Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 266

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Last week I wrote this: Numerous southern families support flying the Confederate Battle Flag because they have ancestors who fought under that flag. OK … so why isn’t the Nazi flag flown at the cemeteries for World War II German soldiers? I know that Nazi analogies are often in poor taste, my statement was by no means equating the Nazis to anything in the US Civil War. Flags are symbols, and my intention focused on the flags. I apologize to anyone offended by the question.

Statues of Confederate soldiers in public places are getting scrutinized and even defaced. To me, that’s absolutely absurd. Here’s an interesting Washington Post article about Confederate symbols.

Burning African-American churches? Hey South Carolina – you have a problem!

The recent court rulings offered more examples of Republicans proclaiming a return to the Constitution except when they want to change it. Meaning, the recent rulings have also provided many the opportunity to demonstrate that smart people can say and do stupid things – especially when pandering for votes.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) (aka The Truth Teller) may be the King of Hyperbole. As the US Supreme Court went against his views twice in a short span, Cruz stated, Today is some of the darkest 24 hours in our nation’s history. Meanwhile, he describes (in his book) fact-checking as yellow journalism. Here’s an article from USA Today.

Speaking of Texas, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, the top law-enforcement official in the state, is encouraging clerks, magistrates, and other officials who object same-sex marriage to not issue the marriage license.

The New York Times did this outstanding 13-minute video about the story that led to the US Supreme Court ruling. (Thanks Lame)

Given some conservatives are squawking about Chief Justice Roberts, this read is about Roberts’ consistency.

In my opinion, and time will tell, the recent ruling says nothing or even implies that churches are required to perform a marriage ceremony involving LGBT. Some have, some will, and some won’t.

Gov. Chris Christie became the 14th Republican seeking the presidency. (I foresee at least 2 more.) He’s a good example of it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Yep – the importance of speaking with conviction can cause others to not notice what is said. No profile from The Onion … Yet!

President Obama announced the intent for Cuba and the USA to open respective embassies. The next step is up to Congress – Oh boy! Given the 2016 election, this could be interesting.

The economic situation in Greece is troubling, yet complex. The heart aches for the Greek people.

Congratulations Missy Copeland on her accomplishment … and cheers to the American Ballet Theater for the historic decision.

I enjoy Enya’s music. I stumbled across this pleasing video to one of her songs. For other Enya fans, enjoy The Memory of Trees (which is good waltz music).

Desserts is the theme for Act 7 of Meals: The Musical. One note of caution: Because they had their own act, beware of using “fruits” or any fruit as they had their own act. (EX) Blueberry Hill is not acceptable because the dessert is not identified; but Blueberry Pie or Blueberry Ice Cream would be acceptable. Curtain time is this Wednesday, 7:30 pm (Eastern US)

For those who will post the entire story on their blog (with their ending), the revised story (without an ending) is on the Challenge page to copy. The Dance Challenge date Sunday, July 12th, 9:30 pm (Eastern US). … Feel free to promote the challenge!

This is a holiday weekend in the US, so no Saturday post from me. Happy Fourth of July, America.

To lead you into The Onion, here’s their mass extinctions timetable.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Boss’s clout evaporates after he’s seen in shorts at company picnic
Study: U.S. wastes 2 million hours annually figuring out where tape roll begins
Man commits to new TV show just hours after getting out of 7-season series
Family enters crisis talks after discovering restaurant has 45-minute wait
Only predictor of happy marriage is if husband won wife big stuffed animal at amusement park

Interesting Reads
Slavery, states rights, civil rights, and a flag
A year as a nudist
How the turtle got its shell
Endangered places is America
Mushrooms and weight reduction
Yes, photos of a crow landing on an eagle

To send you into the weekend, here’s a touch of Motown from years gone by, Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

58 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 266

  1. “smart people can say and do stupid things – especially when pandering for votes.”—Case in point: Donald Trump. (Though I don’t know how smart he is. But I assume to get where he’s at, he must have some intelligence.) What a train wreck for him this past week. He should’ve stuck with The Apprentice. Or become a spokesperson for spray-on tans.


  2. I enjoyed the music from Enya Frank, always pleasant, easy listening! Please forgive me for not taking part in the story challenge – my plate is overflowing with so many commitments I can’t even write a post for my own blog! Under normal circumstances I would have enjoyed taking part. I’ve obviously missed something about the dance challenge – but shall keep eyes open for that post!


    • Pauline,
      Glad you enjoyed Enya … great music!

