Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 275

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After it’s smashing debut of over 40 songs, Dance: The Musical returns this week with Act 2 featuring songs with “dancing” or “dancin’” in the title. Those are the only two options. The show starts this coming Tuesday (Sept. 8th) at 9:30 pm (Eastern US).

ALERT: Next week is the first of three consecutive weeks for Dance: The Musical. WARNING – Act 4 will be very tricky, so I suggest seeing the Hear Ye page.

Regular attendees at the musicals know that a cantankerous producer runs the show with burrs in his shorts. Not all that long ago he insisted I refer to him as The Producer (as opposed to the producer). I recently discovered why … he officially changed his name to The Producer.

As I mentioned last week, my pastor read my post about predestination – of which he commented about the civility here. Some readers were curious about his reaction to my content. He and I talked earlier this week, and he was supportive and had no issues. We also talked about other theological meanings for predestination.

President McKinley was from my state – Ohio – and I’m one Ohioan who has no problem with Mt, McKinley (the highest peak in the US) returning to its original name – Denali.

The previous post regarding teaching and training created many interesting responses and fruitful dialogue between visitors.cooltext_7

An Explore post returns this weekend with a person, place, or thing. Last week’s Salute post about the number 7 was a subtle way of celebrating the 7th anniversary of this blog that I commonly refer to as my little corner of the world. A special thanks to those who noticed that fact (#68) embedded amidst the drivel.

College football starts this weekend – a season that I enjoy. Amazingly, the highest paid coaches make $5-7+ million per year. Should they be paid that much? To me, it’s simple: If the investment brings in more than the investment, I unquestionably say YES. Here’s a Wall Street Journal Op-Ed on the topic.

If there is anyone interested in playing a free, no-pressure version of fantasy football, let me know and I will email you the information.

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Although I haven’t written it on these pages, I have wondered how long it would take someone to mention building a wall along the US-Canada border. Congratulations, Gov. Scott Walker (R-WS)! Meanwhile, here’s a great video about the US-Canada border. Thanks Debra.

Interesting doublespeak: Some Republicans love to tout American exceptionalism, yet point to the fact that birthrate citizenship (14th Amendment & court cases) is not common with many other countries

Donald Trump (R-NY) loves to mock, but he also makes it easy to mock. If he doesn’t need anyone’s money, won’t ask for anyone’s money, and will self-fund his own campaign, why did a recent Bloviation event charge money? Why does The Bloviator’s website campaign website take donations? I know the drill – answer the question with a bombastic statement that doesn’t answer the question.

Here’s the one thing I confidently believe about Hillary Clinton (D-NY) since 2008: Like her or not, she (and her people) know how to run a lousy campaign.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) stated President Obama and his administration is intentionally vilifying law enforcement. Just another example of the type of voter Sen. Cruz is seeking.

Here’s an interesting quote regarding gay marriage from the elected official of my district to the state legislature. Well, I’ve got to hand it to President Obama. He has managed to figure out how to do what no one thought was possible: A national flipping of the middle finger at God, (John Becker). I yield to a great American orator below for his comment.

I shake my head not only at the county clerk in Kentucky (Kim Davis) refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, but to also the ridiculous comments I’ve heard from others. As an elected official, she can’t be fired or request a transfer – therefore, she should either resign or taken to jail (which she has). Employees of the clerk office in the same situation should request transfer or find another job.

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To lead you into this week’s satire, here’s The Onion’s explanation of the pros and cons of legalizing prostitution.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Full summer of tending outdoor garden produces single edible cherry tomato
Friends grandma to give you hug too
NASA deploys Congressional funding is search of funding
Pope cleans up dead angel who flew into Sistine Chapel window
New dating site suggests people you already know but thought you were too good for
Salt Lake City hoping to boost tourism by reminding visitors they are free to leave at any time

Interesting Reads
A historical look at India’s great divide (Thanks Jim)
Plagiarized anthems
Water and hangovers
Quotes about science by theologians
Competencies and limitations of science
(Interactive) Political media habits by generations

