Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 291

That video is so funny. How have I missed this one for so long?

Many thanks for the birthday greetings this week (my post) as you helped make my day at good one! Special thanks to Vanessa for stepping up to accept the challenge, and for everyone here who visited her. For those who didn’t see it, visit here.

I like recognizing milestones, and I noticed that 1,800th post should happen in several weeks. Meanwhile, another countdown is on as the march toward a milestone in this series, which is now in single digits. Then again, the current pace places the event in April.

Isn’t it weird that we’ve reached a point that dropping oil prices helps our pocket-book while negatively affecting the stock market. On the other hand, many of us remember the negative effects of over-priced oil.

Wow! Millennials are now the driving force of the wine market. Click to read.

Do you remember Voice of America (VOA) radio? Its first broadcast was in 1942, and Cincinnati played a major role in its broadcast. When I first moved to the area in the late 1970s, the transmission towers were still sending signals. Here’s an interesting article from our paper about VOA.

Baseball’s spring training is beginning. My Cincinnati Reds fell short of having 100 losses and the worst record in baseball … so my hope for the 2016 season is to surpass both of those distinctions.

The Kentucky legislature has a bill in progress that a male who receives a prescription for Viagra must take on oath on the Bible swearing to not use the product with anyone other than their spouse. Ah yes … a wonderful example of responsible government at work.

Act 3 of Colors: The Musical will feature songs with Orange or Yellow in the title. As with previous acts, no compound words with these colors, no shades of orange or yellow, and no duplicate songs. Curtain time is at 9:30 pm (Eastern US) on Tuesday, 23rd February. See you at the theater.

There will be an Explore this weekend about a person, place, or thing.

Embed from Getty Images

Regarding President Obama’s upcoming nomination of the Supreme Court nominee, the Republicans are playing a dangerous game. The question is whether President Obama truly places them in between the rock and a hard place … and yes, I disagree with the Republican stance now and I disagreed with the Democratic stance in 2007 … thus both are examples of truly identifying the problems in Washington. Throw them all out!

I wanted to have a post yesterday about the Supreme Court vacancy, but I didn’t get it ready in time … but maybe soon.

I wrote Sen. Portman (R-OH) about his stance regarding the nomination of the next Supreme Court Justice, but I don’t expect a response.

I like this scenario. President Obama nominates a conservative judge. The Republicans reverse their position, thus start the confirmation process … and then the nominee withdraws.

For those wondering my thoughts about my governor, I’m purposely withholding them to see how far he goes in the process. Meanwhile, I continue to applaud his grown-up-in-the-room approach. Did you know he had a brief candidacy in the 2000 presidential election?

Although I haven’t been and won’t be a support of Donald Trump (R-NY), I give him credit for being a quick thinker on his feet.

South Carolina has not disappointed me as being a place for a nasty Republican primary.

I continue to believe …

  • March 1st is a pivotal primary date for Republicans
  • March 15th is the pivotal primary date for Democrats
  • Nominating Ted Cruz (R-TX) would be the best thing for the Republican party in the long-term
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To lead you into your weekly dose of satire, The Onion provides tips for successful campus activism.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Sweden and Finland conclude yet another successful round of peace talks
Turquoise smuggler crosses Nevada border into Arizona without problem
Scissors kill paper – rock turns blade on self
Trophy wife slowly becoming regular wife
Landlocked nation of Chad announces plan to sell control of ports to highest-bidding gullible nation

Interesting Reads
Forgotten female astronomers
Urban education: London style
Driving the driverless car
The golden days of Kathakali
Bizarre sex lives in the ocean
(Pictures) Access to multiple years of photos from National Geographic’s Visions of Earth

A bit of personal philosophy and a fitting song to send you into the weekend, which is also fitting for my recent birthday. When someone asks if I would want to be young again, I usually answer, Nope as I have no interest in being that stupid again. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


35 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 291

    • CC,
      The news about the Millennials overtaking the Baby Boomers was a surprise. Then again, I notice many young people embracing wine. I say cheers to them! Regarding Kentucky, I just shake my head.


  1. Interesting to read your thoughts as always. I read about that Kentucky bill. The rep who introduced it knew it wouldn’t go any place, but she wanted to make a point. Wanted to show men what it feels like to have someone else making decisions about what they can do with their bodies. I see her point, but it seems the wrong way to go about it. A waste of everyone’s time to introduce frivolous bills.


