On Fall Break 2015

Over the past few weeks, I have struggled with visiting other blogs and my own writing. Experience tells me that’s a sign of needing a blog break. Besides, I normally take one in the September-October time frame. So, the stars are aligning for me to take a blog break, thus I’m hitting the Pause button.

Most of my blog-break time will be Level 1 – Total Abstinence – however, I will creep a bit of Level 2 as I hope to write a little during that time. (For those needing more information about the levels of blogging breaks, click here.) To help separate myself during the break, I’m turning off my notifications. Meanwhile, my comments are On because I will be phasing myself into break oblivion.

Regular series as Monday Morning Entertainment and Satire Bits gave me a chance to share bits from my personal life, which many seemed genuinely interested. Now that those series are no more, so is my personal sharing – so going into the break is a good time for an update.

After my year off, I didn’t return to the handbell choir, but my wife still plays. They recently played this version the Led Zeppelin classic – Stairway to Heaven. (Consider playing it as your background music while reading).

My golf game started the season with a bang, but then I hit a 6-8 week spell of what I described as my worst golf in 30 years. However, I righted the ship.

For those who miss my list of monthly, weekly, and daily celebrations, I promised to provide my main sources – and here are the top 2 – this one and that one.

Embed from Getty Images

Ballroom remains part of our life. You may recall that I doing a tango routine for a showcase event at a private studio. It’s not with my wife, but she approves of my partner. It’s been an interesting experience, but because of the time commitment, I’m not sure if I would do this again. Nonetheless, here’s the song – which is a tad fast, so we slowed it down.

I continue volunteering with ballroom dance for those with Down Syndrome and other disabilities. It’s a very rewarding experience, and I try to attend most of the weekly events. Unfortunately, this year I’m going to miss their competition, the event started my interest. (Remember this post?)

I recently started serving as a volunteer in an English Second Language (ESL) program for adults. It’s off to a good start. Regardless of their individual reasons for being in the US, each of them wants to improve their proficiency in English.

However, our season of ushering at plays is underway. We recently saw The Secret Garden, and young artist (Caitlin Cohn) in the lead role impressed both of us. We are curious to see how far she climbs on the ladder to stardom.

I’m a Christian who believes in Interfaith dialogue and efforts – both within Christianity AND between different religions. The Friday’s Interfaith ceremony at the 9-11 Memorial in NYC was very moving!

My initial plan is to stay away 3-5 weeks, but time will tell. I encourage you to visit bloggers you may not know -the good people listed on my Sidebar and those on the Blogroll page – especially the New Acquaintances section. Regarding all bloggers listed today, I hope to reorganize them in the future.

To lead you into my break, here are several videos for you to enjoy. Take your pick – a singing two-year old, a singing comic, today’s comics doing their version of a classic routine, or a major hit from many years ago that still sounds great today.

Wishing you all the best and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

113 thoughts on “On Fall Break 2015

  1. Enjoy your break, Frank. Wow, you’re a busy guy. I can’t even keep up with all your posts. It’s always a tough balance. Don’t worry, the blogosphere isn’t going anywhere. Have fun and relax.


  2. Enjoy your Blog Break Frank I completely understand, I’ve been bouncing around between three and four for quite a few weeks now, summer is just so busy for me, canning and all. Plus, it seems, if all the paperwork checks go well, middle child will be leaving for South Korea in a few weeks to teach ESL also. So I am trying to wrap my head around that one, oh how I will miss her, and the blogging posts she gives me, lol. Enjoy your rest Frank.


  3. Hi Frank! The handbells playing Stairway to Heaven was beautiful! Sounds like you’ve been very busy with quite an eclectic personal life! I think it’s great that you are part of the ESL program. My son is going to El Salvador to teach English to orphaned children for a week when school lets out. I know it will be a life-changing experience for him. I hope you have a great break even though you will be missed! See you when you return – and don’t be a stranger in my little corner of the sphere, okay?! 🙂


  4. Your volunteer work moves me Frank. We are in the Texas Hill Country this weekend interring my eldest sister Candy who was Downs and lived a very long time. She was a joyous spirit and brought all of us a reminder of unfettered love.

    Enjoy your break and thank you for the wonderful videos.

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  5. Enjoy your break, Frank. I dropped the ball on our collaboration, but have resolved to get that done during your break. With fall here and my art show commitments over, I have more time for creative endeavors, so be looking for an email from me. All the best! Cathy


  6. Have a great break, Frank!

    I loved the Fallon bit. Many years ago in my acting days, I did the “Who’s on First” skit. (Mine was the Jimmy Fallon part). It was one of the hardest bits I’ve ever done — partly because it is all in the timing, and partly because everybody knows it, and is trying to figure out how you’re going to make it my own. Ours was an OK version, I think. But it made me realize that the old guys were the masters. Even these guys — some of the funniest in our time — weren’t as good as the old guys. Abbott & Costello were brilliant.


  7. I had actually noticed a perceived drop in enthusiasm around your blogosphere interactions lately, as if it was starting to become a bit of a chore. Enjoy your break, and your many other life pursuits!


    • Alisha,
      Yep … I simply haven’t been able to get around as much as I like – and that’s in the equation leading to the break. Then again, I usually take one this time of year. Thanks for the kind words and for your kindness.


