On Breaks and Blues for Bloggers

The Blogging Blues are real and no blogger is immune.

That was one of the themes in my past post On the Blogging Blues (April 27, 2015). Although the primary focus of that post was blogging breaks, readers offered many outstanding suggestion.

I gathered the comments, organized them into topics, then paraphrased the words. Here we are – Part 2 in the series – this time focusing on the Blogging Blues and blogging breaks.

Thanks for those providing the suggestions – after all, this post would not be here without your help.

Topic: Blogging Breaks and the Blogging Blues
Life gets in the way of blogging, but sometimes one must renegotiate life to put things like blogging on the back burner.

The Blogging Blues come and go – just like other aspects of life.

Taking breaks can be a necessary part of life – real or virtual!

The host puts the pressure on themselves, thus the readers are the most understanding – just as they are when reading and supporting others.

The “too-much” factor can cause the Blogging Blues.

A blogging break seems to energize a person.

Blogging breaks are good … but bad for others because they fear not returning.

When returning from a break, somehow all the same faces are still there – and even new ones suddenly appear to say how they missed you.

If one feels blogging is becoming a drudgery, take a break.

When realizing that the blog was becoming a drudgery, a month-long break recharged my creative batteries – and I returned with renewed enthusiasm.

Visit other blogs when taking a posting breaks.

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Next Topic: Community

Let’s end with a song from Tracy Chapman

61 thoughts on “On Breaks and Blues for Bloggers

  1. I really enjoy Tracy Chapman and this song. Good choice! It’s also enjoyable to read the accumulated comments. Hope you have a great week, Frank. 🙂


  2. Between my company relocating to Long Island City in Queens (this is taking all summer and my boss is spearheading stuffing a spacious six story building into a 35,000 square foot factory space) and my hunt for a needle in a haystack co-op (shopping for real estate in Manhattan is a blood sport), I have to cut back on blogging, Frank. I have simply too much going on in the Real World these days and I’m not sure when I’ll be back to posting weekly again or reading and commenting with much regularity. My priority right now are these two industrial strength Lame Adventures that are eating holes clear through my head.


  3. I’ve been pretty busy but still am checking in, Frank. I think breaks are definitely good for re-energizing. I hope you’re well. I look forward to writing that ending for your story. It’s coming up!


  4. What a great choice of song – haven’t seen/heard it for so long! Great post too – I find myself just blogging when I feel like it now and reading others’ blogs when I feel like it; otherwise it can get a bit overwhelming. Thanks Frank.


  5. That Tracy Chapman song is a work of art. Always loved it.

    Blogging breaks… yeah why not? I’ve taken my share. I find that I don’t understand blogging and that I interpret the interaction as I would any relationship – where most relationships work both ways and if they don’t, they sort of peter out. Maybe this fits into your community post coming next.


  6. You ready for another cup of coffee? Me, too. I could write a post on what it means to “post or not to post” especially when one’s initial intent changes because of…one’s life journey within a year…and the surprises of metamorphosis inside and outside. However, I won’t because aFa…you’ve already hit the high points. Well done. Well done. Well done.
    Ahhh…see what I mean about that coffee??? xoxRRR


    • Raye!!!
      Great to see your presence here. There are so many worthy aspects about blogging that can be stated … and so much is individualized because all of us started for different reasons, continued for different reasons, and encountered many trials and tribulations along the way.

      This is part 2 in the series of 5, so I imagine the next one will be next week, probably mid-week. After all, the short story reprise will be up for your Sunday evening.

      OK … twist my arm … fill the cup again.


  7. I’m spending a few minutes trying to catch up on other people’s blogs. Between our daughter’s wedding, finishing going through my page proofs, and starting my summer test writing work, I haven’t had a chance to get to many others’ posts.
    Good job with compiling the blogging blues!


  8. Sometimes you have to step away in order to be able to have something to say. I truly believe that. I think people forget, that some blogs, have teams. And they can post every day. When it’s just one person, you need a break to produce amazing content. And Frank, I haven’t heard Tracy Chapman in such a long time. Great musical selection.


    • Kay,
      Great comment about some blogs having teams, thus reducing the stress on individuals. Meanwhile, cheers to your appreciation of Tracy Chapman … and that’s a fine song!


    • Audra,
      Well … writer’s block is real, but that will be in the Writing part of this series. 😉 … However, I think visiting during those times can initiate unblocking the issue. 🙂 Hang in there!


  9. Holy crap Batman, I thought only Cowgirls got the blues.

    Caesura is possible, yet still giving the appearance of being present ( I being a case in point). One just has to shake the tree every once in the while and make some stops along the way. Or am completely wrong.


    • Calvin,
      Good analogy about hanging on and shaking the tree. Just a thought, maybe spending a bit more time trolling around fav haunts is a way to avoid getting shaken.

      I’ll be over to your latest post soon. By the way, the challenge around the story goes live this Sunday at 9:30 pm. Details on the Challenge page. Which means I’m shaking the tree to get you to participate.


  10. Thanks for this post – it brought back memories from 2013… The first time I ended up with a break, it filled me with anxiety. It was only later that I realized – this was an OK phase to go through. And as one of those comments say – it did end up energizing me.

    Nowadays, when I need a break, I just move on to a different kind of activity for a while. Sketching / Music / Reading, etc. It’s almost like rotating breaks, if you know what I mean.


    • Cafe,
      Welcome first-time commenter … glad to have you. I invite to see the original post that spawned this series because I focused on different types of breaks. However, you point is so true … that is bloggers got to get over the anxiety of doing them … especially because the readers are very understanding … and so is the host when on the side of the reader elsewhere. I guess it’s tough to take one’s own advice.

      Thanks for sharing your story … and hey … I see you are a writer … I invite you to join in my challenge. See it here. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/challenge-2/


  11. Not sure why, but your post on this blog breaks & blues got me a-blog-rhyming & rapping.
    Blog – Dog, Slog, Hog,
    Trod, proud
    Egg …. nog
    Oval egg, make me beg
    Want your love
    Not the bog
    Or the blog fog
    Of hate,
    Indifference fate
    Routine poutine
    Too late
    I’m tired
    A dead head
    Yet, still wed
    To my blog.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Val,
      Having a song at the end of this was a last-minute idea. I wanted a blues song. Once I found this one, I knew it was the one!

      As stated, the Blogging Blues are real … so hang in there. Not sure if this will help, but I don’t think you’ve written one of those steamy poems in a while. … Maybe a poem about your funk. Hang in there!!!


  12. More great snippets to reflect the blogging life. I’m on a bit of a break right now myself as I’m away at a conference, so it’s fitting timing. Hope Cinci weather is good for you. Here in New York, it’s a sprinkle here and a sprinkle there. 🙂


  13. More than hearing my own voice ramble, I get huge enjoyment reading other blogs. The breadth and depth of writing in the blogosphere is amazing – from the satirists, to the serious types, to the political snark to the photographers. In my early days of blogging, I followed more than thirty peers, all but one gone now.

    I just know it’s a treat to pop in here.


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