On Blue


Atom Sea No16©marina-kanavaki 675

Atom Sea No16©marina-kanavaki

Blue …. an adjective, noun, or verb

Blue … as in bluing, bluing, blued, blues, bluer, bluest, bluely, blueness

Blue … from the Old English blǣwen, the Old Norse blár, the Old French bleu, and the Anglo-French blef, ble

Paths of Color [TGB]©marina-kanavaki 675

Paths of Color [TGB]©marina-kanavaki

Blue …. a range of colors between green and violet

Blue … one of three primary colors in painting

Blues … combined the with black, grey, or white for different shades

Blue …. combined with red is violet … with yellow is green

Atom Sea No11©marina-kanavaki 675

Atom Sea No11©marina-kanavaki

Blue … combined with green is turquoise, teal, and aquamarine

Blue … sky blue, navy blue, powder blue, midnight blue, Prussian blue, royal blue, ice blue, baby blue, peacock blue, steel blue, slate blue, and many more

Cerulean Tree©marina-kanavaki 675

Cerulean Tree©marina-kanavaki

Blue … azure, cobalt, sapphire, Lapis, indigo, azurite, cyan, cerulean, zaffre … all blue

Blue … a feeling … as in depressed, down, sad, unhappy, melancholy

Blue … to wash or make blue

Blue … hydrangea, bell flowers, morning glory, irises, periwinkles, …all blue flowers, but only a few of many

Atom Flowers #23

Atom Flowers #23 ©marina-kanavaki

Blue … a symbol, uniform, military unit, identify of a nation or team

Blue … Robin eggs, Cookie Monster, porcelain, blueberries, cornflower, Blue Man Group

Blue … as in blue in the face, exhausted, and speechless

Character #6

Character #6 ©marina-kanavaki

Blue … discolored by cold, contusion, fear, or vascular collapse … a sign of death

Blue … out of the blue, the sudden and unexpectedly

Blue … off-color, risqué, profane, indecent, smutty, trashy, porn … as in movies. books, stories, jokes

Blue …. as in Bluetooth, Blue whale, Blue Jays, Blue Bayou, Blue Cheese, Blue Jeans, Blue moon

Full Moon October 2015©marina-kanavaki 675

Full Moon October 2015©marina-kanavaki

Blue … it’s a boy

Blue … a fleeting thought … up into the blue

Blue …. as in true blue …. the faithful and loyal

Blue … as in blue collar … labor … the working class

Blue … as in blue blood … a member of nobility

Blue … to a bride … “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”

Blue …. the color of Advent season (Christianity), the skin color of the holiest (Hinduism), the covering of the items in the Mishkan (Judaism)

Vishuddha Chakra [Little Chakra Tree]©marina-kanavaki 675

Vishuddha Chakra [Little Chakra Tree]©marina-kanavaki

Blue … a sign for personal qualities as accepting, affectionate, authentic, artistic, caring, comfort, compassionate, harmonious, peaceful, sympathetic, tender … people oriented

Blue …. harmony, faithfulness, confidence, distance, infinity, imagination, cold, and sympathy

Blue … holiness, humility virtue, excellence, distinction and high performance.

Blue … the sky and water because they reflect blue … thus absorbing the other colors

Purple Rays Permeate©marina-kanavaki

Purple Rays Permeate©marina-kanavaki

Special thanks to Marina (Marina Kanavaki @ Art Towards a Happy Day) for the images of her artwork. I encourage readers to visit her at website and her Society 6 store where you can browse her work on various media. All images are copyrighted by Marina Kanavaki.

183 thoughts on “On Blue

  1. Once again you impress us with your research and knowledge, Frank. Amazing to think such a tiny word can convey so many meanings. And what gorgeous artwork! Such a beautiful accompaniment to the post.


    • Carrie,
      Many thanks. As you know, research is one of the things I enjoy doing. Alright … that’s weird to some – but I know you understand. 🙂 Who know that 4 letters, 1 syllable could deliver so much. I’ve enjoyed Marina’s art for some time … and if you aren’t aware of her, give her a visit when you get a chance.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I return regularly to view Marina’s paintings, and each time ask myself what is it I like about her work? I love her spontaneity—the way she plays with watercolor as if it’s an easy, cherished friend with whom she is having a pleasant conversation. I love her bright color sense, and the wonderful gesture in her paintings, as well as the exquisite calligraphic treatment of line. Her paintings are graphic poetry, beautiful as can be. What do I like about them? Everything!

    (I’ve always favored the color blue, Frank, but now I think I need a vacation from it!)


    • Cynthia,
      As you well know, there is a lot of intricacy in her work – which I learned by taking a closer look. Love the way she blends colors into a background. Then there’s the Marina Swoosh (my term) in her plants. Thanks for endorsing her work here.


    • My dear Cynthia, I am utterly overwhelmed and touched by your words! Speechless, to put it mildly! Thank you from my heart for such a BEAUTIFUL and encouraging comment!
      I sincerely hope though your vacation from blue won’t be a long one! 😉
      Frank’s invitation was an honor to me and I loved our collaboration.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Lame,
      Oh my … how could I have forgotten Blue Nun … many thanks … but fortunately I forgot the Tidy Bowl Man and other products as Blue Diamond (nuts), Blue Emu, Blue Lizard, and Selsun Blue … plus who knows how many more products.Glad you enjoyed this collaboration.

      How’s the abode search going?


      • I’m in contract on a place. That’s a process that takes several months to slog through ending with an interview with the co-op Board. If I fail that, I’ll be suicidal. If I pass and get the place, I won’t move in right away because I have to gut renovate it. I have a lot on my plate plus my sister and niece visited me last week. And this move is ongoing at The Grind. This is a very busy year.

