Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 287

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A major snow storm is forming in the central US and aiming at the major cities on the eastern seaboard. It appears (at the publish time) the brunt of the storm will pass to the south of Cincinnati … but that could change. Good luck to everyone affected.

We saw the movie Carol. Very interesting and I can see how critics love the movie. Although the setting was New York City in the 1950s, it was filmed here in Cincinnati – so my eyes were on the constant lookout for familiar sights.

I didn’t know that Iranian women can drive and vote – something that Saudi women cannot.

St. Louis lost another sports team as the Rams leave the Gateway Arch city for more lucrative offer in Los Angeles. The NFL is a money-making machine, and each team is worth in billions. I don’t know the stadium deal in LA, but I do know that teams have held (and continue to hold) their city and county governments hostage to build them a stadium for their product. What a shame.

I recently started a second volunteer project as I attend a Senior Living complex for an hour of ballroom. The lady attendees don’t move well, but their smiles are priceless.

We enjoyed this lemon risotto recipe by Rachael Ray.

Although far from perfect, no doubt in my mind that player on-court sportsmanship is much better in basketball than football.

Hats off to ML Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred for allowing the Cincinnati Reds to induct Pete Rose into the team’s Hall of Fame, retire his number, and place a statue on the plaza outside the stadium … all of which his peckerhead predecessor wouldn’t consider.

Although some spotted the preview announcement on the Hear Ye page. Opening Night for Colors: The Musical is January 26th, curtain time at 9:30 pm (Eastern US). All songs must include Black in the song title, but not compound words containing black. Shades of black are also unacceptable. The Hear Ye page also contains information about other acts and the awesome Marina-designed Playbill cover. Resa is also offering her wardrobe-design services for this gala event.

I’ve seen several segments of the CNN special The Person Who Changed My Life (this Sunday, 8 pm, Eastern US). I hope to record to watch later, thus encourage readers to turn in.

There will be an Explore this weekend – and I will say it’s not a person, not a place … but a thing.

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I imagine the majority of the people of Iowa can’t wait for the circus to leave town.

A question I would want to ask the Republican candidates: If you don’t believe that humans have influenced climate change, would you reduce the research efforts of governmental groups as NASA and NOAA who support these findings?

Here are the fact checks for the most-recent Republican debate: Politifact, Annenberg Fact Check, Associated Press, Washington Post.

… and the most-recent Democratic debate: Politifact, Annenberg Fact Check, Associated Press, Washington Post.

This Monday, CNN is hosting a Democratic Town Hall event with the 3 seeking the party’s nomination. Yep – I won’t be watching, thus my record will remain perfect.

Other than via comments on these pages, I ran into the first person who is also unhappy with the fact that our governor is drawing a salary while running for president … and I didn’t prompt the suggestion.

Sarah Palin (R-AK) (aka The Nincompoop) returns to the news cycle to endorse Donald Trump (R-NY) … perfect!

Meanwhile, dysfunction continues in The Nincompoop family. After her son’s arrest for domestic violence, The Nincompoop placed the blame on President Obama … Classic Nincompoopian … and priceless.

Something to ponder: Is Sarah Palin a celebrity or a politician?

To lead you toward the weekly dose of satire, The Onion offers tips on arranging a funeral.

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Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Kind Of music that’s playing indicates movie character must be entering Italy
NCAA investigating God for giving athletes gifts
Naughty EpiPen reveals naked lady when injected
Bungled Apocalypse causes light drizzle over Southern Ohio
Porn DVD’s commentary track just more moaning
Drummer forced to retrieve sticks from audience for encore

Interesting Reads
The Stormtrooper army
The dogs that protect little penguins
Saudi women
Vintage vending machines (Thanks, Tim)
The global movement of money
That many in the human body! Really?
(Pictures) Three colors

Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

64 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 287

  1. I didn’t know “Carol” was filmed in Cincinnati. If I remember correctly, “Spiderman” was filmed in Cleveland. Guess they like our Ohioan cities. Much cheaper to shoot in, I’m sure.

    Thank you for the risotto link. It seems the only recipes I ever find for it are for mushroom risotto. I’m not a fan of that, but this lemon one looks yummy.


