57 thoughts on “On Subject Lines: Combo Style

  1. What a fun way to deal with spam-line intrusions! My suggestion is YOU QUALIFY FOR HOT BORDER SEX AT NO COST! My day has been nice and leisurely. It is raining here in drought-stricken Bakersfield, CA–and has been all day with the promise of snow at higher elevations. I have been warm and snuggly inside listening to the rain and reading a murder mystery. Later I might binge watch a couple episodes of Downton Abbey.


    • Patti,
      Your state could use a good dose of rain … especially a long, steady rain (as opposed to the downpours). Higher elevation snows are always good too. Good luck!

      Ah ha … another Downton Abbyey fan is identified (my wife watches). … and many thanks for the marketing combo. That’s definitely a tempting attention getter. … and thanks for sharing a bit of your weekend.


  2. You do get interesting spam Frank! Mine is very boring in comparison – just invitations to ‘Marry a Hot Genuine Russian Lady’ or buy Viagra – neither of which hold any really appeal!

    My attempt: Buy funeral engineer, qualify quickly for grant funding.


  3. My kid was sick! Weekend flew by. Computer is sick, too, and in the shop! Are you ready for Iowa? I hope you’re enjoying your lovely weather, Frank. It rained here, but I’m not complaining.


  4. As you know I don’t do combos, but I found charming “Yummy food quickly to your door.”

    Also glad you saw the movie “Brooklyn” which I liked especially for the lovely variety of Irish brogues.


  5. I can’t top List of X with his “Solar power your dental implants to watch everything without cable TV!”, so won’t even try! But I did notice a significant thing about your subject lines: The absence of the word free. My, my, how did that happen? 😉


  6. I haven’t got my own combo (there’s too much noise around me right now and I need silence to be creative!), but the one that made me laugh for some reason was “You qualify for a new mattress” – I didn’t know you needed to qualify in any way to get a new mattress! if it had the word “free” in there it would make sense, but without it, not so much.

    I had a good weekend, on Friday evening I went to London to meet a few old school friends for drinks and dinner in Chinatown – we suddenly felt quite old when we realised that next year it will be 30 years since we left school! Then on Saturday I was being MC at a poetry recital regional final contest for schools, that was good fun. The rest of the weekend was mostly just driving my kids around various places!


    • Vanessa,
      Great point about qualifications regarding the mattress. As a matter of fact, a new one is on our radar.

      Thanks for sharing your weekend. So the thought of a 30-year reunion is creating a bit of angst. Ahh … no problem as you are a young pup. 2016 will be the 45th for me. … You had quite the variety for the weekend. Good for you!


  7. My head just spins with these email subjects. I couldn’t even think of any combos because they’re so off the wall. They are extreme, at least from my experience. We had a very busy weekend hosting an anniversary party for my parents–their 65th! Rather amazing and wonderful! All is well, but I’m at work today so that I can rest. LOL!


    • Debra,
      Finding the off-the-wall subject lines is one of the reasons I like to check the Spam folder in my email. I’m always able to find a laugh.

      65th anniversary for your parents? WOW!!!! … All the best to them from me … and cheers to you hosting.


  8. Hi Frank–a timely post as I’m trying to get through all my email. (Fortunately, not much spam).
    I liked the movie, “Brooklyn,” too.
    “Watch anything with solar power, and qualify for a new mattress!” 🙂


  9. Sounds like a good weekend, Frank. Spam cracks me up. Sometimes, if I want a good laugh, I read some of it (the stuff in my blog spam filter, not my email because I don’t want to open anything in email that I identify as spam).

    My combo: Grant funding to those who qualify for hot border sex.


    • Robin,
      99% of the time, I stick to reading the subject lines in the Spam email folder. Once in a while I open one because I’m not sure if its spam or not. Meanwhile, that sounds like a grant winner to me!


  10. Is the Onion spamming you, Frank?

    I had a great weekend. I went to a birthday part for poet Robert Burns and ate haggis. many folks wouldn’t consider that to make up a good weekend, but there you have it!


    • Cayman,
      Still suffering from the debacle, I’ve stayed away from the playoffs. However, I hope to watch Sunday. Carolina is the better team, … very good … but because I think Peyton will retire, I would like to see him go out on top.

      Meanwhile, Dang … I think the wall would hinder that headline.

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