On Updating a Return

Hooray … I’m happy to say the motion reaction is done as this may have been the best step-down process I’ve had. We returned last Friday, therefore Sunday and Monday were the most critical days. By the time I posted, I was on the homestretch of recovery. Thanks again for all the best wishes.

Since returning from the trip, besides the medical issue, I’ve been keeping busy. Instead of immediately returning to my normal posting routine, I hope to ease into the flow with some posts about the trip. I’ve got one ready for tomorrow.

While driving to the grocery store yesterday, I was listening to the Coffeehouse station on Sirius-XM (Channel 14) … and this song (that I’ve never heard) caught my attention. It was perfect because I loved Barcelona! Please enjoy this song by George Ezra along with the images of a city that captured my heart in many ways. In time, maybe I’ll do my own video to this song.

Stop by tomorrow for my celebration of Walktober. Have a good weekend.

53 thoughts on “On Updating a Return

  1. I immediately had to listen to the song, because I got hooked on George Ezra’s Budapest the first time I heard it, even though I’ve never been there. So I wonder if he’s covers all major European cities in his songs.


    • Carrie,
      I can honestly saw I don’t believe I knew him before, but I possibly have heard some of his songs without knowing the artist. Thanks for the recommendation! … none the less, this song was a perfect time for me.

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  2. Glad you are much better Frank. It is terrible about the medicine but at least you are able to enjoy the cruises. It is years since I’ve been in Barcelona…I’m sure I probably wouldn’t recognize lots of the city.


  3. Nice! I really enjoyed the music. George Ezra isn’t a familiar artist, and I am always interested in a new introduction! I look forward to hearing more about your trip!


  4. Great pictures, Frank. Exotic places and different cultures, I submit, have an enduring appeal. I am invariably reminded of the old song popularized by The Duprees. (My favorite version is the one by Jo Stafford: https://youtu.be/zQfF84ackMM )


    See the pyramids along the Nile
    Watch the sun rise on a tropic isle
    Just remember, darling, all the while
    You belong to me.

    See the marketplace in old Algiers
    Send me photographs and souvenirs
    But remember when a dream appears
    You belong to me.

    Ill be so alone without you
    Maybe youll be lonesome too—and blue
    Fly the ocean in a silver plane
    Watch the jungle when its wet with rain
    Just remember till youre home again
    You belong to me


  5. Love George Ezra (they play him on CBC R2 regularly) I used to love Coffeehouse on Sirius (sigh… my free 6 months is up and there ain’t no way I’m paying for music in my car!) Actually, there is a Coffeehouse station on Slacker, which we listen to on our computers, iPads, etc…
    Glad you’re feeling better!


  6. Chair dancin’ (still careful as my back is healing very slowly) while listening to the great video.
    Isn’t it grand when you begin to feel better. The haze lifts and we see everything crystal clear and bright. Enjoyed this vignette of your trip.
    Isadora 😎


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