To send you into the weekend, here are two versions of the same one: the way we know it and the studio acoustic version. Any preference? Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


81 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 275

  1. Hahaha, Frank…. I had to laugh :D…. You do realize that this is a collection of jokes, though? erm… a series of jokes .. I won’t say the word… 😀
    Wonderful collection. 🙂
    And don’t diss Becker, his fictional (tv) namesake is supposed to be like me in a lot of respects, hahaha

    Lastly, on a serious not, try out William Dalrymple’s books. He is a great researcher and writer. If at all the topic itself interest you, then may I suggest Freedom at Midnight, Larry Collins & Dominique Lapierre? It is disgraceful that no Indian has ever written that story as beautifully or even attempted that kind of research.


    • Tejaswi,
      This what I do on Friday … and as the title states, for the 275th time. Simply a smattering of thoughts over a wide swath of topics. Always includes a dose of politics because I started this blog as a mix of politics and sports.Thanks for recommending Dalrymple.

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  2. So, we build a wall against Mexico… then another against Canada… then 2 more to keep the rising ocean levels from flooding our coastal cities… then a dome as a futuristic missile defense system… and voila! We’ll officially live in an Ameri-Can! I’m sure read a sci-fi book about this…


    • Amy,
      All of us have times when life gets in the way of blogging. Then again, given the topic, that cuts to your core. Hopefully you will get the next one … but hey … you can return to Act 1 because plenty of songs with “Dance” in the title are available … but read the list of songs used.


  3. I shake my head at the county clerk thing too. If you work for the government, you need to be able to separate church and state.

    “Pope cleans up dead angel who flew into Sistine Chapel window.”–Ha. Wonder how much Windex that takes.


    • Lame,
      Love the video and story … many thanks .. and it may make a future Interesting Reads.

      Yep … she could have avoided jail by resigning. Although she claims her religious right, she (to me) is also crossing the church-state barrier.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks, Frank. I’m not sure which one I prefer. I think it would be a mood thing for me. Sort of like listening to Eric Clapton’s Layla, both the original and unplugged version. Sometimes you want low key and sometimes you want to open the windows and blast the music..:)
        But the difference in hair styles in the two videos was interesting, wasn’t it..:)


  4. I understand that some Ohioans might be upset about Alaskans changing the name of a mountain in Alaska. Maybe Ohioans should at least offer Alaskans to name the highest mountain in Ohio after Sarah Palin.


  5. Thanks for weighing in on a host of important issues in your Opinions, Vol. 275, and for coming up with a fascinating selection of Reads:

    (1) “Great Theologian Quotes on Science” – All of them are going up on my refrigerator.

    (2) “The Great Divide: The violent legacy of Indian Partition” – Sent me scrambling to find my June 29, 2015 issue of THE NEW YORKER MAGAZINE.

    (3) “Political Media Habits Across Millennials, Gen Xers and Baby Boomers” – And now I know why . . . .

    P.S. Thanks, in your Opinion on county clerk in Kentucky, Kim Davis, who is refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, for pointing out to me (I was confused on the issue) that as an elected official, Ms. Davis can’t be fired or request a transfer (therefore, she should either resign or taken to jail – which she has).


      • Your use of the word ‘hoosegow’ sent me to the trusty “Online Etymology Dictionary” where I found that the word HOOSEGOW {for”jail”} comes from the western U.S., probably from mispronunciation of Mexican Spanish juzgao “tribunal, court,” from juzgar “to judge,” used as a noun, from Latin judicare “to judge,” which is related to judicem.


    • Merril,
      Given her location and mine, I get a lot of local coverage of this, too. Her reasons are quite poor.

      In terms of The Producer and the burrs in his shorts – I doubt he will be the smiling facing of an ad featuring a smiling face after they put on new underwear. He’s beyond help.

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  6. This post has too much to choose from, Frank! I’ll just comment that I am happy the KY clerk is in jail — that’s where we are supposed to put people who break the law. As for the wall, oh lord. Scotty Walker looks dumber and dumber!

