Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 272

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As Donald Trump (R-NY) successfully sidesteps his own explosive devices, something to ponder. The Bloviator’s base is very loyal, but his disapproval numbers are high. Therefore, could his current poll numbers be both his ceiling and his floor?

Speaking of The Bloviator, he’s not stupid – so his talk about a third-party candidacy is (in my opinion) just more hot air. After all, he cannot get on the ballot in Ohio (a must-win state) because Ohio has a “sore loser law” preventing him from getting on the ballot. Yes, Ohio’s Secretary of State has already declared it so.

Although “debate” is the descriptor, this statistic helps demonstrate why these aren’t debates while also providing rationale for my pods-of-4 model.

GOP1stDebateTalkTimeFor the interested, he next Republican debate is Wednesday, September 16th on CNN.

Here are two articles for the political wonks who want to read about the conservative media’s influence on the Republican party: Recent and one from Oct. 2014.

For those who remember Mr. Haney on Green Acres, this is a must see. Of course, I’m curious to see who checks it out.

This new commercial from GEICO insurance made me laugh.

It wasn’t a good week for me visiting blogs. 😦

Collaborating with Marina for On Blue was a pleasure, and readers appreciated the dualism we provided through words and art. Marina made me two images that she posted on her blog when reblogging our post. For space purposes here, I melded them together as one, but you can tell where the two meet. Thank you, Marina.

On a personal note, I know my first gay couple who recently married – and I’m proud of the fact I went out of my way to congratulate them when I saw them at church.

Mark this date on your calendar – Tuesday, August 25th at 9:30 pm for the opening act of Dance: The Musical. (The musical will be running on Tuesdays, not Wednesdays.) More information is on the Here Ye page.

The Explore series continues on Saturday featuring a wonderful video about a person, place, or thing.

To lead you into The Onion, here’s their video explaining Putin’s Russia.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Nation’s pansies announce plan to slowly acclimate to pool
Single women with 3 young children unaware she is subject to 984 judgments today
Coworker retreats to remote corner of office to complete disgusting food order
Rescuers heroically help beached garbage back into ocean
New statewide education standards require teachers to forever change lives of 30% of students

Interesting Reads
The future of America’s slums
Cars in Cuba
Not everyone likes kissing
Now 40 years old – The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Selling lingerie in Egypt

To send you into the weekend, here’s a flashback to a before expressways. I enjoy Asleep at the Wheel, but this version from them is new to me. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

54 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 272

  1. You’re right, Frank, this wasn’t a debate, it was a ratings grab by Fox and they placed Trump right in the middle of it. Literally. Egomaniacs like Trump love attention and the media and their thirst for ratings have been only too willingly to oblige. He’ll go away reluctantly at some point.
    Love the commercial.😊


    • George,
      Not only a ratings grab, but a PR move by the party … after all, the party works with networks to determine the schedule, which is part of their marketing. Oh yes – the love/hate relationship between Trump and the media is a win-win.

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  2. “could his current poll numbers be both his ceiling and his floor”—Probably true. Great insight. I think you should be commentating on CNN. If you do, promise you’ll use the term ‘Bloviator’?


  3. I don’t think Trump is worried about the “sore loser law” in Ohio. In his mind, he’ll win every state he’s on the ballot by a landslide, becomes president, and then bombs Ohio in retaliation.


  4. Trump–I just wish he and his bloviation would just disappear. I could say that of our governor in NJ, too, but I just don’t see how anyone can consider Trump as a candidate.

    Some of those Onion headlines are a little bit too close to the truth this time! 🙂

    My husband and I saw Asleep at the Wheel long ago at a concert when we were in college. We had never heard of them, but from what I remember it was a fun concert. I think I might have heard this version on the radio, maybe American Routes?


  5. I’m a big fan of Green Acres, Frank, and I found the clip about free healthcare very funny. Unfortunately, all too many people don’t think any farther about the subject than stuff like this skit. Until they need some healthcare themselves, that is. The truth is that services under the ACA still involve payment and many insurance deductibles are high – nothing is free. Here is a letter I sent to our local paper just this morning on the subject:

    I read with interest the Globe article (Aug. 13) “Tough Talk” on the “round table” healthcare discussion with Sen. Roy Blunt. A number of doctors (but not all) complained about the ACA, that the paperwork was onerous, and about penalties when patients are readmitted to the hospital within 30 days of their discharge.

