Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 284

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I hate it when life gets in the way of blogging – hence why my posts are less frequent, and my visits elsewhere have been horrible.

Sky: The Musical is over – and participants have come through in flying colors. A tip of the cap to all who took us on a 5-act musical journey across the sky and clouds to the sun, moon stars.

No Explore post this weekend because the my 2016 Holiday Blog Party is the entire weekend. Start time is 1:30 AM (Eastern US), thus the gifts will be available for the European morning and even the late-night Friday crowd on the US west coast. Because of my lack of presence over the past few weeks, I’m expecting a smaller crowd than normal. 😦 … nonetheless, I will enjoy the company! Bring your friends.

Bomb threats at schools have recently made the news – which reminded me of a Darwin Award candidate. It was probably in the 1980s, a person called the principal during school hours to issue a bomb threat. The principal asked the caller, “Who is this?” … and the caller gave his name – yes, a current student.

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Prior to the last debate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) reminded everyone that one of the commonalities all the GOP candidates have in common is that none of them are Socialists. Former Governor Mike Huckabee (R-AR) also made the point during the debate. Even though all the candidates want to overturn the Affordable Care Act, none of them are against defunding public education, public schools, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Unemployment Insurance, and other programs grounded in Socialism.

Here are various fact checks regarding the most-recent Republican debate: Annenberg, PolitiFacts, Associated Press, Washington Post, Politico

A reminder for the Democrats who may have a burr in their shorts about Donald Trump (R-NY). The Republican nomination process requires 1,236 delegate votes to win the nomination – and at this point, all candidates have zero candidates … plus the process involves proportional allocation.

For those wondering about a brokered Republican convention, it’s possible – but today is also too early in the process. However, it that happens, remember this name – Mitt Romney.

The next Democratic debate is this Saturday night on ABC … and I won’t be watching.

To lead you into a bit of satire, here’s The Onion’s review of the latest Star Wars movie.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)

  • Guy Wearing Chewbacca Costume Torn Between Seeing ‘Star Wars’ And ‘The Big Short’
  • Legendary Paparazzo Gets Star On Roof Across From Hollywood Walk Of Fame
  • Geneticists Debate Ethics Of Cloning Humans And Forcing Them To Fight To Death In Pit For Our Amusement
  • Victoria’s Secret Introduces 3-Inch Patch Of Satin To Place Anywhere On Body
  • Study Finds Majority Of Accidental Heroin Overdoses Could Be Prevented With Less Heroin
  • Odorite Introduces New Three-Tier Urinal Cake

Interesting Reads
Guns and race in America
A story involving the history of passports
The strange science of self
The mystery of the saxophone opening to Baker Street (by Gerry Raferty)
Art challenging perceptions
Royal Society Photo Award winners

Here are multiple tunes to send you into the weekend. The first is a leftover from Act 5 that is also a shout-out to Cynthia because I think she’ll enjoy the song, the singer, and the video. The second is also a leftover that I enjoy. The last song title serves as a bit of advise for those dealing with the holiday crazies. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch … and I hope to see you at the party this weekend!

40 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 284

  1. I watched a good chunk of the debate. Just enough to watch Trump and Bush have a pissing contest. It was like watching school boys, only far more uncomfortable.

    I’ll be going on a blog break tomorrow, so have a wonderful holiday, Frank!


  2. Why do I open your posts late at night when I need to go to bed, Frank????? I listened to Diana Krall and it was so wonderful — you posted another of her pieces way back and I forgot to note who it was. She is now in my Pandora list. Lovely, lovely singer!

    I will have to revisit!



  3. That bomb threat call is funny – well, not really funny because bomb threats aren’t funny, but you know! Reminded me of a bungled robbery I read about a while back – a guy went into a bank and handed a note over to the girl at the desk, his handwriting was so bad it took her ages to decipher it (in my mind there’s a funny “And what’s this word?” scene happening), finally she understood that he was demanding money. She told him that she didn’t have access to the large amount of money he wanted, and the manager was out. The robber then told her to get the manager there in 10 minutes, when he “would be back.” – Yep, that’s right, he left and came back 10 minutes later to find the police waiting for him!


  4. I always wondered what the origin was of the sax solo which opens Dave Ramsey’s radio financial show? I appreciate, by the way, Dave’s sound financial advice which includes the theory that “you can’t borrow your way out of debt.”

    The fact “that the Republican nomination process requires 1,236 delegate votes to win the nomination – and at this point, all candidates have zero candidates … plus the process involves proportional allocation,” failed to remove the burr from my shorts. Meanwhile, concerning Mitt Romney, you can be sure that the cast and writers at SNL are drooling at the thought of the GOP bringing back Mr. Etch A Sketch.

    I stopped reading today’s Onions after the first one because I’m so upset that Jar Jar Binks isn’t included in the new Star Wars movie.


  5. Wearing a new party dress AND dancing shoes , aFa. Missy Lovely D. and I have been practicing a special song and dance number…she’s leading, of course, and….her dress has more spangles, glitters, beads and bobs than mine…but when you’re good and we are good…one must flaunt and flounce! We are absolutely stunning to behold!!! See you tomorrow!
    All smiles, Raye


  6. The way youbdiscribed the sky is how I felt a few weeks ago when I faced my fear and a flight to Florida. I haven’t found the words to express that wondrful experience I denied myself for years.

    About Starwars. I saw it in the movies, well actually I went to sleep during the credits. I slept because I was pregnant and my daughter was born in 1979. I’ve heard people remembering it in 1977, 1978 I even hear 1980. I guess I should Google it to know for sure. Either way I never saw it. For some reason I always fall asleep when it starts.


  7. Frank: ‘Study Finds Majority Of Accidental Heroin Overdoses Could Be Prevented With Less Heroin’…research nowadays! I wonder if there was a team behind this? They’ll be telling us that the rain is wet next! 😉
    It’s a busy time at the moment… no worries!


  8. Good to see you, Frank. I’m battling to keep up too, with leaving for England on Sunday. I haven’t started packing yet. 😕 Love anything Dianna Krall, and that Eagles track is one of my favourites. Have a great weekend.


  9. “G’day Mr Frank”. Long time no see. It’s been a most challenging year and good to see you are still blogging your heart out and sharing the most interesting and informative links on the net. I hope you have a most merry Christmas and an even more merry New year. 🙂


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