    I heard a good one last night, Frank. Rick Perry at 0.28 on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfF6Q63_kZ8

    We can certainly use our favorite Bugs clip …


  7. It’s going to be a looong election/campaign season…Glad football season is about to start so there will be something else to talk about and watch. The election comedy is not so entertaining – and that one of these people will be elected an din charge.
    That clerk’s post seems to be a family affair. I think her mom was in that role before her, and that either her brother or husband also works there? She really should resign. Don’t know about that state, but in many, such as here, when birth control first started being available, there was a provision to allow a pharmacists who felt their religious beliefs prevented them from doing that transaction could step aside and let someone else handle it – but if everyone in that clerk’s office has the same belief, that won’t work. Here judges also have the right to step down if a case (like death penalty or abortion or something something) goes against their religion.
    Hope they can work out something. Hate to see it all get blown up and lines be drawn and people get more divided. She does have the right to her beliefs, but if she can’t do the requirements of the job, would be best if she simply stepped down instead of digging in. The wackos and talk shows on both sides are already probably spitting fire. Really tired of all the drama over every single little thing.
    So dancing along sounds fun! HAve a great weekend, Frank!


    • I have some sympathy with that clerk. The law agreed with her religious beliefs when she took the job – it changed, not her. The law was against blacks sitting in the front of the bus when Rosa Parks decided her conscience and beliefs trumped an immoral law.

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      • Peg,
        Although I disagree, I see your point … but the Rosa Parks analogy is a stretch because she was a private citizen while Kim Davis is an elected official who swore to uphold the law. It will be interesting to see what the courts do with various aspects of this case.


      • It’s a real mess. We actually rode in the back of many of those buses – which I was thrilled about because it was bouncy and normally I had to sit up front because of car sickness. I never realized we were the only white ones next to the black family my dad knew until I kept asking (probably loudly) why the other families wouldn’t let their kids come sit back there, too – to have more fun – and my big brother sharply elbowed me and pointed in a whisper with a scowl out they were all black and the others didn’t want to sit near them…there were like 3 rows of seats between the groups. The Boston area was different in minds set than the way we we brought up in TX.
        I have a great deal of sympathy towards her – she seems to honestly feel a strong conflict. Whether it’s habitat or philosophical change, it’s hard on the older ones of any species


        • I have to agree with that.
          That late 50’s story was a memory that sometimes ones who scream the most about tolerance and acceptance are the most intolerant and least likely to live and let live.
          It’s a mess. But putting her in jail when there are so many real criminals out there walking around…?
          More street drama ahead…
          Certainly a dance is much preferred.


        • Ankle monitors are popular here, but the criminals pry them off. No clue how they will manage this one without providing fodder for the fanatics. Nothing like a martyr.
          Stocks and pillory is cruel and unusual….(listening to all the ranting on both sides that would surround anyone fastened in those in public would surely scream “uncle” quickly?
          (Trying to inject a bit of humor in a tough situation)


        • Was always told that when dealing with difficult people, good idea not to back them into a corner. Especially if religion has any role at all.
          Question. She is a county clerk/state employee and not a federal employee. Ruled by state laws ( and can only be removed by legislature?) These are state marriage licenses? Now federal laws should trump state laws and the fed. judge has spoken, but the DOJ has cornered themselves by not enforcing all federal laws such a states that have legalized marijuana while it is against federal laws – there are other unenforced examples of the DOJ looking the other way – so now a mess with those who may in court say “EIther enforce all the laws or none.” Lawyers are going to have a great time. Feds can use other methods to push the state gov. if they want to. Have in other cases.Will play well on the world stage : “A country touting religious freedoms and a bedraggled woman reading the Bible in handcuffs. And we will be forced to watch the whole thing. Going to be interesting, right?


        • She is a county employee, thus I think can only be removed by resignation or recall vote. Besides, she didn’t get dragged into jail, she choose to go to jail. Interesting to watch? I don’t think this will play out long because I see it as a slump dunk case against her. Besides, her religious freedom wasn’t impeded, but she did (as a government official) impose religion onto a citizen – therefore interfering with their religious freedom.

