Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 282

Much on my current plate has limited my blogging time – thus I’m way behind on my visits. Thanksgiving travels, a paint brush, having contractors in the home, and normal routines serve as another example of life getting in the way of blogging.

Sky: The Musical – Act 3 (about 24 songs) is complete, therefore only two acts to go. Act 4 features songs with Moon/Moons in the title. As with previous acts, no compound words or other forms of moon. Curtain time is Tuesday, December 8th at 9:30 pm (Eastern US). Acts 5 information is on the Hear Ye page, along with another important announcement.

Plans are still moving ahead for another Holiday party, save the date – Saturday December 19th – and surprise gift bags will be available! The past 2 years I’ve used store at The Onion, so it’s time for a change – but I will remain mum on the store. Meanwhile, tell your friends about the holiday party as everyone is welcome – besides, tell them I’m a wonderful host.

Because of knowing it would put me further behind, no Explore post this weekend.

The first week of December is always difficult. Back-to-back days are anniversaries (different years) of the passing of a very good friend and my mother-in-law.

This week I received an email with “horny area girl” in the subject line – but I wonder if only people in my area received this message. Did any of you get this email?

The mass shooting in California delivers another black eye to the USA. Republicans deplore the tragedy and issue “thoughts and prayers” to the families, yet continue to do nothing in Congress about gun violence. Just another example of one’s actions – not one’s words – demonstrates the truest value.

I’m sure President Obama is unhappy with the lack of legislation by Congress regarding guns. Nonetheless, he accepts the fact that nothing will probably come forth. On the other hand, Congressional Republicans continue to legislate attempts to unravel the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare), even though they know President Obama will veto the legislation, plus the votes probably don’t exist to override the veto.

In this lengthy presidential campaign season, I (unlike others) haven’t worried about the possibility of Ben Carson (R-Md) getting the Republican nomination – and the more he talks, the more he secures my initial thoughts. His latest analogy relating the money spent on Halloween candy to money being spent on Syrian refugees is a head-scratching comment in several ways. To learn more about the comment, here’s the transcript from the interview.

For the upcoming debate, Donald Trump (R-NY) asked CNN to pay him (in the form of a donation to a charity) for appearing in the debate – thus has threatened not to appear if the network doesn’t comply. We’ll learn more about this on December 15th (debate night). For those worrying about him leading the polls, let’s not forget that 30% of Republicans represents about 7% of voters.

For those wondering why I’m not watching the debates, the reasons are simple:

  • The nomination involves the party faithful making a decision
  • I won’t be voting in the Ohio primary (that is, in neither party)
  • I have plenty of time to make an informed decision
  • Watching is a waste of my time as I would rather be blogging

Have you seen Spectre, the latest Bond film? To lead you into The Onion, here is their movie review.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Environmental Protection Agency urges nation to get new air source
Woman confusingly tells area man she is not interested in him
Allergies prevent man from enjoying dust
Middle-age woman tired of going back and forth between divorced parents’ nursing homes
Ohio replaces lethal injection with new head-ripping-off machine
Prostitute accepts better-paying sexual position

Interesting Reads
Connected learning impacting education
How dogs make friends for humans
After the antibiotics era
30 great one-liners by US Presidents
Six graphics explaining climate change
(Photos) Haunting images of Central Park

A 2-fer is here to send you into the weekend – a leftover from Act 3 and a classic. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


76 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 282

  1. I was so unbelievably saddened by yet another mass shooting. I will never understand why something is not done. Talk is cheap.
    Have a great week-end, Monsieur Frank!


  2. Trump wants CNN to pay him 5 million dollars which he’ll then donate to veterans. Why doesn’t he just donate his own money? After all, we’ve heard how many billions of dollars he has. Over and over again.