    I understand why some are upset; the system we now have is based on money, a.k.a., through-put. A single-payer system, which Democrats originally wanted, would have had long-term patient welfare as its prime motivator, but that was shot down by lobbyists for the industry.

    So we are left with the ACA, a compromise which, according to the Fiscal Times (12/2/14), is nevertheless beginning to bring down costs and reduce medical errors. The HHS report last year showed 50,000 fewer preventable deaths and a savings of $12 billion thus far. However, this is only a 17% reduction in mistakes and Americans are still paying about double for comparable outcomes in other advanced nations. If the airline industry had a preventable death rate like hospitals’, their business would plummet.

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    • Jim,
      Cheers to you sending a well-thought letter to the editor. Did others respond to you? No question that the people did a lot of information about the ACA. As a matter of fact, I’ve felt the government as a whole has done a poor job of educating. That aside, I hope you realize why I selected this video.


      • Frank,
        Actually, I wasn’t quite sure why you selected the hilarious Green Acres clip on healthcare and I’m not so sure your readership was either.

        Political attitudes are rigid things and people often view things through a fixed lens. I had an uncle, I’m sorry to say, who thought professional wrestling was real. This last week an acquaintance of mine at the YMCA, knowing of my political persuasion, engaged me in a conversation and ended up labeling me as a communist.

        Sometimes you have to spell things out. Final piece of evidence: look who’s leading the GOP field in the polls! 🙄


        • In terms of the video, I was intentionally subtle. Because you took a peek, here’s the scoop … I was comparing voices: Ted Cruz & Mr. Haney. Now rewatch it in that light.


  6. Route 66….ahhhh I was so in love with Martin Milner and George Chakiris…and of course…THAT car!! I haven’t done such a fine job of keeping up either, aFa…hope all is well.
    We’ll have to have that cuppa before winter. You game?


  7. Been traveling. Wifi access is always dicey. I think that has been a fortunate thing. Missed out on a lot of the donald’s trump-eting. I don’t think he actually wants to be president. Too many checks and balances built into the position by our constitution.


    • Sarah,
      Running late at this end … but trying to catch up!

      As you are learning, I have a wide range of topics in my little corner of the world. Way back when, I started as as mainly politics and sports … but broadened quite a bit over time.

      The Onion is a great source for satire, so always like working them in. Meanwhile, hope the chicken was tasty and cheers to meatloaf!


  8. Interesting article about the cars in Cuba. The lead editorial in today’s Cincinnati Enquirer follows it up.

    I respect your assurances that Donald Trump will fade into oblivion. However, I’m a little nervous that a few Trump wins in the early Primary state elections could set off a GOP shark feeding frenzy over a weakened Hillary Clinton, that could lead to the unspeakable situation of the Republican Party actually nominating The Bloviator to head the 2016 GOP ticket.


    • Resa,
      Cheers to you enjoying the GEICO commercial … and (as you know) their ad group is a tad creative … and glad you saw the Cruz/Haney clips as I simply thought the similarity of their voices is a hoot.


  9. I like Putin, if it were not for his actions, America and its allies would be in full blow war in Syria, however, Putin submitted that, Syria give up its chemical weapons (the only reason that Syira had the weapons in the first place is because Israel keeps threatening its existence and pilfering land, like The Golan Heights) with inspectors to verify that this was done, and it was.


  10. I will definitley be watching the next Republican’t “debate.”
    Trying to keep an open mind. But – the go back into the dark ages mentality & “religion” as a cloak to hide behind while actions show differently is hard to swallow.

    LOL – on the Green Acres / Ted Cruz bit.

    And – those Geico commercials are so catchy & memorable.

    YAY for attending a gay wedding. I’m so happy for marriage equality. #LoveIsLove!


    • RoSy,
      I haven’t officially decided on the next debate, but I imagine I’ll pass again … I want the field to narrow before I give it some time.

      Now that you’ve watched, does Ted Cruz sound like Mr. Haney?

      A clarification about the newly married gay couple. They held a private wedding, and I wasn’t there, but I did want to congratulate them.

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