Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 297

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Thursday was my wife’s last day at work, but she wasn’t there much. We celebrated her retirement and our upcoming anniversary with a nice meal out. For her first official retirement day, we will go out to breakfast … but I have to work in the afternoon.

Although she didn’t respond to anyone, my wife appreciated all the best wishes from the readers here, so she says Thanks to all.  Yep – the majority of the world is good.

As a science person, this scathing commentary directed at the Houston Science Museum caught my attention.

Geraldo Rivera was one of the worst contestants ever on Dancing With The Stars -but not worse that Master P. Then again, he knew he couldn’t dance, so cheers to his sense of humor for accepting the show’s invitation.

Opening Day in Cincinnati to start the season is big – very big! My wife has never been downtown for the festivities, so if the weather is nice, we may go. Meanwhile, it’s been a long time since I’ve been this discouraged at the start of the season about my team … but maybe they will surprise me.

I’m ready for a blogging break – one spending time visiting, writing, and adjusting to my wife being at home – so I will be announcing one in the near future … BUT – there will be a post on Saturday that’s not the break announcement.

Because of the upcoming blogging break, I’m delaying the next act of Colors: The Musical until further notice. I’ll first post the next act on the Hear Ye page.

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Somehow, Donald Trump (R-NY) continues to survive. While supporters proclaim that he says what people are thinking, I wonder this: Is anyone listening? The man is one bluff after another. He continually changes the subject when he has no answer – especially about foreign policy. Lies, exaggerates, and doesn’t know the primary rules in the contest he’s chosen to engage. Passing the buck through blaming others. As many proclaim he’s tapping into the anger of the American voter, I say he’s activating the stupid gene … Yet – I continue to what I’ve said all along that he won’t get the nomination.

The notion of any of the Republican candidates wooing the “Reagan Democrats” is a fantasy because the many (if not most) of the Reagan Democrats are now Republicans and have been for some time.

With cracks in the Republican wall against the process of filling the Supreme Court vacancy, is it possible that the Republicans cave in, then the Democrats reject the idea? The Dems could claim it’s too late in the term, but actually mean they could get someone more liberal by winning the White House. If so, I say a good idea by the GOP, but a lousy idea by the Dems. Yes – an issue that could greatly influence my vote.

We hear a lot about the Democratic superdelegates – but much less so about Republican uncommitted delegates. Interestingly, the role of delegates earned by “suspended” candidates differs from state-to-state.

Meanwhile, the GOP race continues to focus on wives, size of hands, physical contact, lies, and more – and at the least of avoiding important issues.

For those who think it’s time to change the current primary system, NPR provides 6 alternatives with pros and cons for each.

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To lead you into your weekly dose of satire, here a 2-fer of tips from The Onion:

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Bacon added
Questions linger about long-fingernailed man
Area man reports new girlfriend has that new girlfriend smell
Family has strict no smartphone rule while eating dinner in front of TV
Trophy wife slowly becoming regular wife
Report: Most effective marketing technique still giving out little version of product

Interesting Reads
The ancient origins of social media
Being forced to leave – unfortunately
The hunt for Fabergé eggs
The lesser known trail to Machu Picchu
The battle of Pork Chop Hill
Five facts about chickens

To send you into this weekend, here’s one you may not know from Pink Martini. The beginning provides an explanation for Tuca Tuca. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

53 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 297

  1. Any time Pink Martini is involved… I’m in! Love, love, love!
    There will definitely be an adjustment period for you and your wife. I only hope it goes smoothly!
    As for the blogging break. You know we always miss you when you leave and welcome you back with open arms… xo

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Best wishes for a very happy ‘second life’ to your wife. The work changes a bit when we leave the job we worked at for many years… but we never stop working really.


    • Debra,
      With her last day on a Thursday, it was good for her to wake up on a Friday and to think she didn’t have to flight the traffic to get to work … let alone work. So we will go out to breakfast soon. Meanwhile, I remain confident that The Bloviator will not make it … but we will have to wait a few months months.


  3. My mother retired a year ago and she told me the first thing she did was rest, then found a hobby to do so she could stay active. She loves retirement and I’m sure your wife will as well. My mother also seems to agree with you about Dancing with the Stars lol.


