – I have more to discover here for sure and glad to not have snark and head game crap – ahhhhh


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