Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 290

Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

My initial handbell ring went fine. In April, the choir will be part of a 650-member mass choir at a regional event. That would be something interesting for the audience.

Fortunately, I caught the film Journey to Space at the local Omnimax theater before it left. Simply wonderfully done and a must for all space lovers. Narrated by Patrick Stewart, the film links the Space Shuttle program to the Orion project, the NASA project designed to carry humans to Mars. Here’s a link to the schedule of theaters in both the USA and International locations, plus the trailer is below.

Our church wine group (last weekend) had a gathering, which included my presentation about the similarities and differences of Syrah, Sirah, and Shiraz. Should I turn it into a post?

Two weeks in a row of limited visits to your blogs bothers me. Thanks for your patience.

Act 2 of Colors: The Musical featuring Red provided quite the variety of songs. Although behind with my comments on that post, 😦 I’ll announce the next act’s theme and date in the next OITS, but the news will first appear on the Hear Ye page (hopefully over the weekend).

There will be an Explore this weekend about a person, place, or thing. I can say that it goes well with last week’s trip to Norway.

Embed from Getty Images

Isn’t this a great image to lead into the political section?

Good news – Iowa and New Hampshire votes are done. Bad news – they are only 4% of the delegate count. South Carolina is next up – and oh my – it’s a state with a nasty reputation.

For those who may be wondering, nope – I don’t feel the Bern – but that’s a good, short slogan.

All candidates are scripted. On the other hand, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) is scripted among the scripted. Although Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) has left the race, I applaud the way he called out Sen. Rubio about his scripted nature – of which, Sen. Rubio politely did all he could to support the governor’s point.

Although (my) Governor John Kasich (R-OH) finished second in the New Hampshire primary, does he have the infrastructure and support to make it to the Ohio Primary (March 15th)? Time will tell. Although I applaud his big-boy-in-the-room approach, my support for his candidacy remains tepid.

A friend of mine boasts about a conservative columnist who predicted Donald Trump (R-NY) won’t win any primary. Nothing like the first primary to prove that pundit wrong. The longer the Republican field stays large, the better the chance The Bloviator has at winning the nomination. Meanwhile, I stay the course pointing to the pivotal primary dates of March 1st (Republicans) and March 15th (Democrats).

Embed from Getty Images

To lead you into your weekly dose of satire, The Onion explains the growth of ISIS. 

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Olay introduces new line of pre-moisturized skin
High school nurse getting pretty good at spotting morning sickness
Middle-aged man in locker room puts shirt on before underwear
Binge eater doesn’t remember going to second KFC
Evolution textbook hidden under mattress
Obama resigns from presidency after Michelle lands dream job in Seattle

Interesting Reads
President for 31 days
Eyes and natural selection
A revolution of mathematical proportions
Ways to keep yourself going (Thanks, Tim)
Mosquitoes resisting malaria
The gift of Lent
(Photos) The Silent Forest

Here’s a 2-fer to sent you into the weekend – a leftover from Act 2 and one that made me think of Elyse. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

31 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 290

  1. “The longer the Republican field stays large, the better the chance The Bloviator has at winning the nomination.”—Yes, exactly. If a few more would drop out, their votes could go elsewhere, and hopefully not to Trump. I’d like to see them go to Kasich.

    And yes, you can’t beat the slogan, Feel the Bern. It’s a good one!


    • Carrie,
      One of the factors that isn’t as well publicized is the awarding of delegates. Many of the primaries are proportional (as Iowa & NH) but some are winner-take-all. NH had 17 delegates, but Trump won 10 … so amassing the nomination number is a slow process … thus my patience in thinking Trump won’t be nominated.

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  2. That is a great image leading into the political section. The Donald is indeed all smiles also as the top of the GOP org chart can’t get any consensus on a consensus “traditional” candidate who might, might be able to win the Presidency. Much work to be done if the Republicans don’t want to be “Trumped.”


    • Bruce,
      Oh yes … the anti-Trump Republicans have much work to do, but it is possible. At least the Fiorina and Christie votes are a large enough block to make a some difference – so it will be interesting to see where they go. Meanwhile, Rubio, Bush, and Kasich want to make it to March 15th (primary date in their home state).

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  3. Congratulations on your handbell performance, and good luck with the next one!
    I don’t want to get started on the man with the hair, and I can’t believe he’s been this successful, but Cruz is even scarier. I’ll just stop there. 🙂
    Sure, post about wine. I think they are the same grape, but different location?
    Thanks for the article, Silent Forest. We saw “Son of Saul,” which I’ll probably write about at some point, and I thought about the forests there.
    Happy Valentine’s Day!


