Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 268

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The reward for Gov. Scott Walker (R-WS) officially entering the presidential race is this candidate profile from The Onion. I’m losing track, but I think he is the 15th Republican entering the fray. I see more on the horizon!

A recent poll puts Donald Trump (R-NY) leading the GOP race. Funny … but The Bloviator also has the highest disapproval rating of any candidate in both parties. It’s early, and he’ll keep talking. Meanwhile, he fooled me by filing his election paperwork.

Predictably, numerous Congressional Republicans were quick to criticize President Obama on the recent Iranian nuclear deal. Cheers to the few on both sides of the aisle who prefer to read and study the agreement before commenting.

The question isn’t whether or not Iran will get the bomb, but can the global community convince them of not using it.

Baseball’s All-Star Game came to Cincinnati this past week, and it was a rousing success for the city and its baseball fans. From a Reds player winning the Home Run Derby to having 4 Reds legends being on the field, there were many memorable moments.

Some have called for GM to withdraw their sponsorship of Kid Rock’s tour because his use of a Confederate flag. To me, some people just don’t know when to stop … but Kid Rock needs to seriously think about it. Then again, it is his right to do as he pleases.

Citizens waving the Confederate flag when President Obama comes to town have the right to do so, have the right to look stupid, and have the right to suffer consequences of their choices.

Interesting that some continue to disagree with ESPN awarding Caitlyn Jenner the Courage Award over Lauren Hill. Let the record show that Lauren’s parents wanted to meet Jenner to say that they were not involved with the wave of criticism.

The WordPress gnomes again changed my settings that blocked emails of your new posts. Fortunately, I think the block was less than a week. Damn gnomes.

With only two acts remaining, Meals: The Musical returns next week. Act 9 features Snacks and Leftovers. In this case, leftovers stand for items that haven’t had been in any previous act – such as seafoods, eggs, and more. Acceptable snacks would be candy, chocolate, cookies, potato chips, pretzels, pizza, and more. For both snacks and leftovers, beware of the previous acts. The curtain goes up for Act 9 next Wednesday at 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

I greatly enjoyed the story challenge! Tough for me to pick a fav because each had a different element from humor to relationships to one set to die. Thanks to all for joining in the fun. Special thanks to Dale for interacting with so many comments here and on the other blogs posting the story.

Diane Henders told her readers that we are all free and naked.

Rumor has it that a blogging dignitary is coming to my area this weekend.

The Explore series continues on Saturday featuring a wonderful video about a person, place, or thing.

To lead you into The Onion, here’s their list of pros and cons regarding the Iran Nuclear Deal.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Pope Francis grills burgers on balcony of St. Peter’s Basilica (Gotta love the pic)
Mom would rather sit here and watch you guys have fun
Hungover man horrified to learn he made dozens of plans last night
Flight attendant attempting to pass cup of cranberry juice over laptop
Pluto capable of sustaining rock-based life

Interesting Reads
A good collection of thoughts about the Iranian Nuclear Pact
Making wine in a war zone
Best way to fight memory loss
International war on LGBT (and it goes well with this from last week)
9 things you didn’t know about Pluto

Besides the tip in this post, Diane also got this song in my head, so it’s perfect to send you into the weekend … Aaahoo! Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


58 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 268

  1. Interesting stuff here, Frank. It’s past my bedtime though, and my brain is too tired to put together any coherent thoughts.
    Good post though ending with Garrison Keillor and Werewolves of London– awwwwwoooooo! 🙂


    • Merril,
      I’ve been ending with Keillor in this series for a long time … just love the quote. Heck, even did a post on it. Meanwhile, OITS continues to be a place for shorts thoughts and notes – something for everyone.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Always nice to get the week’s rundown from your perspective, Frank. I suspect the Bloviator will make his way in here for several more weeks to come. He’s the gift that keeps on giving.


  3. Many thanks for the wide-ranging opinions provided in the read: “Iran’s nuclear pact: Deal of the century?” They clearly show that the deal is worthy of further examination, even for those who believe that Iran getting the bomb is a “fait accompli.” I include myself among those who have no doubt that Iran can make a bomb within a year if their leaders make the decision to complete the manufacturing process they’ve already started. I’m betting that Iran’s leaders have not made the final decision on whether to make a bomb. What the deal does is give the global community the opportunity to convince them to not take that step. The only alternative is to go with Sen. John McCain’s “Bomb, bomb, bomb – Bomb, bomb, Iran” solution. Re-introducing sanctions if the U.S. rejects the deal unilaterally is a pipe dream. The International Community will not go along with it.

    I’m looking for clarification on whether two-day old Chinese take-out qualifies as “leftovers.”


    • Tim,
      Good analysis of the Iranian nuclear situation. I believe that they will get the bomb, but trying to get them into the world community is an attempt at getting them not to use it. Oh well … time will tell.

      In terms of clarification on your song request, the producer told me that 1) he can’t clarify based on vagueness, and 2) you are already on thin ice while walking toward thinner ice.