  3. I have my party dress and dancing shoes shiny for the party. I know we’re going to have FUN !!!
    Holidays are usually busy. It’s unrealistic to expect people to visit your blog. Life happens !!!
    Enjoy what you’re up to and get ready for the party. Woo – Hoo There’s a party going on.
    Lionel Richie – All Night Long (All Night) https://youtu.be/nqAvFx3NxUM/
    Merry Merry ….
    Isadora 🎄😎🎄


  4. San Bernardino is only about 30 minutes from where I work and I’ve been pretty sober since yesterday’s shooting. I feel a little overwhelmed by the many layers of information that came tonight today as it’s a lot to absorb. Very sad, and I’m very sure we’re going to see more of these incidents. It’s interesting to me that the Presidential candidates from both parties don’t seize the opportunity to present a non-partisan coming together to discuss the growing threat of terrorism (without all the wild posturing) and show that their first concerns is American safety–winning an election isn’t as important as unifying this country around one very huge threat.. I have no real thought this will ever happen, but yesterday’s shootings should be raising all sorts of alarms and maybe some of the political rhetoric cold just be toned down a bit? Ah well. Meanwhile, I hear what you’re saying about the first week in December having very personal anniversary memories, and it’s a hard time of year for those remembrances, too. I do hope you have a good weekend and perhaps we all need to hit our re-set buttons. I know I do! 🙂

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    • Debra,
      Given your proximity to the situation, an extra-special thanks for sharing. Events like rattle all our bones, but when it is nearby, whew … that hits home. It’s sad to say, but lone-wolf terrorism is the thing – but how to stop it is an tough question. In terms of the politicians coming together to discuss what’s best for the country is a – sadly so – a long shot. Elected officials are party-first people who protect their selfishness – thus the country is further down the priority list.

      Thanks for the thoughts about the December anniversaries. My MIL’s date is easy, so it helps me remember the other one – which is a good thing.


  5. This is a busy time of year for many people. Sorry to hear about your memorial anniversaries this month.
    I don’t even know how to comment on the MOST RECENT shootings–and how common they’ve become. My big fear now is that anti-Muslim sentiments–and actions–will increase. I’ve already seen a couple of comments on FB.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Frank, despite everything. I like Debra’s comment about hitting a “re-set button.”

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  6. Ben Carson never worried me. The Bloviator has me panicked despite your assurances that he will go away.

    Glad to see you’re getting on board with “Six graphics explaining climate change.”

    Ted Cruz was quoted as saying that France’s tough guns laws allowed the Paris shootings to happen. I’m hearing the same thing about California’s gun laws.


    • Tim,
      Who says I was never on board regarding climate change? Then again, just because I linked this article doesn’t mean that I am. Meanwhile, I continue to say that the best thing for the Republican party is to nominate Ted Cruz. Meanwhile, see the link Marina left me in a comment.


      • Many thanks to you and commenter Marina for the link to Chick Corea’s original composition, “Past, Present And Futures.” It calmed down my panic attack over Donald Trump’s 36 percent in yesterday’s CNN/ORC poll, along with the frustration from what my 90 yesterday at The Vineyard GC could have been if I hadn’t missing 8 putts under 5 ft. I plan to buy “The Chick Corea New Trio” album ASAP.

        I admit to being baffled as to why you think the best thing for the Republican party is to nominate Ted Cruz?

        Also, I apologize for my choice of words implying that you were supporting the present political solutions to climate change. You being a man of science, and a moderate, I understand that you’re trying to evaluate the data, along with the purveyors of the data, before extending support to a way forward.


  7. The inaction of our government on these shooting defies all forms of logic. It’s staggering how pathetic this is but then greed and politics have ways been tba deciding votes, haven’t they.
    Trump continuing to lead is also Puzzling. It seems like he can say or do anything and people follow like lemmings.


    • George,
      Trumpapoluzza is quite interesting. Let’s see … He says want many think … and even if it is incorrect, they cheer and give him a pass. Meanwhile, I still don’t think he’ll get the nomination, and I question if he is electable. Nonetheless, I will be saying this in the next edition, but as Republicans keep saying the shootings are a sign of mental illness issues, I ask this important question: What legislation have you passed to address mental illness?