    • Bruce,
      Compared to the Peckerhead, Manfred did well. To me, I despised Bud Selig more than any player ever in sports … and more than most team .. .more than the Steelers .. .more than the Indians …. more than the Redhawks … but not more than the UK Wildcats. One of the few good things I can say is that he’s no longer MLB Commissioner. …. and of course I’ve written about the situation – here’s my thoughts from 2009. https://afrankangle.wordpress.com/2009/04/13/on-a-special-jersey/

      Liked by 1 person

      • We share the same feeling about Bud. I enjoyed the post from a few years back. I know each fan has their own opinion on Pete but mine has been tempered with time. Good that Cincy will be where the “thawing out” of keeping Rose on ice will begin.


        • I have said this for a long time … I can live with him not in Cooperstown … I can live with the ban … but I couldn’t justify not retiring the number or anything else the Reds wanted to do … and I hold Bud Selig totally responsible for that.

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  2. My husband makes a great risotto and this one sounds delicious. We’ve lost some musical geniuses in the past few days but their spirits most certainly live on and are intertwined in the fabric of my life.

    I’ve not seen Carol but it seems to be getting good reviews. Ohio has those lovely tree-lined neighborhoods. Plenty of movie makers use less expensive venues but if you’ve lived in a place it’s fun to see and say — I’ve been there.

    Hope the storm doesn’t hit you too hard Frank. Be well and stay safe and warm.


    • Brigette,
      I tried the lemon risotto as an alternative to using mushrooms (a good change of pace). Since you have a risotto household, let me know your thoughts if you try it.

      Carol is definitely acclaimed by the critics. A lot of steamy looks by the two ladies.

      BTW – I worked in the ESL students in the previous post.


  3. Your mention of the new theme for your upcoming musical has prompted me to bring up my favourite ‘black’ song of all time. I’m listening to it right now. Such nostalgia! Hope I get there in time to post it before someone else does. 😀 Sorry no time for a combo, but I did enjoy Tequila Sunrise. Have a great weekend and I hope your weather isn’t too extreme.


  4. Love that photo of the police on those bikes 🙂 and my thoughts go out to anyone in those storms.. I have not seen the film Carol.. but did go to see an amazing one last week.. as my hubby is a western fan.. So we went to see Relevant 🙂 Lots of snow in that one.. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend Frank.. I am having a quite one.. take care.. and keep dancing


  5. Hi Frank. I am way behind in my reading. I’m close to the dreaded “delete everything before today” decision! But not you. Never you!

    Thanks for the music. I am a fan of The Eagles, so it is another sad loss. I think mostly, though, because it seems like it is our contemporaries (well, slightly OLDER contemporaries) who are dropping these days…

    I’m waiting for Jonas’ first flakes to fall in the next hour or so. We’re ready, I suppose. We have wood, blankets and plenty of dog food and wine. What more do we need? I will have far more blogs in my inbox shortly, because the power will no doubt go off for a few days. But that’s life in the country!


    • Elyse,
      Oh the misery that is scheduled to fall upon your area … yikes. Jonas is still sliding to the south, so a matter of 50 miles may be a difference of 6 or more inches. Whew.

      Meanwhile, falling behind is no fun … and I fully endorse saying the hell with it and try to meet and greet the new posts. After all, one can only do so much.

      Yes – very sad about seeing our contemporaries going to join Dorothy and Toto. Then again, that’s what one of the tough points about aging … especially when it also involves friends.

      Stay warm and safe … and make sure you also have enough wine on hand.

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  6. We’re expected the snow to start here soon, then blizzard conditions later tonight and tomorrow.
    You might remember that I loved “Carol.” Did you see many places you recognize? I remember seeing familiar Philadelphia area places in “Silver Linings Playbook” and other films.
    Sarah Palin! Nincompoop is too kind. 😉


    • Merril,
      Using Nincompoop here has been a stable since 2008. Follow the link because you’ll appreciate it.

      Yes, I recognized locations in the city. It was hard because of the close video, but I caught things. I think they used the same hotel as two different hotels. For instance, the entrance was one hotel, the lobby another.