    • Merril,
      Regarding The Bloviator, Although I thought his bubble would have exploded by now, I continue to believe that he won’t get the nomination .,.. and if he does, he won’t win in November. I can’t recall the public letting a candidate get away with so much … very strange!

      The choir plays at a service at least once a month, but we will have two in March, then the extra days at the nearby conference. We attended one about 3 years ago … very interesting … and I imagine we’ll go next year too because it’s also in the area.

      In terms of the wine, I intentionally left out a word … petite. ,,, But because I have the notes, I may create a post. Thanks for the encouragement.

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  4. My-o-my Frank, what a post and what a perfect way to end it, with Snoopy [I just adore this dog!] and the one and only group which remains timeless. A group of geniuses with unprecedented chemistry between them. A treasure from which one will never get bored discovering gems.
    Happy Valentine’s weekend to you too, my friend. 🙂


  5. The Bloviator winning New Hampshire damaged the creds of me, you, Bill Kristol, and Fox News.

    The read “Eyes and Natural Selection” and the Beatles singing “We Can Work It Out” together lifted my spirits before the long political slog ahead.

    I join you in not feeling the bern.

    I’ve taped a reminder to see the film “Journey to Space” to the handle of my refrigerator door.

    Onions 1,3, and 5, made splats.


    • Tim,
      Regarding Journey to Space, it’s left our Museum Center, but will probably return in due time as a Friday Night Rerun … so the refrigerator handle isn’t a good place for it.

      How did Trump winning NH damage my credentials? I questioned Kristol as soon as you told me. Meanwhile, get ready, Trump could handily win SC!

      Meanwhile, three Onion spats in one collection is quite the praise.


      • I had bet the farm on your prediction that the Bloviator would be long gone by now. NOW you say he might win SC! What’s next – the PRESIDENCY?!!! It’s enough to make me want to stow away in my wife’s luggage when she leaves the country in April on her Sisters Trip to Portugal.


        • Ye have so little faith in time … it’s a marathon, not a print. I still stand by two of my original thoughts – he won’t win the nomination, and he won’t win the White House.


  6. Good job on the handbells! Is it just like riding a bicycle????

    I’m praying that you’re right about Trump — I, like the pundits, thought he had no chance. But …

    I also found myself agreeing with Bill O’Reilly — who says Trump and Sanders are the same, collecting angry voters who want something the candidate cannot deliver.

    Am I a Beatle or an Ace? (Thanks for the shout-out!)


    • Elyse,
      The initial thought for you was for Sir Paul, then I realized you would also enjoy Snoopy.

      Good point by O’Reilly. Hillary is smart and has much experience, but she’s not very good as a candidate … just not who she is. Nonetheless, a long way to go.

      In terms of handbells, NO … definitely not the bike-riding analogy. I played with the second choir at church for 3-4 weeks in order to get more repetitions … and that helped a lot. At least now I’m comfortable, and certain movements are starting to happen naturally.

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  7. Frank, I’ll be looking forward to your wine post. I once wrote wine reviews and enjoyed it. I’d love to become a sommelier but I know it takes YEARS.

    Great song by the Beatles to ask of all these grownup people debating over this and that though it doesn’t seem as if any will listen. I’m tired of it all. I suppose they can all just go tweet themselves until THEY tire of it. HA! I find it absurd that the person who is hoping to run our country tweets. And that’s all I’ll ever say of politics. :). Have a lovely weekend Frank!


    • Brigitte,
      Knowing another wine enthusiast is at the other end of this makes me smile. I thought about doing a basic sommelier certification for fun and knowledge, but I’ve pushed that off to the side. Who knows .. maybe someday. Nonetheless, thanks for the encouragement for doing a post about those quirky names. … and when I do it, it will be in my basic style of not-too-much info. Hopefully I’ll have some time soon to start drafting.

      In terms of politics, I try to take the middle ground … not for avoiding conflict, but that’s where I am. Independent, moderate, & centrist are all terms that fit where I am … which also means I can find good and bad in both parties … and lately neither is gaining points in my mind.

      Enjoy your weekend!


  8. I watch the GOP with dismay, I become more and more unhappy with the citizens of this nation as they cast their votes for Trump. What is it with him? What is his appeal? I simply do not understand it.

    I cannot top the Onion and the Nurse. It is impossible.

    The reads this time Frank, all so very good. I must say though, Math and young people this gives me great hope!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Val,
      I have one cure for your debate-watching woes … don’t watch. It’s worked wonders for my mental health. The reads were quite the eclectic set, and I’m glad you enjoyed the one about the young mathematicians.


  9. Agreeing here with Valentinelogar here, my nomination for the best interesting read in this OITS is A revolution of mathematical proportions. A good understanding of the education conundrum is nicely laid out in this excellent The Atlantic article.


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