      • I think evenTrump is surprised by this. He got into it to stroke his ego, thought he’d get some publicity in the process and is probably as surprised as the rest of the country that he’s not only still in it but leading comfortably. I don’t think he’ll get nominated or elected either but it’s hard to measure the pulse of the country these days. I never thought he’d be here and yet….


  8. “After the Antibiotics Era” was interesting. Resistance of common bacteria to all antibiotics is accelerating because of lax discipline in their use. I see a parallel here with the problem of climate change. In each case the future is quite clear. Each problem is scientifically well understood and each could be effectively addressed by legislation and public management. (in the case of antibiotics, a not-for-profit health system.) But each will likely not be because the dangers are not presently hurting enough to get the public’s full attention.

    What most people don’t properly comprehend, I submit, is the time scale over which things happen. Our species were hunter-gatherers in small tribes for 190,000 years and because of the invention of agriculture have been living in large groups (cities) for only 10,000 years or so, or 5% of that time. Grouping in large numbers is why disease was rampant in the last two millennia. (In Abe Lincoln’s time, drinking water for the White House was carried from the Potomac river which was full of sewage from troops camped near it.)

    Antibiotics have only been around for a half century, so it should not be surprising that the magic bullets are not enduring panaceas. The habit of saying “Bless you” after a sneeze arose for a good reason – the sneeze often preceded serious illness or death. And, by the way, we are currently in the sixth extinction of life on Earth, the only one human-caused.

    I personally won’t be around for the denouement but I fear for my grandkids and their descendents.


    • Jim,
      The antibiotics issue is an interesting one and broader than people imagine. This one (sadly) makes me laugh. Of course the very people who will complain the most and wonder way science and the Feds aren’t addressing the problem also don’t believe in evolution.


  9. Yes the guns issue does need serious contemplation. Love the songs “heavy clouds no rain” though we had very little rain this summer. But now it’s more than making up in Southern India with devastation.

    Always enjoy your posts Frank. 😀


    • Dilip,
      For the perspective in this country, members of one party don’t see it as a gun issue … heck, some even blame French gun laws for the Paris incident … On a happier note, glad you enjoyed the Sting song … and good to hear from you! All well?


  10. I’d seen that article on antibiotics resistance. My old boss from the WHO is working on this issue, and I’ve spoken about it with him a bit. Scary stuff. Which scientific calamity will wipe us out first, climate change or bacteria? You responded to Jim above that the very people who deny science will be the first to complain. Yup. You nailed that one, Frank!

    And yes, dogs do make friends for their moms and dads.


  11. Stunned by the Shooting in San Bernardino!
    On a happier note, I enjoyed the presidential on-liners. Thank you, Frank! Have a lovely weekend & I’m looking forward to Act 4!


  12. Allergies prevent man from lethal injection. No, I have not received an e-mail like the one described. Clearly it is bogus given the lack of probability if one is horny one is near.(Murphy’s law of horny women is that they are all someplace else where you are not. Looking forward to the 19th


  13. Well hello Frank 🙂 It’s been awhile, but I’ve tried to check in from time to time. Still love the blog. I’m beginning to crank mine back up, although slightly different. I’ll make a point to reconnect with you on facebook as well.


    • Mr. Valentine!!!! … Oh my … great to see you, Tim. Thanks for checking in and giving me the heads up … and hope reconnect (but I’m not on FB very often). Meanwhile, how’s the family … kids through the letter Z yet? 😉 …. but I know you didn’t start at A.

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      • lol no just three boys (we do have a Z, but that’s our middle son.) we moved to the atlanta area and absolutely not remotely trying to have anymore kids. 🙂


      • LOL It’s 3 boys now. Life has been ridiculously busy as you can see. I’m just now responding to your comment two years later lol 😀 I have three sons, couldn’t come up with a Y name, so my oldest begins with X, my middle son Z and last son is D. I swear I don’t want anymore.