      Meanwhile, good luck with the storm. The brunt went to my south about 50 miles (and now east) … so in the big picture, just missed me. Hunker down and have your wine ready.

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  7. Nice tribute to Glen Frey, Frank. The Eagles were a special piece of our history and Glen Frey was at the center of it.
    I feel bad for the people of St Louis; for all the stadium employees and small businesses that are affected by this move, something the NFL doesn’t care about it take ownership of.
    Flakes are beginning to fall in NJ. It should be a an epic one. Stay safe out there.


    • George,
      I believe CNN has a special on The Eagles tonight … 8 pm … hope you have electricity to watch it.

      So many affected in St.L … vendors, parking, restaurants, hotels, and their employees as well.

      Good luck with the storm. The numbers on your region are unbelievable. The north side of Cincinnati didn’t get squat … just a few flurries … but the cold and wind came in. Nonetheless, nothing like what you are experiencing.


  8. The Onion headline about the kind of music being played indicates the main character is entering Italy….that is HA-larious!

    As for the Dem debates, I’ll be watching because the Chris Cuomo is moderating and I’m a big fan of his. Plus, no Trump!

    What the NFL did to Dean Spanos, an owner who has been nothing but loyal to the league, is really sad. They’re basically telling him to take the LA deal, most likely as a tenant OR figure out his own stadium deal. Kroenke walks on water with league officials only because he can front the money, and I know I’m sounding naive, but the whole thing just feels wrong. This move back to LA has little to do with football- the market wasn’t missing football- and everything to do with the pockets that are gonna get lined.


  9. Okay, black it is for the opening night act of “Colors”. Why do I think you will pick the song I’m thinking of?
    I love that you link my name to the “Art Gowns for Charity” page & my website. Thank you, Frank. It would be wonderful if someone actually commented that they made a cash donation, or time donation to one of the many causes.
    I thought I recognized the politician in your second pic, then I realized it was just another blind pig. Very strong image. I do worry about who will be America’s next president, though.
    I watched some “storm news coverage” & Chris Christie was looming very leader-like. I like Hillary. Okay, Cruz might be Canadian, but Is Bernie Canadian? He sounds like one with all his socialistic rhetoric.
    Well, there is one consolation, no matter who you guys pick, no one…. no one is as good looking as our Prime Minister!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Resa,
      My guess is that the song I pick for Black won’t be the one in your mind. After all, I tend to pick lesser known ones.

      Who know who the voters will pick here. Crazy times. Nonetheless, you mentioned your PM … and Mrs. PM is quite the beauty!

      Liked by 1 person

      • Hmm? … on the song!
        I so hope Trudeau does well! I like that he has already annoyed some by saying he’s going to remove out jets from Iraq. Hey, that’s a Pandora’s Bag I’ve opened (yes, Vietnam draft dodgers are in that bag)… so “Cheers” to our countries, each being unique.


  10. Hope you’re having a beautiful weekend, my friend. Thank you for all the treats [music videos and fractals!]. I’m so happy to see Resa’s “Art Gowns for Charity”. It’s such a wonderful idea and Resa is soooooo talented! 🙂


  11. Snow what snow. Sarah who, Donald who? Denial can be a very effective means to prevent unnecessary worry, even insanity. Without it suicide could very well be an option for many. There was much here that I could have chosen to comment on but I chose this for some reason. Sorry. Hope your weekend is going well. Take care and shtufffs.


  12. Given our decades-long debate, “The global movement of money” opens my mind to your point of view. Meanwhile “Saudi women” goes into my golf bag and “That many in the human body! Really?” goes to my medical relatives for reactions.


  13. Aww! Thank you for the Glenn Frey. I’m still feeling very sad about the loss. And the return of the Rams to Los Angeles is definitely being celebrated here, although much of the hoopla is lost on me. I am happy about the location of the promised stadium. It will definitely be an economic boom in a part of the city that has been fighting its way back, and I guess we’ll just have to see what that brings. And finally for now…the Nincompoop has brought back Tina Fey’s brilliant performances on SNL. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Glad to read the LA perspective about the Rams returning. I still find it very strange that the NFL has been away from your city for so long. Tina Fey’s latest was fabulous! … and yes, we can thank Nincompoop for that.


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