  2. I often search for something outrageous to read and comment on. Today I was heartened by the ‘London Style’ schooling article. Something can be done to improve learning levels. If only ossified administrators can tear down their ego barricades on this side of the pond. 🙂


    • Archon,
      The fact that I selected something that tingled your neurological network is quite a thrill for me. Not being a pro-administrator type, I also include the barricades put up the public, teachers, and legislators.


  3. I loved the baby…. so lovely and made me smile and watched again and again… Thank you dear Frank. Little note, I love drink wine 🙂 Ahhhhhhh you know how I hate politics… Really I don’t know what’s going on around me and şn the world…I just want peace peace and peace…
    Have a nice day and weekend, Love, nia


    • Nia,
      I’m not surprised you enjoyed the baby …. and what’s not to enjoy!!! In terms of politics, all of us face those barriers, and those that you face are very complicated – but ever present in your life. Keep smiling while hoping for peace.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. That baby video is so funny!
    So many things to respond to–I’m not surprised by the wine article. I read so much about wine drinking, and wine bars and wineries seem to be booming, at least in my region.
    The Supreme Court nomination should be interesting. It seems ridiculous to me that the Republicans said the President should not nominate anyone.
    Cruz may be the best hope for the Republicans, but the thought that he could be president terrifies me even more than Trump. Cruz is a really scary guy.
    Yesterday was my husband’s actual birthday. We saw Michael Moore’s new movie. Although of course, you can play around with statistics and present incomplete pictures in some cases, it provides much food for thought on social issues. He ends the movie on a note of hope, which I liked.


    • Merril,
      Hooray for another reader enjoying the Evil Eye from the young bundle of joy.

      In terms of the Court, nominations are battles in themselves .. but this one has already escalated beyond that. Sad to say, it started within the first hour of the news of Justice Scalia’s passing. To me, just another example of the heightened rancor that is Washington today. Meanwhile, I type this as I watch the arrival of the casket at the Supreme Court building.

      In terms of Cruz, I stand by the words I’ve written above and on more than one occasion, however … I will explain the meaning at a later date.

      In terms of statistics, oh yes … determine what one wants to say then find the stats to back it up.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. “Sweden and Finland conclude yet another successful round of peace talks” — this one made me snort unexpectedly loudly from my desk at work. That’s dangerous humor, there!

    I hail from the Millennial generation, but most often purchase wine when my Boomer parents are coming to visit… so where would that fit in the statistic?

    I missed your earlier post this week, so I am wishing you a happy belated birthday! Ages that work out mathematically (Since 6 is a factor of 3) are the best.


    • Alisha,
      Glad I selected a headline that caused an unexpected loud snort from your desk. At least you weren’t drinking anything at the time. Many thanks for the birthday wishes.

      Of course not every Millennial is a frequent wine buyer … and the same is true for Baby Boomers. But as a whole, your generation has embraced the fruits of the vine from my generation. I say cheers to that!


  6. Thanks for the shout out Frank, I ended up with a few new followers after you sent people over the other day, so it’s win-win all round I think!

    My eye was drawn to the London education article link. This is the area of education I work in – raising educational aspirations and attainment of students from disadvantaged backgrounds. What happened in some parts of London has indeed been wonderful. One of the things we come across a lot though is people thinking that if it worked in those London areas, then it can work elsewhere; even within a relatively small country such as England, we have great differences between areas, and assumptions that something which can work in one area will automatically work somewhere else are dangerous. There have been attempts to roll out some of the programs into other areas outside London and it often just doesn’t work the same. It would be like going to China and saying “Ooh look, China have really large class sizes and good academic results, so if we go back home and put our kids into really large classes, they too will have good academic results!” (I know nobody would look at it quite so simplistically! Well actually I think some people do!). So anyway, I urge caution to the US policymakers here! (Do you think they’ll listen to me?).


    • Vanessa,
      Hooray for you receiving a boost in traffic and followers. After all, that’s what bloggers are supposed to do (well, in my opinion). Thanks again for taking the time to deliver some joy.

      One of the reasons I selected the article about London education was that I was hoping to get some feedback from readers in the UK … so many thanks for coming through. Educational reform is a difficult task. One of the quotes that sticks with me is (I paraphrase) “Education needs an equivalent to the jet engine to drive the change.”

      Agree, one size doesn’t fit all, but all can learn from the experiences of others. MANY thanks for sharing your view and experience on this article.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. The baby’s evil eye is totally precious! I wrote to Mr. Harper when the became Prime Minister of Canada & reinstated the baby seal hunt. I was in tears as I typed… but your last name has “harp” in it. Don’t you see how you are related. I never got an answer.


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