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        • All definitely true. But you know some people – never let anything happen quietly. Far too easy to get on TV these days.Feds need to strongly encourage the legal removal process by the state if that’s the route. Either you sign on for the job or you don’t. If you can’t fulfill the requirements and responsibilities, then you’re not qualified for it. More about that than religious freedom and thought control.


        • Oh yes … some people don’t get it … but that doesn’t mean they are right … and fortunately, they are a minority. But they are just as wrong as Kim Davis.

          I don’t believe the state of Kentucky can remover her … I’m not convinced that the county has a route other than a recall election.

          Interestingly, I just saw a report about a flight attendant (and Muslim) is suspended for refusing to serve alcohol to passengers on flights … and she says serving alcohol is against her faith. This case is not even close in similarities to Kim Davis’ situation.


        • Oh, the state backs her? What a muddle. It’s their clerk and they’ll have to unravel it some how.
          The flight attendant is working for a private company not an elected official with gov/public requirements. The company controls their policies, but one easy way out is to simply have attendants swap some duties/jobs. Shouldn’t be a problem.(Hadn’t heard of that one – did hear about the one with a teen/college age clothing store)
          So wonder just how much sick leave/vacation days the clerk has? Fine muddle of fish.


        • Is there any hope we can jail some other elected officials? HA HA.
          If the feds can’t remove her and she won’t step down, it’s going to be a long noisy circus. They should be required to move her out of state/county jail to a federal holding facility/prison if the state isn’t involved. No need for the state/ local citizens to pay for security and her housing/upkeep…and move the circus along with her.


        • Although the judge turned her over to Federal Marshals, she is in a county jail … but not in her county. Here’s a few lines from CBS News about her support:

          … Part revival, part political rally, a series of speakers denounced the government and the judiciary and hailed Davis a Christian hero in a war against the godless. They waved signs that read “Kim Davis for President,” ”no to sodomite perversion” and “God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers.”


        • That jail has a contract with the feds to house their prisoners. (That’s a whole ‘nother political hot potato apparently there with a new regional jail proposed – what an area – so many controversies for such a small place.)
          Wonder if the judge realizes how “faith based” that detention center seems to be.Certainly a unique area.
          Bottom line is she took the job, now doesn’t want to do the job. She wants to redefine the job, but that isn’t her employment right.
          You’d think after her sick days/vacation days are done, they could declare the job abandoned and appoint someone else until an election.
          Without media and political figures trying to score points this story would be over. (Too many rallies. Same tired old slogans…from the 1930’s?)
          What is odd to me is that there’s been no outcry for everyone to boycott the state for travel, hotels, conventions and such. Or for the Feds to jerk funding to the state. Why?
          People should be allowed to believe what they want, but if they are an elected official who has a specific job/duties to perform, they either ought to do the job or leave.


        • Yep … her personal beliefs are not compromised, but public officials have to leave them at the door. Personally, I hope the courts act quickly.

          BTW – the judge is the son for a former GOP senator … and Pres. Bush appointee. But I understand he wants the Appeals Court to act on this matter.

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    • Mouse,
      Election season is why too long … and once it really cracks up, at least you don’t live in a major swing state like me!

      In terms of Kim Davis, yes … quite the family affair as (I think) her mother held the elected position while employing her. … and now she is employing her son.

      The way I understand it is that even if a Deputy Clerk wanted to issue the license, the couple still wouldn’t get the license because the Clerk must sign it. Hence, why an upcoming legal challenge will be able the validity of the recently-received licenses because the Clerk didn’t authorize them. (Thus why “stepping aside” won’t work for her situation). Yet, I remain confident in the courts will yield the proper decision. Oh the other hand, instead of going through the Federal courts, who knows what the State courts will decide. What a potential mess!