    • Kia,
      Good advice from your mother. My wife will find a new routine for herself. Best part is that she has spring, summer, and fall to figure that our … and I’m sure she will. Hooray for your mom watching DWTS!

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  4. Good idea to go to breakfast with your newly retired wife. I recommend Rascals in Blue Ash for their authentic New York Kosher deli style breakfast treats.

    Your confidence that the Donald Trump will not get GOP nomination is especially reassuring following Trump’s terrifying interview with Chris Matthews this week.

    Sadly, the Cincinnati violinist, Yuliyan Stoyanov, along with his wife and their two children, are now back in Bulgaria. I await your comment.

    “Family has strict no smartphone rule while eating dinner in front of TV” garnered a splat.


  5. I set the DVR for DWTS last Monday. As I said, I haven’t watched it for the last several seasons, but I wanted to check it out. Unfortunately the DVR didn’t record the last forty minutes, but I did see Geraldo Rivera dance. That was interesting. Then again, Mischa Barton wasn’t much better, and she had quite the attitude. Unlike her, at least Rivera looked like he was enjoying things!


  6. i never start out thinking I either need a blogging break or plan to take one, but I’m also going through major readjustment with a newly retired husband! It’s wonderful and yet all my former rhythms are just off. And I’m a big proponent of labeling GMO foods, so I was interested in the Houston Science Museum’s offering, and the scathing criticisms weren’t too surprising to me. It seems that GMO’s are one of those many concerns that polarize the public. Thanks for Pink Martini, though. I can’t imagine any controversy with their popularity. 🙂


    • Debra,
      Given a have a fairly regular posting schedule, I like to announce a break as a sign that nothing is wrong at this end. I’ve felt the need for about the past month, so I will announce the blog break soon.

      In terms of science, I think of some of the hot-button issues of the day: Climate change, vaccines, creation, evolution, and GMOs. One of the things they have in common is that they tend to aim for the passion within people at the expense of science and the message it delivers. – hence the purpose of me including the link in this post. Meanwhile, given the number of positive comments about Pink Martini, I will have to use them more often! … Cheers to Jay’s retirement … and good luck with your adjustments. 😉


  7. What absolutely fabulous reads you put up this time Frank! I don’t even know where to start, likely with the immigration issue where it is clear the system is so very broken this one was heartbreaking. Then on to the beautiful Faberge Eggs, oh to bring them all together in one place again! The artistry of these is divine. Social Media in Graffiti, I loved this one absolutely fascinating and the use of new technology to capture and preserve before it is lost forever, I love this. I won’t go on, suffice to say I read them all and enjoyed them all, but those topped the list

    The musical choice Frank, wonderful I stole and used it as my morning greeting for FB today, loved it much.

    Taking a much deserved break from it all, do it! We will all be here waiting for you when you return! Enjoy your time when you go.


    • Val,
      Knowing that you are a person who regular reads my suggestions, your praise of this list made me smile. Many thanks. …. and then the music was like the whip cream and cherry topping the sundae!

      I’ll probably announce the break on the next post. After all, I like the appearance of a Pause button!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. The “interesting read” about 1953’s Pork Chop Hill battle shows how it deserves a prominent place in military history, but also as an example of the inanity of war. (Ever notice that the words insanity and inanity differ by only one letter?) The story is told in the traditional way with prosaic statistics of munitions, supplies, deaths, injuries, and battle lines, but what are only inferred are the countless stories of horrific individual experiences that changed and ended lives. Those can only be told and judged singly, something almost never done. The reality of war is hidden by such dispassionate prose.

    For those interested, I recommend the seminal book, The Face of Battle, by British historian John Keegan. If I had my way, it would be mandatory reading for all presidential candidates, and especially those who so blithely talk of “carpet bombing” and “making sand glow”. And, for that matter, for all citizens.


  9. Thank goodness for the Pink Martini! I love that video. Those Italians know how to live. We could take cues from them. When I think of politics, it’s a bunch of nonsense. What I know for sure is that everything is up in the air, Frank!


    • Amy,
      This is such a fun video – as soon as I saw it I knew I had to use it. Glad you enjoyed it. Politics naturally has a lot of nonsense associated with it, but this election has taken it to another level. Meanwhile, I remain one of the few calm Americans not worried about the final results.


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