Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 278

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Dance: The Musical is over with the 4 acts unofficially providing 48, 34, 30, and almost 40 songs. Many thanks to all, and I’ll post the list of songs sometime in the future. (It’s almost done.) Act 4 was a difficult theme, but the readers came through … and with so many dances available, I also provided a dance to everyone participating guest – I guess one could say that was my way of dancing with everyone.

The next theme? I haven’t made the decision. However, I anticipate another short one.

No Explore post this weekend, but a post is planned.

Did you see the picture Jamie Lee Curtis in the shower screaming while holding the picture of her mother screaming in Psycho’s shower scene? If not, see it here.

Pope Francis visiting the US is big news here. In my opinion, he’s quite the humanitarian and leads by example. To honor his visit, I’ve provided an extra set of headlines from The Onion further down this post.

Kim Davis (Clerk of Courts, Rowan County Kentucky) didn’t let me down, thus did something stupid that made the news by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I think she could play the “Clueless” card, but neither she or her legal team seems to understand that move.

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Last week I heard (with my own ears) Michael Smerconish (CNN personality and Sirius-XM radio host) use “bloviator” when referencing Donald Trump. On a similar note, The Bloviator and Pope Francis provide an interesting opportunity to compare and contrast humility.

Ben Carson (R-MD) seeks the Republican nomination for president wants to protect the US Constitution – well … unless he disagrees with it, thus being less faithful to the Constitution. Although his ridiculous statement served the purpose of raising money followed by playing the victim card, I can’t see how he could get the nomination – let alone, win the election.

17th September was Constitution Day in the US. Columnist Ruth Marcus (Washington Post) wrote this interesting piece fitting for both the day and the current Republican campaign.

As the Republican field use phrases as “war on religion” and “war on Christianity”, why am I (as a Christian) not having the sense of being on a battlefield?

With two of the original 17 in the field having recently dropped out of the race (good riddance to both)… and more are to follow suit … many voters may wonder what happens to the Super PAC money. NPR answers it here.

Before the next Republican debate happens on Oct 28th, the Democrats will start their debates on Oct 13th. To me, this means I won’t watch two debates in October.

Speaking of the debates, I enjoyed this column from Kathleen Parker (Washington Post).

To lead you into this week’s satire, The Onion discovered and published Pope Francis’ US itinerary.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Wedding guest in suspenders and bow tie unafraid to take to dance floor
Area woman’s hair always wet
Extension cord on stage steals show at campaign rally
Beautiful sunset wasted on a few schmaltzy bozos
Ethical Hunter Throws Duck He Shot Back Into Sky
First-time flasher definitely going to make sure he’s erect next time

My Combo (I’ve seen this happen): Unafraid erect flasher steals dance floor show

Special Edition Headlines about Pope Francis
Pope Leaves Detailed Instructions For Taking Care Of Holy Spirit While He Out Of Town
Pope Francis Reverses Position On Capitalism After Seeing Wide Variety Of American Oreos
House Lawmakers Brainstorming Some Good Things To Say About Poor People Before Meeting Pope Francis
Pope Francis Kills 3 Hours Milling Around Atlanta Airport During Layover To D.C.
Frustrated Republicans Argue Pope Should Leave Science To Scientists Who Deny Climate Change

Interesting Reads
Libraries and the public today
A new human relative
A hidden hero of jazz: Mary Lou Williams
Futuristic navy
For those remembering James Meredith
Linking medieval history and your DNA
(Photos) On the side of the road

Below are 3 songs to send you into the weekend: a leftover from Act 4 (one of my favorite dance songs – The Bop by Ms. Jody) and two classics. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


45 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 278

  1. Gotta love Ms. Jody’s hair! Love, love, love Spirit in the Sky! Can never say no to The Who…
    I can do you one better than your erect flasher… Had a flasher, um, “spray” my car window with, um. well, you know… Why did I not drive away, you ask? Well, my drunken, soon-to-be-married sister was attempting to remove her contact lenses without poking her eyes out (as she was also sporting new fake nails)…


  2. So much going on in the news. Of course, given all the coverage on the pope, you’d never know it. It’s exciting he’s visiting and interesting to hear about, but do they really need continuous coverage of it? But I guess that’s what the news stations like to do. They never want to risk missing something.


  3. Thank you for presenting the musicals, Frank. Not only do I enjoy searching for a song to suit each theme, but it’s always fun stumbling upon long forgotten songs and reliving the memories associated with each of them. And echoing Dale’s words, love,love,love Spirit in the Sky!


    • Joanne,
      Many thanks for the kind words. Music is so much part of our lives, and it’s always fun to stumble across a song that one hasn’t heard in a while. I’m not sure about the next musical – not sure of the theme and not sure start date. … and it’s great having your presence at the theater.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So many interesting things in this post, Frank. I will have to come back and check out more of the links, but thanks for the Jaime Lee Curtis photo–I hadn’t seen that. I never thought she looked like her mom, but she certainly does there. Also, thanks for the article about medieval history and DNA. I missed that one, too. I’ve done one of those DNA tests, and I’m now waiting for the results.
    As far as the pope–well, in this area it’s jokes about “Popeageddan.” We told my mom in Philadelphia that she can’t get sick this weekend because we won’t be able to get to her. We’re definitely staying out of the city–some of the roads have been closed or there’s no parking since earlier this week.

    Ms. Jody’s hair is amazing. She could give the Donald a lesson.

    And Dale above–wow–best story ever! (Well, in a weird disgusting way.) 😉


    • Merril,
      Popeageddan … that’s a hoot … I’ve said Popepolloza. NYC and Washington are used to things happening around visits, but Philly … whew … it’s much different for them. Good luck to your mom this weekend!

      Jamie Lee’s pic is awesome. I learned about it when I saw her recently on TV, thus had to use it. Glad to know a few articles caught your attention! Cheers to Ms. Jody!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a busy news cycle. Thanks for the Onion’s version of the pope’s schedule. I think they particularly nailed it with this one: [Pope to] Discover five minutes into congressional address that message of love and compassion not so universal.

    And John Boehner’s surprise announcement this morning. My my.


  6. I think we’re seeing far too much of the Pope and Donald Trump on our TV. Love the Jamie lee Curtis photo. 🙂 Interesting that you should include the exciting discovery of Homo Naledi, Frank. Whilst most people are really proud of the fact that it was found in South Africa, some of our ANC politicians are saying the whole story is nothing but racist. To quote one of them, “No one will dig old monkey bones to back up a theory that I was once a baboon. Sorry, I am no grandchild of any ape.” What a very blinkered view to take!


    • Sylvia,
      Pope Francis dominating the news has provided the benefit of limiting Donald Trump time. But, that will change very soon. Thanks for sharing the quote by an ANC politician. …. and I thought those people were only in the US.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Pope Francis, in his visit to the U.S. this week, explained clearly and simply why his Christianity and yours do not agree with the aggressive, “being on a battlefield,” warlike views of the GOP’s Religious Right Wing Base, which the Republican Field panders to. SHAME ON THE REPUBLICAN FIELD for pandering to such people, who, in order to gain power, would go so far as to elect to the Presidency of the United States, a ridiculous and dangerous bloviator like Donald Trump. THANKFULLY your prediction that Donald Trump would soon blow himself up with his own BLOVIATIONS, appears to be happening. That said, MANY THANKS for the read “A hidden hero of jazz: Mary Lou Williams,” who’s artistry I need to explore.


    • Tim,
      Listening to those candidates proclaiming a “war on religion” causes me to shake my head – and cross names from the “will get me vote” list. I had you in mind when I selected teh Mary Lou Williams article. Enjoy.


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