On Light

Light … a noun, an adjective, a verb

Light … what makes sight possible

Light … a brightness produced by an illuminant

Light … an electromagnetic radiation


Light … travelling (in a vacuum) at a speed of about 186,281 miles (300,000 kilometers) per second

Light … the sensation arousing the stimulation of visual receptors

Light … a spiritual illumination, a truth, an enlightenment, from a point of view


Light … something that informs, a public knowledge

Light … an aspect or appearance presented to view

Light … a medium (as a window)


Light … a set of principles, standards, or opinions

Light … a leading person in a particular field or place

Light … as a source – a lighthouse, a beacon, a traffic signal


Light … a flame to start burning, to ignite

Light … from the point of view

Light … a glare, gleam, glow, illumination, radiance, shine, brightness, luminosity, dazzle, blazing

June Moon

Light … an expression in someone’s eyes indicating a particular emotion or mood.

Light … understanding of a problem or mystery

Light … fluorescence, incandescence, LED, halogen, natural


Light … an aspect, angle, slant, approach, interpretation, viewpoint, standpoint, context

Light … an area of something that is brighter or paler than its surroundings

Light … as in lights, lit, lighting, lighted


Light … as a descriptor of little mass, weight, low density, easy to lift, lightweight

Light … as a color shade, hue, tone, complexion


Light … as a taste – not sweet, not heavy, not too strong

Light … a descriptor of quantity – as in a meal – small, modest, simple, easily digested

Light … a descriptor of food – as porous, fluffy, low-calorie, easy to digest, small quantity

Light … as in easy, simple, undemanding


Light … as in frivolous, superficial, undemanding, trivial

Light … as in gentle, delicate, soft, dainty

Light … as a comparative – light, lighter, lightest

Special thanks to Robin (MaidinSun Photography) for providing the photographs. I encourage readers to visit her at Breezes at Dawn. All photos are copyrighted by MaidinSun Photography.

116 thoughts on “On Light

  1. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for me to “Like” this (seems odd, at any rate), but I felt as though I was looking at someone else’s images, especially since this is the first time I’ve seen how you put it all together. Thank you, Frank, for inviting me to participate, and for the wonderful words you put to my photos.. Light is a subject near and dear to my heart since most of what I photograph grabs me with the light first.


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  3. I love how you take a simple word and just expand it to the nth degree!
    And thanks for the Matchbox Twenty Video! Hadn’t heard this song in a eons!


    • Claudine,
      All praise on the photos to Robin, my collaborator … but I had to determine their position. Looking at this as a mediation is quite high praise – and something I didn’t think about until now. I encourage you to visit Robin’s blog because (to me) she has a meditation side to her writing that accompanies her pictures … and her current post matches this one.

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    • Thank you, Claudine. As Frank pointed out, I gave him the job of determining where to put the images since they are his words (hence, his interpretation). I agree with you. He created a beautiful arrangement.

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  4. I loved this post (and Robin’s, too). It made me feel light! πŸ™‚
    I was actually thinking about light before I read your post. It’s very sunny right now, and the sunlight is streaming in my kitchen windows. It’s going to be hot. (Well, it’s already hot, but it’s going to get hotter today.) Summer sunlight is so different from winter’s.


    • Thank you, Merril. πŸ™‚ It is hot here, too, and getting hotter. I agree about summer sunlight. I am one of those odd people who prefer winter, and I like the angle of the sunlight better during those months. There is also something to be said for autumn’s long shadows.

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      • I am definitely NOT a winter person, Robin, and I hate that it is dark so much of the time then. I do like to look and think about the different types of light and shadows though. Early Autumn skies have such a distinct clarity, and then the long shadows.


  5. My dear Frank, what a beautiful post! You, my friend ought to be an example in the blogging [and not only] community! You bring so many different small worlds together -your friends that is- in very creative and insightful ways. Through you I have ‘met’ so many beautiful people [happily follow their works / blogs to this day]. Robin is one of those beautiful and very creative people and what a lovely post on light! Indeed, Cynthia [Jobin]: De-light-ful! πŸ™‚ Thank you both! πŸ™‚


  6. As soon as I finish this comment, I will officially be on a blogging break. I just wanted to stop by and thank anyone I might have missed for your lovely comments, and thank Frank again (especially for all the compliments I’ve found scattered throughout the comments). You have a great group here, Frank. πŸ˜€


  7. Robin (aka MaidinSun Photography) and you have put together a wonderful collaboration.

    In the words of George Carlin’s character, Al Sleet your hippy-dippy weatherman, “Tonight there will be a 90% chance of dark followed tomorrow morning by a 70% chance of light.”


  8. I was captivated by the beautiful photography as you went along. How lovely! I love to pay notice to the slant of the sun and the way it changes the light across the seasons. This was delightful to read, Frank.


    • Debra,
      I’ve enjoyed Robin’s photography for several years .. a soft look with a calming effect … thus I knew she would be perfect for this topic. FYI – other collaborations are in development.


  9. I’ve been spell-bound by Robin’s beautiful photos for some years now, but seeing them put together here, with Frank’s words, I saw Robin’s photography in a whole new light (pun not intended). You are both artists in each field displayed here today, is there any chance there may be future collaborations? I enjoyed this immensely. πŸ™‚


    • Joanne,
      Welcome first-time commenter to my little corner of the world. Thanks for the many kind words. We both know Robin’s photography is outstanding. Sometime last fall I wrote something about collaborating, and Robin was one of two who stepped up. I remembered it, then approached her (and the other) with ideas … both agreed.

      The format was simple. Once I wrote the text, I sent it to them with the broad direction of a pic every 4-5 lines. Robin did an unexpected twist as she sent me a group of pics, but I decided where they go. I think I used all but 1 or 2 that she sent. Nonetheless, I can see working with Robin again!

      I have two other collaborations in the pipeline – one is about ready and the other is still in progress. The next one will be with a painter.

      BTW – Check Categories > Collaborations for a few others that I’ve done.

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  10. For painters, LIGHT is: (1) an area of something that is brighter or paler than its surroundings, (2) a color shade, hue, tone, complexion, (3) a glare, gleam, glow, illumination, radiance, shine, brightness, luminosity, dazzle, blazing.

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  11. Frank, your paean to light was not so much enlightening as inspirational. Like a butterfly lighting on a light branch of the tree of knowledge, lightly imitating in its breezy motion the evolution of the sprightly ballet of context and definition. It is a relationship not to be taken lightly, I submit. Thanks for the dance.


  12. Hola aFrank,
    ‘Light … a spiritual illumination, a truth, an enlightenment, from a point of view.’
    This line along with the photo of the illuminated sky that your collaborator, Robin, captured is my favorite part of this wonderful post.
    So much said in one little word. Who knew ??? Words are powerful.
    Isadora 😎

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  13. Hello! I’m a reader of Robin’s blog and came over to have a look. Very cool! I thoroughly enjoyed all the interpretations of light in both words and photos.


    • Karma,
      Welcome first-time commenter … and thanks for letting me know that you came from Robin’s. Her and I have been visiting each other for several years (at least).

      This was a wonderful collaboration with her. Once I finalized the words, she sent me a group of images to consider … and now this is what we have. I’m hoping to collaborate again with her, but I need to come up with the one word that will work … so if you have any suggestions, I welcome them.


  14. Another enlightening collaboration, Frank, your photons and Robin’s photos. Simply outstanding… I would request you both visit my site and feedback on my post, ‘Luceat Lux Vestra’. It is an old one, so you may have to scroll down a bit..best wishes… Raj.


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