      Remember the short story I wrote? That’s the challenge … that is to write a new ending. See the Challenge page … then again, if you are too busy, I understand. Hang in there!!!!


  3. I loved that Misty Copeland got promoted to Principal Dancer of ABT. it’s very cool. Thanks for the video. She’s gorgeous to watch. Lots of activity going on this past week, Frank. It makes a bit dizzy thinking about it and then I think about next year being election year. Ow. I’m not looking forward to it.


    • Amy,
      Given your dance background, I imagine you have a special place in your heart for Missy Copeland. This will make you feel better about the 2016 election – You don’t live in Ohio, so you won’t be swamped with advertising!


  4. We were in Morro Bay with family as the Supreme Court rulings came in. Made for some lively chatter with a variety of opinions. Some great links in this post, Frank. I think I’d like to read all of them…how, I have no idea. 🙂 I love Enya, but I have a soft spot for the Spinners! An eclectic mix this week! That works for me.


  5. Love the image at the top. 😉
    I live in NJ (and I’m married to a newly retired teacher), so don’t get me started on Christie! He’s not even popular with Republicans in S. Jersey now, since he did not do anything with the recent horrible storm damage. And well, it’s pretty obvious I’m not a fan of Cruz or Trump. 🙂

    Misty Copeland–yay! I remember hearing an interview with her on NPR about a year or so ago.

    Have a great weekend, Frank!


  6. I’m in agreement with all your opinions today, especially the one about the recent gay marriage ruling saying nothing or even implying that churches will be required by law to perform a marriage ceremony involving LGBT. Please let me know if you read, see, or hear otherwise, and I will join the ranks of those voicing concern. Meanwhile, all I’ve heard from those opposed to the ruling is the familiar “slippery slope” argument used by the NRA to oppose gun control, and by “Professor” Harold Hill in “The Music Man” concerning a pool table’s threat to the core values of the folks living in River City, Iowa.


  7. I know from living there for several years that South Carolina has long had a problem. I once met Strom Thurmond, a man who opposed the Civil Rights Act, a man who said “”all the laws of Washington and all the bayonets of the Army cannot force the Negro into our homes, into our schools, our churches and our places of recreation and amusement.” When I met him, he was campaigning on campus (University of South Carolina) and grabbed my hand to shake it. About the only good thing I can say about him was that he had a decent handshake. I voted for his opponent (who had problems of his own, it turned out).

    Well, didn’t mean to go on about that. I think you’re right about the ruling on same sex marriage. I think it applies to civil unions, not to church weddings.

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  8. But of course, there is no Christie’s profile by the Onion. He must have warned them that he’ll do a “traffic study” on the bridge leading to their office if they dare to make fun of him.


  9. Uh oh, I see I’m going to be the troublemaker here. Hold on…..

    First up, it was announced today by the DOJ that the black church fires are unrelated and were not hate crimes or arson in any way shape or form – two were started by natural causes, like lighting, one by an electrical failure, yet the headline the mainstream media wants to enforce is this It may not be arson now…..but people look at the cases where it actually did happen and feel, It could happen again. If that isn’t a crazy mindset, I don’t know what is! There’s no problem but we think there could be??? Wow.

    Secondly, the Confederate flag and statues. What has happened here is not a reasoned deep philosophical discussion about the Confederate flag meaning. It is a mob mentality and social media “harassment” that has made people want to tear down every flag (even being encouraged to do so while breaking the law, with promises of bail to be paid by the likes of Michael Moore). History is an amazing lesson in life. Sometimes we get it wrong and sometimes we get it right. To erase history, by tearing it down and erasing all memory of it is absurd. The flag as A place in the south – I do agree it should not be at the top of SC capitol, but to go to the extreme of now taking the TV show Dukes of Hazzard off the air, what has America come to???

    Thirdly, the Supreme Court decisions last week. I am all in favor of gay marriage, gay rights and equality. BUT, where I do draw the line is the hardline LGBT crowd who HATE their opponents, to the degree that Catholic priests are spat upon and just today, the state of Oregon put a gag order on the family who refused to bake a wedding cake for a gay couple. A gag order! That means they are no longer allowed to speak in public about their point of view! Does that seem about equality to you? It sure doesn’t to me.

    Lastly, the 2016 candidates. I would MUCH rather have the wide ranging gaggle of Republicans from which to choose, even the humorous Donald, than the Presumptive Queen of Lies and Trickery who sits behind a giant PR machine that is Hillary. Yes, some of the R’s are mock-worthy, but at least they are all in. That’s what America is all about.

