On Malaga

Welcome to Malaga, Spain!
Malaga View Dock

Malaga (MA la ga) is a popular stop for cruise ships. After all, it’s the capital of the Costa del Sol and the port taking travelers inland to Granada and its famed La Alhambra. This city of over 500,000 residents has much to offer because it’s cosmopolitan – thus fusing the new with the old.

Malaga a resort city with nearby resort towns.

Atop a hill, the Alcazaba is a sign for Malaga’s past ties to the Moors …

While being just below a protective fortress (Castle of Gibralfaro), Alcazaba overlooks an older structure from Roman times.

The Old City is right there with the newer parts of the city in the distance and on the other side of the hill.

Predictably, a grand cathedral towers over the Old City.


We loved the other sights as we walked the narrow streets.

Yes – Malaga was a good port on its own – and to think I was going to cover Malaga with a handful of images in the next catch-all post.

77 thoughts on “On Malaga

    • Marina,
      Oh yes … once I was picking the small collection of Malaga for the catch-all post, it turned into a “No way!” … Glad you enjoyed these – such of which were from my view and others from my wife’s.


    • George,
      Interestingly, (not sure if it’s true in this case), but once the Moors were out, the mosques were torn down, then a grand cathedral built on the same location. … But I can say this, we saw nothing but impressive main cathedrals!

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  1. Beautiful photos, Frank! I think Malaga is a little north of Marbella, where I was. I remember seeing many huge yachts in the area and beautiful flowers everywhere. Thank you for sharing your trip here!


  2. Lovely Frank. I had an Aunt and Uncle who kept a condo there during the 80’s and 90’s, so was able to visit a couple of times during my travels. It is a beautiful place. I would love to go back some day and simply soak it all in again.


    • Debra,
      An essence of California … Malaga (as a whole) was cosmopolitan … the wonderful park was actually a large median in the middle of the main drag along water … many modern buildings too .. then the moors, a castle, Roman ruins, and the old city make it seem like a different place.


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  4. Spain I have been to but not Malaga.. wonderful place to visit.. and I see like us when abroad we head for the architecture and Cathedrals and church’s I have a suit case full of old memories in photo’s 🙂


  5. Just beautiful, Frank. Now I can see why my friend’s parents return to Spain year after year! They started with a two-week stay, then upped to a one-month and now are basically like snowbirds and go for 2-3 months at a time!


  6. You took some lovely photos of Malaga. Looks like you had a nice sunny day. We stopped there once on a cruise, but on a day that mostly rained so we didn’t see a lot. We walked around town when the rain stopped for a bit and ran into the rosemary ladies. They try to get you to take a sprig of rosemary and if you take it either they will demand money or when you get close enough to take it they pick your pocket. Having been forewarned of this scam we refused the rosemary and made sure to stay out of their reach so we emerged unscathed.


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