Dance: The Musical – Act 1: Dance

The Story
Dance: A rhythmic movement to music

Dance: Shake a leg, cut the rug, trip the light, get down, groovin, jivin’

Dance: Sways, twirls, gyrations, dips, whirls, hops, spins, swings, shimmiesDancePlaybill

Dance: Ballet, Disco, Club, Boogie, Ballroom, Contemporary, Belly, Square, Hip-hop

Dance: An expression of feelings – a story – a style

Dance: As a metaphor – When you dance, your purpose is not to get to a certain place on the floor. It’s to enjoy each step along the way. (Wayne Dyer, psychologist)

Whether as a ritual, a tradition, or the sign of the times, dance is an expression that crosses many cultures. Dance is social, ceremonial, and competitive. Whether at a club, in a ballroom, on a gymnastic mat, in water, on a stage – dance is personal – dance is fun – dance is energy on display. Dance expresses – Dance entertains.

From the time we are babies bouncing along in someone’s arms or on a lap, dance has played a role in everyone’s life in some way. Dance: The Musical aims to capture the essence of this activity that brings joy to many

Act 1: Dance
Dance: The Musical starts with dance – that is all songs must have Dance in the title.

Caution: Other forms of the word (dance) as dancer, dances, dancing, dancin’, dancefloor, dancehall, and any other form of the word are excluded from this act.

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

Welcome to Opening Night of the latest aFa Production – Dance: The Musical. High school dances on the weekends were big back in my day. In honor of those days in my past and for your opening entertainment – ladies and gentlemen – it’s time to Dance to the Music with Sly and the Family Stone.


191 thoughts on “Dance: The Musical – Act 1: Dance

  1. I always want to post my song right away, and forget to really leave a comment!

    Your statement that “From the time we are babies bouncing along in someone’s arms or on a lap, dance has played a role in everyone’s life in some way” struck home. When my Aunt Ruth died, her funeral was a relatively somber affair for an Irish wake. Until, that is, baby Jacob (18 months old) started dancing to the funeral dirge. It was adorable and reminded everybody that life goes on.


  2. Soooo… I was all ready to present Chic’s Dance, Dance, Dance but AD2P presented a Beach Boys one with the exact same title so I changed my mind (the songs are not remotely similar). As a result, I went to my second choice, going Canadian with the classic Leonard Cohen “Dance Me To the End of Love”
    I think I could have submitted 10 songs! I will not be cruel and leave them for the others…


    • Danica,
      The Producer cringed when he saw your submission because the title was already used … but he gave a big sigh of relief when he realized they were different songs. A huge Van Halen hit … excellent choice.

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  3. Frank, I had asked you about whether the song must have a video, and you said that, while you prefer a video, you did accept those without. I hope you won’t mind my submitting this song, for which there has never existed a video. It’s called Dance With My Skeletons, and it’s by … me! Wrote it about 10 years ago, but I still think it’s fun (and meaningful, too; always the crowd favorite whenever I sang out places). I always have loved muddying genre when I write:

    Dance With My Skeletons by Erik Tyler


    • Good choice … and another branch on the genre tree. I general, most give one at a time … sometimes two … but the limitations gives others a chance to submit … but it’s OK to give more at this time. Just make sure you read the entries to see if the song has already been used.


      • Thanks, Frank. I think I took part in one or two many Moons ago before I, you, or both of us were flung into that alternative reality. It’s fun trying to find suitable songs that haven’t already been mentioned… the key’s getting in early I feel. That said, I’d never heard of the one I submitted this time, and I didn’t like it when I first heard it. It’s grown on me now though. And for a song about not being able to dance, it certainly has movement throughout it!


  4. I was wondering that nobody else had posted “Shall We Dance”–but now I see Erik has. 🙂
    There was also a lovely Japanese movie with the same title. (It was then given the Hollywood treatment in a remake.)


    • Joanne,
      Welcome to your first Opening Night … and cheers to your successful song choice. Two keys to avoiding the buzzer …follow the rules and check the comments to see if the song has already been used. Good song … a true classic!

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  5. Guess whoooooo? 😉
    I was going to say Eminem’s Square Dance & post a clean radio version. But – I was afraid to be kicked out of the party – or worse – get a buzzer for some sort of inappropriateness. LOL
    I did notice that you shared a song in Spanish. So- here I will add another:
    Baila Esta Cumbia (Dance this Cumbia <—Cumbia – a type of dance) by Selena


    • RoSy,
      Good video of Selena as she makes it easy to watch the video. My translation site says it is This Dance Cumbia. What do you think?

      Meanwhile, why would The Producer issue you the buzzer if the other song met the guidelines? It fits the guidelines and it hasn’t been used … so here’s Square Dance (Eminem) … By the way, this song may come in handy in another act … and I did say may … not will.


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  9. Howdy Frank & all!
    “The Guess Who” wrote a song in the early 1970’s “Rain Dance”.
    It was suggested to me that this could be used in “Dance: The Musical”. (Thanks Frank! LOL)
    I agree. It could possibly be an entry in Act IV. However, I say Act I is the proper place for this fab song by the Guess Who, whom have not been inducted into the R&R Hall Of Fame.
    I say this because I know the term “Rain Dance” from our native heritage.
    This song does have the word “dance” in the title, but does not explain how to do the dance .. as in (ie. The Twist or The Locomotion, or in a video Ie. The Hustle.)
    Nonetheless, It counts, to me.
    I want to present this song to live in infamy as a piece chosen for an “aFa Theater for the Performing Arts” production of “Dance: The Musical.
    Love to all


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