On Spring 2016 Blog Break

PauseBreakKeyWith my wife’s retirement and our wedding anniversary, last week was huge for us. Tuesday afternoon was her retirement party at work, then Tuesday night came my salute to #31. She appreciated the many comments from my blogging community, so here’s her comment late in the string.

Thanks to all of you bloggers for the kind wishes in my new retirement life. If the Frank Angle disappears from the web for a while, it will either because we’re having such a good time that he’s never home, or our constant togetherness resulted in a homicide! I’m hoping for the former.

Here’s a snapshot of our happenings


  • Her last work day, so she was home by noon
  • Walking our typical 2-mile loop … but in the afternoon
  • Dinner at Seasons 52 to celebrate her retirement and our upcoming anniversary


  • Breakfast out (@First Watch) to celebrate her first day off
  • Walked our loop
  • I worked 3-7
  • She went to dinner with neighbors who invited her
  • We met at the dance studio where I planned a surprise retirement celebration


Official 39th anniversary day – but in the evening we attended a birthday gathering for a friend

As I’ve written on these pages many times, Blog breaks are good. I try to take several per year, and I know the time for one is now. For me, the break won’t be one of total avoidance because I want to spend time visiting others. After all, I’ve been very negligent recently – which is one of the signs I use to determine the need for a break.

I’m envisioning two weeks, but time will tell. Because of the positive response for featuring Pink Martini, here’s a live version of Amado Mio to send you into my blog break. Meanwhile, remember these words from a great American storyteller – Garrison Keillor – Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


148 thoughts on “On Spring 2016 Blog Break

  1. Fingers crossed Right won’t be spending most of her retirement years behind bars Frank. I’ve heard it said many times by those dealing with the constant presence of their other half …..”It was all going rather well til now!” 🙂 Have a great break, see you on the other side!


  2. Have a great blogging break, Frank, and a belated Happy Anniversary to you and Mrs. aFa! I loved her comment; she sounds like a pistol.

    That video was a lot of fun. Have you ever seen Rita Hayworth sing “Amado Mio” (but her voice was dubbed) in the 1946 film noir classic, “Gilda”? Super sensual! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0d1C1qQ_VoI As a dance-lover, if you’re not familiar with it, I think you’ll find it very entertaining. I highly recommend that film. Milton had a screen shot from it on his iPhone for years. We both give it two thumbs up.

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  3. Congratulations to your wife on her retirement, and to you both on your anniversary. And if you do start experiencing any homicidal inclinations from spending too much time together, I would suggest that your wife might start her own blog to remedy the too-much-time-together problem. 🙂


    • X,
      Great suggestion. Whereas I like to search, read & interact on blogs, research, and write – she loves reading books and Facebook is her social media of choice. Besides, my new part-time job is well timed. 😉 … many thanks for the congrats!


    • Kerry,
      Timing is good for a break … given the change of seasons, my wife’s retirement, my start of a part-time job, ramping up golf, and more – especially since I haven’t taken a break since the fall. Two blog breaks a year are good.


  4. A well-deserved break for you, amico! Yes, may you and Mrs. Right Angle find your new rhythm…which I am sure you will and just keep out of her reach should you slip once in a while! 😉 You know I love Pink Martini and this version is pretty good…
    See you on the flip side!


    • Dale,
      Thanks … so many signs pointing to a fitting time to break, so it’s time to do so. If the rain stays away, I will take my wife into the city so she can experience Opening Day festivities for the start of the baseball season.Huge event here. Should be a good time.

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        • Nothing like Opening Day in Cincinnati. It’s unique among baseball cities. For years, the Reds opened the season for all of baseball – but ESPN offered MLB many dollars to take away the tradition. Of course money won … but the city generally ignores that fact on this day and local traditions remain.

          Thousands will pack into the city … and red will be everywhere. (Maybe not as much today because of cooler temps). A long, simply parade is the big event outside of the game. I believe it’s the 97th consecutive year for the parade.

