On Exploring the City of Dance Through Time-lapse

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In Brazil every kid starts playing street football very early. It’s in our blood. As a professional I started at Sao Cristovao in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Of course I also played in the beach soccer league, barefoot. (Ronaldo, athlete)

Rio’s a beautiful city, a vibrant place, special place. (Eduardo Paes, politician)

People don’t really go to museums in Rio. I shouldn’t say it’s not sophisticated, but, you know, they go to the beach. (Francisco Costa, designer)


When my baby,

When my baby smiles at me,

I go to Rio

De Janeiro.

My-o me-o…

I go wild and then

I have to do the samba,

And la bamba. (Lyrics, I Go to Rio, Peter Allen)

In 2016, the world travels to Rio de Janeiro for the Summer Olympics. Let’s explore the city’s vibrancy through the lens of a time-lapse camera.

53 thoughts on “On Exploring the City of Dance Through Time-lapse

  1. Gorgeous video. The time lapse almost made everything look like it was made out of Lego. I’ve never been to Rio, but I’ve heard it’s a bit rough. Still, who cares when a city looks like that. Reminds me of Vancouver, only this seems more beautiful and the mountains aren’t quite as high.


  2. The video is called The City of Samba, and yet there is no sense of the dance in it, only the nervous, jarring sound and movement of non-human looking lego figures. I guess. It reminds me of those old black and white films before “talkies” where the figures were all so stiff and moving in hurried little jerks. If I didn’t realize this was just one idiot idea of how to show Rio, it would make me not want to go there. Don’t mind me, Frank. This kind of overbearing “time lapse” video gets on my nerves, and I respect you enough to think I can voice this minority opinion honestly! 🙂


    • Cynthia,
      No problem being a naysayer on this video. Yep … On would think more samba (given the title) would be worked into this video. I like time=lapses, but more of the sky.


  3. I have a feeling I’ve seen this video before, Frank. I like how everything appears to be miniature… the city especially. I also saw the butterfly video you posted accidentally earlier, and was desperately trying to find a link between them and Rio, but just couldn’t. That was an impressive video also, if I may say so!


  4. Great video, Frank. I have a feeling, Rio will put on quite a show for their opening ceremonies and I’m sure we’ll see and hear some samba! I look forward to that!


  5. I like the red umbrellas dotting the beach. It must be difficult to find your particular area if you walk away. ~~~ : – )
    It looks like Rio is a beautiful place to visit. I’m sure the Olympics will give it a big tourist boost. Another place to put on my Bucket List for future travel. Perhaps, I’ll be able to Samba. I don’t know that dance but how hard can it be. Great post, aFrank.
    Have a great SUNDAY !!! 😀


    • Isadora,
      Samba music is a lot of fun, but I don’t know the dance well. Meanwhile, Rio may be beautiful, but it also has its share of issues … so the Olympics will be interesting.


  6. Hi Frank! Loved that video! You always find the best ones. Never been there, but as I always say, maybe someday! Your posts like this always inspire me to want to travel more 🙂


  7. Thank you for the Peter Allen memory. I just loved him as a performer! And what a wonderful video! I don’t suspect I’ll ever see Rio, but I think it will be interesting to see how the Olympics fare. I suspect it will at minimum be colorful. 🙂


  8. I’m sure the Rio Olympics will be spectacular. Great video, Frank. We were there about 10 years ago, out of season. It rained most of the time and was anything but vibrant. Just a handful of youths playing soccer on the beach. 🙂


  9. Brazil has so much potential – there’s great beauty and such a love of whimsy.
    Only there’s a lot of poverty and conflict that is being complicated by the Olympics draining off public money. No doubt the Olympics will be a fabulous show and hopefully the average citizen will benefit after the cameras are gone.


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