    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country.

    Happy Independence weekend.

    PS: I hope you were serious about engaging in conversation. 🙂


    • Redux,
      No trouble here as this is a respectful place. Besides, I naturally pick on both parties, but for some time, the GOP makes it too easy.

      Yes, I saw the news about the report regarding the Black churches in SC, which (for the record) came after this post.

      As far as the GOP flock of presidential aspirants, put their names in a hat, then draw them out of the hat … and the odds are very good that the candidates will be a better collection than in 2012.

      “Mob mentality” is an excellent way to describe current attacks on anything Confederate … which to me, as stated, is ridiculous.

      LGBT marriages are not out of the court fight yet. Churches issues will be a battleground, but I see the churches winning. Plus, is there a difference between a bakery declining to make a wedding cake for a gay couple the same as a diner declining to serve a particular race or ethnicity?


      • Phew. I am glad to see you are a respectful place. I don’t know you well, other than we were both regulars at Mags. I’m an R who LOVES a good debate with my D friends. I do not see politics with a blindfold on and am always open to new views.

        It’s very hard these days to be a Republican – as you said, they make it so easy to mock. There a many R’s I can’t even stand! It’s even harder to have some Conservative views on social issues (I don’t, I’m pretty liberal in that regard) but I so so so worry that Conservatives have now lost their voice in life. They will be continually harassed and gagged by social media until they go silent. No opinion, no matter how upsetting we think it might be, should be kept silent.

        I had the same discussion with my sister vis-a-vis the cake versus declining a particular race etc. She made your identical point, a very valid one, to which I conceded.

        Back to cooking for the gang. Have a wonderful 4th.


  10. The Repulican’ts are definitely not helping their party.
    I just don’t get how hate & “religion” has any say in what goes on in the US or anywhere for that matter. Personal beliefs aside – we need to realize that we share the world with others. And – if we want to keep moving forward – we need to embrace the differences & let things be as they should as long as there is no physical or emotional harm to our fellow humans.
    Wow – I think I did a great job in my comment – not a single swear word. LOL


    • RoSy,
      Right on …. the world is much different today than when Baby Boomers were kids … oh so different in so many ways! The world is much smaller, thus the need for what you mention. Well done!

      Liked by 1 person

  11. First, Missy Copeland is spectacular. I love that she has come so far, that she pursued a dream that seemed out of reach. I have seen her dance, I held my breath as tears streamed down my face.

    As to the train wreak that is currently the GOP, I cannot speak. Well that isn’t true, I can I simply will not do so here, I like and respect you far too much.

    The reads, wonderful as always. I have to say the Crow Rides, that was very cool. The Turtle, that was also a very interesting read. Well all of them were good this time. I can’t pick.


    • Val,
      Cheers to you seeing Missy Copeland perform … awesome .. but I’ve never seen a ballet, let alone her.

      I’ll give the GOP credit on one thing … this batch of candidates is far better than the odd collection of 2012. … although, I remain weary.

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  12. It just gets crazier and crazier.
    Burning any church or house of worship anywhere is a problem – so is stealing their AC units and metal items to sell for scrap.
    YEA for Missy (been following her story for some time) Homeless doesn’t mean throwaway. And parents have to let their kids soar.
    As expected, the TX clerks were instructed by the state to follow the Supreme Court ruling less than 12 hours after Paxton made that statement. If a person has strong objections, then perhaps that isn’t the job for them. Some cities issued licenses immediately – it’s a big state, so opinions/actions vary.
    Can’t be late for dessert!
    Enjoy the 4th and all the weekend’s fun


  13. Love the Rubberband Man song & performance!
    I am very entertained by the Republican field this primary season, and definitely saddened about Greece’s situation.
    Main thing I’d like to say is:
    ******** HAPPY JULY FOURTH ********


  14. Frank, I’m glad that the NYT’s Jim Obergefell video rated mention in OITS. It’s such a human way of explaining what led to the ruling. As an agnostic bordering on atheist, I’m just glad that same-sex marriage is now the law. I’m perfectly fine if religions do not embrace it in my lifetime, if they ever will.


  15. Well I am sure it does.I also enjoyed Enya’s music in The Memory of Trees. Yeah thanks I am very well and do make it to the golf course more often these days.
    Cheers 🙂


    • Sylvia,
      The photos of the crow & the eagle are awesome … and a great example of the photographer being in the right place at the right time. No question that amusement park attendees provide ample examples of wrong outfit on the wrong person.

      Liked by 1 person

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