          Simple … politicians, flat-bed trucks with fans, local businesses, marching bands, civic groups … but a great tradition. … and this will be my wife’s first to attend!

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  5. Hope you have a good break, Frank! Your wife seems like a lovely person with a great sense of humor! Going to the game this afternoon – have to really bundle up – it’s very cold today!


  6. I hope you and your wife have a nice break, Frank. I look forward to your return and reflections on the use of leisure. I am addicted to your interesting reads, so please don’t be too long!


    • Jim,
      Thanks for the kind words and your support. I foresee this break as a mild one and not one of totally cutting off myself from the outside world. Meanwhile, today we are off to the Opening Day festivities in the city.


  7. Your wife sounds like she has a great sense of humour! It makes me laugh when you talk of a blogging break because what you describe as a break is often just the normal gaps between posts that many of us have! Anyway, enjoy your “break” and congratulations on everything!


    • Vanessa,
      My wife has a good sense of humor, and she hasn’t killed me yet. Thanks for the congrats. 🙂 Meanwhile, bloggers come with many different posting styles from regular to irregular … so designated breaks are more for the regulars.


  8. Belated congratulations to you and your terrific wife! And Happy Retirement to your better half! Enjoy your break. You deserve it after all the work on 39.


    • Gary,
      Thanks for the congrats and I will pass along your best wishes to The Right Angle. … glad you enjoyed the tribute to 39. I’ve already started gathering info for my next salute to a number.


  9. So your wife has a great sense of humor! I am sure a break is well-deserved and you’re going to enjoy filling each day with just whatever sounds good at the time! Thanks for more Pink Martini!


    • Debra,
      Our weather is having a bit of a snit as it’s more March-like than April – so that has crimped us a little. But hey – she’s still pinching herself about retirement to make sure it’s real. But we did attend her first Opening Day Parade in the city … a purely Cincinnati event.


  10. Hey we all need breaks and you deserve yours. I just hope you and your wife will have an amazing time and it not be a homicide lol. Means behave Frank lol. Have an amazing time you two.


  11. Have a good blog break, but come back soon because life just isn’t the same without splats.

    I’m looking forward to a full report on your new part-time job, where I hope you’re refraining from saying “See the ball, Hit the ball” to the members coming off the front nine steaming from losing the front end of their $20 Nassau bets.

    “May The Loops Be With You” and your dear wife as you start your new retirement lives together!


  12. I hope you’re enjoying your break and this new chapter. Enjoy, Frank!! Love the music. I’m going to tell my son about Pink Martini. He just loves jazz and I think he would enjoy them.


  13. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife, congratulations on her retirement (life will definitely be changing and all for the better!) and best wishes on your much needed break. I’ve been doing the same, feeling guilty of not creating or blogging, but there are a lot of inside/outside projects that my (retired) husband has created on his list of things to do before long time friends come for a visit. Hope to be back at it in May. Take care and enjoy your break Frank!


    • Mary,
      Congratulatory greetings are always welcome! Her retirement will be an adjustment for me, her, and us … and it will take time for her to discover her niche. Later this week I’m taking her along to one of my volunteer events in order to give her exposure to it in case she decides to pursue it. Meanwhile, good luck with the spring cleaning in advance of the visit by good friends.

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  14. Hope you are having a great break!! I resumed from mine lol. And wishing your wife a wonderful retired life, lots more fun to come and a very happy belated anniversary to both of you 😀 😀 Many many happy times ahead!! 🙂


        • As my fiance likes to say, we are from out of this world since the Earth is not in such a good state right now to make us feel proud to say we belong to it, hence this blog started to try to spread our perspective as we see it from outside and make this world a better place 🙂 – Michelle


    • Shaves,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Good question about my next post. I imagine it will be on a Friday, but I’m not sure which Friday it will be. Time will tell. Thanks for asking!


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