Dance the Musical – Act 4: The Dances

The Story
Whether as a ritual, a tradition, or the sign of the times, dance is an expression that crosses many cultures. Dance is social, ceremonial, and competitive. Whether at a club, in a ballroom, on a gymnastic mat, in water, on a stage – dance is personal – dance is fun – dance is energy on display. Dance expresses and it entertains.

From the time we are babies bouncing along in someone’s arms or on a lap, dance has played a role in everyone’s life in some way. Dance: The Musical aims to capture the essence of this activity that brings DancePlaybilljoy to many.

Program (Past Posts)
Act 1: Dance
Act 2: Dancing
Act 3: Dancers

Act 4: The Dances
There are many forms of dance – the formal, the trendy, the cultural, and more. Whereas previous acts focused on different aspects of dance, Act 4 is about the dance – but not “dances”.

Although dances is in the title, dances is not the keyword for this act – actually, it should not be used. This act is about the name of a dance.

  • Song titles with a dance in the title (ballroom type or popular) (EX: Waltz is a dance, so “waltz” must be in the title
  • There are so many, the “only one song per dance” rule will be applied (EX: Once waltz is used, no more songs with waltz in the title)
  • No children songs or dances
  • Beware of 2-word dances as Square Dance. This requires both words together, thus not automatically qualifying square or dance.
  • “Dances”, on its own, is NOT acceptable, thus agitates The Producer. (EX: She Dances, Josh Grobin)

Production Note
To prevent browsers crashing from loading too many videos, please 1) include the song title and artist in your text, and 2) paste the URL as part of your last line (not a new line). The latter will provide a link, thus not embed the actual video … but I don’t mind unembedding, so apologies are not necessary.

Welcome to the closing act for Dance: The Musical. You, the audience have helped gather 112 songs in the previous 3 acts. A toast to your efforts, but now you face the greatest challenge in aFa Productions history.

Our theme is The Dances, and the guidelines are stated above in the program. Because many possibilities exist, we hope to see performers from Strauss to Chubby – from Offenbach to Lou Bega – from The Diamonds to Baauer – from Freddie and the Dreamers to Rufus Thomas.

The production team went gone back to 1989 for the opening act. Although a worldwide hit, this song and dance (the lambada) was most popular in Latin America. Some of you may not know the song or the dance, but that doesn’t mean you won’t enjoy it. Let’s hear it for Kaoma with The Lambada.


141 thoughts on “Dance the Musical – Act 4: The Dances

      • In searching for the origins of the dance name “rhumba,” I found that the correct spelling is “rumba,” (rhumba is ‘a group of rattlesnakes’) which is shorthand for Afro-Cuban rumba, a group of dances related to the rumba genre of Afro-Cuban music. The most common Afro-Cuban rumba is the guaguancó. The other Afro-Cuban rumbas are yambú and columbia. In other contexts, “rumba” refers to ballroom-rumba, one of the ballroom dances which occurs in social dance and in international competitions. In this sense, rumba is the slowest of the five competitive international Latin dances: the paso doble, the samba, the cha-cha-cha and the jive being the others.


    • Amy,
      Gangnam Style unquestionably works … but my advice to you is to not address The Producer because he doesn’t like interacting with people … and referring to him as Mr. Producer (which he would say is his dad) agitates the burrs in his shorts. Meanwhile, here’s one for you from me. Knowing that dance is in your blood, here’s Gutter Ballet (Savatage) that’s not a ballet.


  1. I wish I would have done this much earlier in the act for others to see, but this song goes out to a special blogger. She’s not only been a long-time and frequent commenter here … and frequently present at the musicals, … but she also demonstrates impeccable kindness on her own blog. Her mother passed away recently, thus she’s working her way back into a blogging routine, Sylvia – this song is from me to you – Wah Watusi (The Orlons)


  2. I’m surprised this one didn’t show, and because Cha Cha is one of my favorite ballroom dances, I had to make sure it was in this act. Many songs have a single “Cha” in the title, but I didn’t want to agitate The Producer. Here are two songs …. the first is a monster hit that’s a line dance – Cha Cha Slide (Mr. C the Slide Man) …. followed by a traditional sound for the dance Cha Cha Gabriel (Jimmy Bosch)


    • Debra,
      The Producer took a longer vacation than I did, thus just returned for his final prep to tonight’s curtain raising for the new musical … and he wondered over here for a final check to only discover something … yep … Merril used this song.

      But I’ve come through with Dancin’, Shaggin’ on the Boulevard (Alabama) … The Shag is a variation of West Coast Swing that is done in the Carolinas (hence the song).


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