      The responses by the presidential candidates was interesting. Yesterday I heard Huckabee, Paul, Jindal, Cruz, Walker, and Trump …. and only one of them made sense … yep – The Bloviator!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Agree on the surprisingly sensible one yesterday.
        More drama as the clerk declares anything issued is invalid. Seriously when did people start insisting the courts straighten out all the messes rather than just using some common sense.And trying to work things out sensibly. (Conservative courts in that state? Long legal roads and lawyers lining up to make some money – they are often the only ‘winners”
        Meanwhile, some resort area/hotel might be able to make some money/get some advertising by offering wedding packages with the slogan “We’ll marry you – in style and with a smile”
        Geesh people are such a trial…back to looking at cute baby giraffe….

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  8. I really loved reading the Onion’s pro and con list regarding prostitution. The Onion never disappoints. 🙂 I also enjoyed the theologians and comments regarding science and religion. It pleased me to read Billy Graham’s remarks. I respect him, and didn’t know how he would respond. Plagiarized anthems is a great read, too. Thank you for allowing me to contribute a little this week. I’ll see you on Tuesday for the musical party. The cable guys were in the neighborhood all day and it looks like we’re doing much better with the Internet. They sensitively told me that “small animals” had eaten through a lot of the cable. I am quite sure they mean rats, but wasn’t it nice of them not to mention rodents! Since you’re our science guy, I’ll tell you that the reason we had outages every night in a certain window of time was “expansion and contraction” with the heat followed by evening cooling. It wasn’t really a cranky employee sitting somewhere with a big switch turning it off every night as I sat down to blog! There was a real explanation! Have a good weekend, Frank, and I’ll see you Tuesday!


    • Debra,
      Attack of the rodents on a cable. Why are animals attracted to wires? Who knows! The inclusion of Billy Graham on that list was interesting because I hadn’t see that one before. Given the outages, cable chewers, drought, and more … whew … that’s a lot!


  9. Many great thoughts Frank. I am unhappy they put Ms. Davis in jail, now she gets to by a martyr to the cause and all the snapping dogs are wagging their tails in great joy. Their comparisons of her to Rosa Parks, Rev. King and others who were heroes in the Civil Rights movement, well lets just say I am sickened each time I see or hear one. Personally, I would have rather seen her fined, one day pay +$100 for each day she refused to do the job for which she is paid and for which she swore an oath on the Bible she holds so close to her chest. This I think would have been a much more appropriate action, more fitting. Not doing the job, should not be earning a salary from the taxpayers you refuse to serve.

    Loved the reads this week Frank, especially The Competencies and Limitations of Science, though the Quotes followed closely.


    • Val,
      I can only see three choices in the issue: resignation, fine, or jail. In terms of the fine, my question would be how does that solve the problem? Great .. she shows up for work, denies the licenses, then gets fined … and rinse and repeat the next day. But I understand your point about her martyr status. … however, that’s with a small piece of the public pie.

      In terms of her salary, let’s face it … she was elected – so the public pays until she resigns or is recalled .. .and the latter would take a while. Even if a recall vote took place, I wonder if the people of the county would recall her … let alone have enough signatures to get it on a ballot. Thanks for letting me know your appreciation of the reads.


        • Interesting how it is also being framed that she has been hauled away to jail, whereas in fact, she choose jail from the four options the judge gave her. Meanwhile, as one who is elected, I don’t think she can be fined or be withheld salary – unlike people who are hired that can be placed on unpaid administrative leave.

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  10. Lots of interesting stuff here, Frank. This week, I’m actually going to “just listen” and not add to the commentary; but I at least wanted you to know I was here and enjoyed it (as well as the readers’ comments).


  11. was always a big fan of REO Speedwagon. Little known fact, they took their name of an early-model fire engine designed by Ralph E. Olds (REO) of the Oldsmobile.

    as for ms. davis, another option is that she can be impeached.

    about her jail sentence – that was chosen by her for martydom. she could have agreed to do her job and she could have agreed to take a different position. she was jailed because she knew it would get more attention, which was her ultimate goal. in a way, she won.

    bugs rules.


  12. This political circus is just that.
    Kim Davis – UGH!

    Fave: New dating site suggests people you already know but thought you were too good for
    My combo: Pope boosts tourism by funding dating site.


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