  4. As you know, Frank, I have a lot going on these days, and my TV antenna only gets two mainstream channels, ABC and Fox. Wednesday night I was home and I considered catching up on the 3726 blogs I have not read or I could watch the Espy awards on my lone worthwhile TV station. I watched the Espy’s, dozed through a lot of it considering that it was more like 100 million TV commercials interspersed with some award ceremony. But I managed to regain consciousness when Caitlyn Jenner gave her speech. I thought it was a very moving speech and I think she is the leader the trans movement needs. Not to take anything away from Lauren Hill, who was sure dealt a lousy hand but made the most out of her tragic situation, Caitlyn Jenner is someone who represents an entire group of people who are subject to so much scorn. I think that maybe the Espy’s should have awarded themselves the courage award for recognizing her importance in today’s evolving world.


    • Lame,
      Great point about ESPN’s courage. I didn’t see or hear any cuts from Jenner’s speech, so thanks for the review. I’ve heard nothing about it. When I read Hill’s parents desire to meet Jenner in order of saying that criticism were not driven by the family was a classy act … and I wasn’t surprised. Interestingly with the ESPYs, Cincinnati had two touching moments … Hill and Devon Still, the Bengal player whose young daughter is battling cancer. Coming off baseball’s All Star Game, a lot of positive press for the Queen City.

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  5. So, Frank, those pesky Gnomes are still about. Sigh.
    I really like that Vampires of London song… I’ve never heard it before!
    *ahooo! werewolves of london* la la la (slips away singing…)


  6. I think you are correct when you say re: Iran & the bomb “can the global community convince them of not using it.”
    Looking forward to Meals next “snack” act! Aaaoooo!


  7. Has there ever been a Presidential race with so many potential candidates from one party? I’m not a Republican and I’m embarrassed for them! Now with Jebby Boy pulling a Romney slam against hard working Americans…whoo boy, it’s going to be a long campaign year. Bernie Sanders needs more press. WAY more!


    • Lorna,
      I can’t recall a field so large … but hey … there is also a good side of it. Regarding Bernie, I watch a lot of news, and he’s getting coverage. At this point, the Republicans are getting more … well, there are more of them plus The Bloviator is dominating the landscape.


  8. Is it a presidential race or fall rush for a frat house? (Please, Perry, Clark Kent wants his glasses back….When he ran for gov. the first time we all said, “He’s just like Bush but not as smart.”..shiver)
    Reality is that no one’s going to convince Iran of anything – they will do what they want to do as always.
    Tired of all the “sound and fury signifying nothing” and all the screams of “be tolerant” by the completely intolerant. As usual, it is what it is. Those who are always looking backwards sooner or later trip and fall when it could have easily been avoided. Time/life of some sort marches on anyway.
    So going to turn off the TV and ignore it all…and smile a lot more. Have a great weekend Frank!
    (and hopefully next week I’ll be able to keep up better…..if I say it, it will be true right? Giggles for all and forever)


    • Mouse,
      This sideshow will go on too long. Meanwhile, my governor is expected to officially join the fray early in the week.

      Yes …in screamers of tolerance showing intolerance drives me crazy too. I guess there is a KKK march/rally in SC today.

      Very hot and muggy for us today. YUK .. I hate it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Before the days of so much AC, people used to say that overheated baked brains caused odd behavior…what shall we blame it on now? (Oh wait – mold and sick building environments?)
        Nut jobs are out in force. Here there are demands for renaming all sorts of streets/an elementary school ( some of those men like Dowling were soldiers in the Tex fight for independence as well as a general at Galveston fort during the Confederacy – they did try to land and invade there…but people don’t know that defensive part) and then there’s all the spray painting of statues, and they want to sandblast the heads off Stone MT Georgia area. Oh, please. Protest Cuba, Malaysia, Saudi, and other human trafficking hot spots if you want to make a difference.
        We’ll be right at 100 and dry all week. Typical summer, but still no fun….don’t you guys have a lot of lakes? Ahhh, just the thought of that. Enjoy the weekend, Frank – can’t wait to the snacks to be served next week


  9. been too long and out of touch with blog friends but always enjoy catching up with your blog. very nice passionate dance video over @ story challenge.cheers!


  10. Very interesting article on memory enhancement. I definitely need to go back to art classes, but there was no naked man there. 😕 “Hungover mom made dozens of rock-based cranberry burgers on balcony last night.” Now you have me thinking of naughty snacks before bedtime. 😉


  11. “The question isn’t whether or not Iran will get the bomb, but can the global community convince them of not using it.” Great point Frank, they will get the bomb and it’s absurd to think that any other nation will be able to stop another from acquiring nuclear power.


  12. I’m late to this party, Frank. Seems that’s happening a lot!

    I loved the Onion’s take on Scott Walker! I really do worry that he will be the one — and that concerns me. Given what he has done to Wisconsin, I really don’t want to have him do the same to the whole country!

    I took art classes looking at naked folks in high school. Do you think that will help keep dementia at bay?


  13. I’m very late to come around, but I like your choice of Interesting Reads. I look forward to making my way through the links. And I will definitely be making my way around to your “Meals/Musical” this week, although I’m going to need to study those rules! 🙂


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