        • LOL Well… My wife wasn’t going for it. I wanted to name the last one, but she said I got to name the first two so she decided on Devin. He’s 4 now.


        • BTW – I’m reviving the blog. I’m also on Medium (www.medium.com/@tavalentine) as well. Although I really have some thoughts politically, I won’t be writing about any of it. You’ll see more tech, social media related and some relationship posts for the most part.

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        • Great. Political commentary seems to be a lost cause because neither sides listens and is only interested in winner take all. Looking forward to you writing again.


  14. Please forgive me for not opining, Frank. I think your community is a strange and wonderful blog site, and I find myself quite at odds with the points of view, and the taste in music and video. Does this make me a dinosaur? Maybe. But it’s why I am not comfortable commenting very often. I hope you understand. I still check in, to see what’s going on!


  15. Great to be back and catching up with you, Frank. LOVE the Sting song; did I ever tell you that I met him in the Madrid airport when he was on the Synchronicity tour? Gorgeous man, moody but fascinating. I have a photo of my hubby talking to him 🙂 Looking forward to contributing to the “moon” song act.


  16. Late (as usual) but I am so glad I got here if for no other reason than the reads this time. I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. Oh okay I can. The quotes were great! The pictures of Central Park, loved those! Connected Learning, this one was great and the additional link was really interesting.

    As for the debates, I watch them and then simply shake my head. I can’t help myself Frank, I am a glutton.


  17. I haven’t done a post for a month, and barely visited any blogs in that time either. I think I’m going to at least do any update post this week. Nice little round up here Frank. I’m busy all day on the 19th, I’m helping out at a wedding, from the early morning set-up till the last guest leaves at the end of the night, so I don’t think I’ll have a chance to stop by at your party unfortunately! I’m likely to be exhausted at the end of the day and just want to go to bed. If I find myself with a spare moment during the day I’ll see if I can sneakily visit on my phone.

    Where you have a link to the movie review of Spectre (which yes I have seen) from the Onion in this post, I didn’t see there was a link to the review there, I just looked below where you had the headlines from the Onion and thought that was the movie review! I read it through several times, thinking – hmm, I’m just not getting this! Silly me!


    • Vanessa,
      You checking in made me smile! As for the holiday party, sounds like you have a full day ahead of you. If all goes as plan, the gift bags will be available during your early morning … there’s always Sunday, but some of the best gifts may be taken.

      Thanks for the info on my Spectre link. It was there, but small … so I made it longer .. but it with the statement, (not in the list of Onion headlines). So what did you think of the movie? I will be interested to see how your thoughts align with those of The Onion.

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  18. Like you, Dec is always bitter sweet. Still, lots to do.
    If honest people want to pray – and the victims asked for it, I don’t have a problem with it. Nor will criticize them – people have to do what works for them. Respect and tolerance for all beliefs. Personally I was taught God set things in motion, gave all that could possibly be needed and expected people to use their brains to solve problems – so don’t be bothering him about passing tests or winning a football games.
    It is against the law to kill people, yet they did. Rather befuddling, criminals are. Killing and murder are against the law in Paris, in the US, in Chicago, and many places – but not everywhere, I guess. People are a real puzzle. Beats me.
    Sure hope someone finds a way to pull the country together.
    Interesting article on antibiotics. And real laughs with the one liners ( and we all need some laughs right now)
    Will try to make it by for Act 4. Ought to be a winning performance!
    Have a smile filled week, Frank!


  19. Mouse,
    I don’t criticize people for their thoughts and prayers .. besides, I’m a very respectful and tolerant of people as a whole. However, with every violent act that becomes a national headline, many Republicans using thoughts and prayers while continually side-stepping addressing the issue. Legislators have the brains and the power to lead a change, they chose to do nothing. They say the focus should be on mental illness (over gun control), yet they don’t address mental illness …. I simply expect more than thoughts and prayers from members of Capitol Hill. … Meanwhile, see you at the musical.


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