  8. Frank, Happy Holidays, bon voyage!
    ah… Long Cool Woman…. Cool! Think I’ll wear a black dress tonight!
    All the videos were fun.
    Stairway To Heaven with bells… interesting!
    The best, though is your tango music by Martynas, amazing & have the best & most fun dance!
    🙂 🙂


  9. Frank, you have so much going on, it amazes me that you fit in as much time for blogging as you do. Plus, your comments are often priceless. I completely understand your need to take a break. Hey, I’ve been on an extended one since May, I’m on such overload. I wish you a hole-in-one on your hiatus and take a break from your break to share that tale, should it happen!


  10. You deserve a break–enjoy. I stumble into breaks without really planning them–your way sounds so much better. Thanks as usual for the videos, especially “Who’s on First?” Delightful! When you wander back to posting, it will be like Christmas morning for us–but the anticipation is fun too. Be good to yourself!


    • Patti,
      For me, I find planned breaks better. Of course, the unexpected emergency breaks understandably happen. Nonetheless, I’m one who believes in announcing the break so those who care don’t worry if something happened. Glad you enjoyed this unique version of “Who’s on First?” …. and many thanks for the kind words.


  11. You do realize of course that you are going to be missed, don’t you?! But you also know we agree on blogging breaks. I may be taking one as well [at least for next week].
    It’s been a long time since you added a handbell link and it was really nice listening while reading. Enjoy your break, my dear friend and …get back refreshed and happier! 🙂


    • Marina,
      I haven’t added many handbell links because I’m not as familiar with the tunes as I was when I played. But who knows, maybe I can get some ideas. Nonetheless, glad you enjoyed the rock classic on handbells.

      Many thanks for the kind words. I’m humbled by the small but special band of loyal readers here – and the special relationships that have developed.

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  12. Oh dear Frank!
    You are a busy bee.
    BTW – Once upon a time – I used to work at a community college – as an (ABE/GED)/ESL Testing Coordinator. I liked meeting all sorts of people from different parts of the world. Before that – I took on a part -time job – last min request to take on a beginning ESL class. I had a blast.


  13. Your Level 1 blogging break (with some creep into Level 2) is well-deserved and no-doubt will reap many benefits. I look forward to a full report on the nature of your gained insights, and to which ends of the earth you went to find them.

    BRAVOS for volunteering with ballroom dance for those with Down Syndrome and other disabilities, and for the English Second Language (ESL) program for adults. Pope Francis would highly approve.

    I really enjoyed the recording of “Stairway To Heaven,” although I can hear a bass guitar and drum set fitting well with the handbells in Ron Mallory’s arrangement.

    Glad to hear that after you secretly and foolishly worked for 6-8 weeks this year to add to your game what I’ve been telling you it would take for you to become a 5-7 handicapper, that you regained your senses (“But I coulda been a contenda!”) and returned to the “See the ball, Hit the ball” formula that got you to your PREORDAINED 10-12 handicap lot-in-life.

    P.S. The BGSU campus was awesome! So was the Falcons beating the Purdue Boilermakers!!!

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  14. i can remember many spring/summer/fall stretches during which my putting was nothing but 20-footers hitting the back of the cup and tee shots hitting the back of a cart on a parallel fairway. then the next week would be pitches that land and stick within a foot of the cup and fairway woods that land and stick within the middle of a sandtrap. easy come, easy go, and that ain’t just a bobby sherman song.


  15. I absolutely loved you playing the handbells, but I’m still happy you are ball room dancing. Recently, I had to cut back on what I was working on because it wouldn’t allow me to focus on the things I really needed to. Oh and by the way, I’m sure your golf game is amazing :).

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  16. For a guy taking a break, you still managed to reply to every single person who commented! Cracking me up …

    I’m right there with you, Frank. I took a somewhat unexpected and involuntary break last week and was completely detached from WiFi, to boot (out to sea for my brother’s destination wedding). And it was very good to get that break. I love writing, but life does seem top heavy right now. I hope when and if it becomes necessary (which it very well may), I will have the courage to make the choice you have and step back for a bit.

    Enjoy every moment! See you in a while.


    • Erik,
      Oh yes … still in the phasing out stage as I’ve been replying. Not visiting much and will stop commenting soon. “Blogging breaks are good” is a worthy mantra, Although I will stay away from my little corner of the world, I’m hoping to make some writing time … on the other hand, my focus is on being away … and then when I return, I will probably phase in by starting with some visits before posting.

      Congratulations to our brother on his wedding. Sounds like a destination wedding on a cruise ship. Great idea, so I hope all went well.


    • Kim,
      Many thanks for the kind wishes. I tend to plan my blog breaks … well, at least semi-plan because there are times that can fall upon one that demands a break. In this case, it’s simply my fall blog break.


  17. You have many really engaging interests, Frank, and I don’t know how you do it all and still maintain such a dedicated schedule of writing and posting. I think you’ve definitely earned a solid break, and although you’ll be missed, I like the idea! I hope you feel the benefit. 🙂


  18. Enjoy your break, Frank. You will be missed. Come back well rested and full of pithy things to share. (Love your “life after retirement” list–it gave WW and me some ideas to pursue.) All the best.


  19. I searched for you today, as I have just replaced my old computer, and with emails flying hither and yon during the change-over, thought I had somehow “blocked” your new post announcements….By now you will be well into your blogging break and I would like to wish you many happy days, away from your computer, enjoying the “real world”. And looking on the bright side, this will give me an opportunity to catch up on some of your previous posts! Best wishes to you, Frank. 🙂


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