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  3. Another lovely collaboration. We, your readers, are so lucky to have you! Thanks for the introduction Marina Kanavaki. Her artwork is exquisite! A little dose of Enya never hurts, either…


  4. so beautiful dear Frank, blue what I love in all other colours… wonderful post you did again. Let me add something about your theme, it is a dreamy place in Japan, especially during spring and winter days…Thank you, love, nia


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  6. Lovely post – it did not leave me feeling blue at all 🙂
    While reading, the so g “Blue Moon” kept popping into my head. Guess that melody is going to be in there for way while.


  7. I love all of them, Frank… and double so much since I had the great fortune to meet Marina in Greece last year! She is not only a superb artist (painter and musician with a fantastic voice) I do love her since it is difficult to meet such persons with engagement towards our Mother Earth and all living creatures. Marina is really something special, I looking forward to meet her again and I hope soon!!!
    Have a great evening :-)claudine


    • You make me blush, Claudine! Thank you so much for all those kind and warm words – I’m ever so flattered. But you know I think the same of you and indeed I hope we meet again soon! Thank you, my sweet friend. So happy you enjoyed this collaboration Frank honored me with! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Blue is certainly a fascinating topic, one of my dog’s eyes (his name is Dancer) is blue, the other eyes is brown; very striking combination.


  9. Frank, this is a totally fab post. It’s so exciting & inspiring when we share &/or collaborate with our pals out here in blog world.. As I write, I am waiting for my 2 pairs of tights from Society 6, my tights with Marina’s art on them. One of the pairs features Paths of Color!
    Frank, i went to the post Marina did about your collaboration, and how lucky are you to have your very own blue?


    • Resa,
      Thanks for endorsing her products here as I hope others visit Society 6 to see how her work can be transformed. … and oh yes … I saw the images for me, and I hope to display them here on the next post.


    • Exciting and inspiring are the words – I totally agree, my dear Resa! Like Cecilia Lionheart [http://artgowns.com/2015/08/02/cecilia-lionheart/] 🙂 Can’t wait to hear your impressions when you get the leggings! It was an honor for me being invited to collaborate with Frank and, well, a pleasure! 🙂 Thank you, for your sweet words, my dear friend. 🙂 xx


  10. Amazing, Frank. Simply amazing. Both your work and her paintings . A Beautiful Post for such a simple word. Maybe not simple but one we use all the time.
    I love how you presented it.
    Thank you. I was headed here earlier tonight but ended up talking , not on the phone since they are OUT here, but on Facebook with the family of a good friend/brother to me. He died last week. I just found out about it. This post came at a good time.
    HUGS Sarah


  11. Marina Kanavaki is a fine artist and I enjoyed exploring her work online. Among the paintings included in your post, ‘Paths of Color’ and ‘Atom Sea No. 11’ are my favorites, in that order.


  12. Now I understand why you wanted me to pick the blue light catcher in Pauline’s giveaway! Such an interesting post! I’m a blue and white Penn State Nittany Lion so blue makes me happy, all the way around!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. A most beautiful collaboration Frank – Marina is a favorite artist of mine whose work is always intriguing from the hues she uses, to the geometric lines and shapes, to finally her levels of layers and value treatment is where the more I look, the more I see. The shades of blues in these paintings are amazing. Really lovely and wonderful work to you both!


  14. I read once that blue was the color of loyalty, and that’s how it became associated with marriages. My husband proposed to me with, instead of the standard diamond ring, a setting holding a blue topaz as a result. I love your ruminations on the color, and the artistic collaboration is lovely. (My favorite of the pieces is Character #6.)


  15. I love Marina’s work and have visited her Society 6 store in the past and have made gift purchases. I really love her work! And blue is my favorite color, but I have never thought about how many different ways that word is expressed. Very, very interesting! This was a very special pairing, Frank.


    • My dear Debra, thank you so much for such kind words and your purchases! [unfortunately with S6 there is no way of knowing who purchases, but only what has been bought]. I do hope your purchases made the owner happy! I agree about it being a very special pairing. This is exactly how I felt about it too! Frank is a treasure! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  16. Loved all of those definitions on Blue Frank.. and Marina’s art is beautiful as is she.. 🙂 thank you for putting this post and her artwork together its beautifully done.. 🙂 Enjoy your weekend Sue


  17. Enya is always a soothing voice for the soul. My dear blog friend, Marina, a precious gem sparkling among the river rocks. Her heart speaks of magical flights of fancy with Mother Earth. You have chosen a master of sweet and gentle spirits.
    Blue … the color of peace that’s used to calm ragged emotions. A very enjoyeable post.
    Isadora 😎


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  19. Frank, my dear friend – again thank you so much for this opportunity to work with you and a great big – massive[!] thank you, for all your kind and very flattering words! I hope we do this again! 🙂


  20. Song sung blue, everybody knows one
    Song sung blue, every garden grows one
    Me and you are subject to
    The blues now and then
    But when you take the blues
    And make a song
    You sing ’em out again
    You sing ’em out again…. So goes the Neil Diamond song, and here it is marina and frank, joining hands, to bring out all the beauty and mystery in blue, to delight mortals of every hue. Warm hugs and wishes to you both… Raj.


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  24. You brought complete justice to Marina’s Art and your poetry triumphant!

    The details you added with blue and describing the very texture to Marina’s Painting and how its represented. Excellent execution my new friend. 🙂

    I love this deeply. You both did something magical and special. Thank you both! 🙂 Much respects to both. 🙂


    • Charlie,
      Welcome first-time commenter, and glad we met on your current collaboration with our favorite Greek. I wrote the words, then she selected & positioned the images.

      I’m not overly creative, so my posts are typically nonfiction, factual, or opinions – so the fact that you sense some poetry made me smile. Many thanks for the kind words.

      Liked by 1 person

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