Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 300

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For me, this is the perfect image to mark the 300th post of Opinions in the Shorts (OITS). After all, I see myself dropping confetti on you as a way to say thanks.

I started blogging on 28th August 2008 as a politics and sports blog. My first OITS appeared on 25th November 2008. A few weeks earlier, President Obama won the election for his first term.That first OITS featured a hilarious Jimmy Kimmel skit showing the secret handshake between President Bush and President-elect Obama. Too bad the video is no longer available.

I started this series as a way to toss out a variety of short thoughts. Over time, thoughts were categorized, Interesting Reads and The Onion headlines appeared, the Garrison Keillor quote served as the conclusion, and a song sent readers into the weekend. I even wrote about the Keillor phrase in this 2009 post.

My golf league started this week. Last year was my first year in this league. I was fortunate to play with the eventual league champion multiple times. What a nice guy! Over time, I learned about his health issues (but from others). Several weeks ago I learned he passed away during the winter.

For anyone looking for a new laptop, I suggest considering the Dell Outlet Center. I recently purchased my third laptop from them because I’ve been very pleased with the others. Even a better deal when they have specials (see Coupons) on the Outlet Center’s webpage.

At the time of this writing, I’m way behind on Act 6: Purple-Indigo-Violet of Colors: The Musical. Timing simply wasn’t good.

There will be a post this weekend, but it will be a Salute, not an Explore.

The success of the Donald Trump (R-NY) campaign continues to floor me. Yep – I missed it – sadly (and in my opinion), it’s a poor commentary on Americans. Although the chance of the Republican convention being the last stand is between slim and none, I will continue to say (1) Trump has a huge mountain of negatives to climb, (2) the majority of the Republican faithful will vote for him because that’s what partisans do, and (3) he has no chance of getting my vote – absolutely none! My tendency is to cast a vote for a candidate, but in this case, I am willing to vote against one.

I’m sorry to see Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) suspend his campaign. Several times I stated that I thought his nomination would be the best for the Republican party, but that hope has dimmed. My reason was simple – I was confident that he would be crushed in a general election, therefore causing the Republican party to retreat from ultra conservatism. Hence, the best for the party.

Here are two articles regarding examinations of President Obama’s time in office: An economic look and a broad view.

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To lead you into your weekly dose of satire, The Onion offers tips on training for a marathon.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Iconic Iwo Jima photo under investigation
Man who did something wrong now hates cops
Kid you used to babysit 5 bar stools over
Man ashamed of himself after cashier reads food order back to him
Abandoned tuba player honks mournfully by side of road
Students watch in sympathy as teacher’s humongous ass erases part of whiteboard

Interesting Reads
History of the universe through ocean sediment
Restrictions on religious attire for women
Spirituality and Snoopy
A look back at the American eugenics movement
Comparing images of space: 100 years ago and now

Long-time readers know I’m a Moody Blues fan, and remain disgusted with their omission from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Nonetheless, when I started blogging I had no idea where it would go and for how long – so many thanks to my readers for keeping me going. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

36 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 300

  1. Congrats on your 300th post, Frank! As Bernie would say, that’s YUGE!!! Interesting take on Cruz getting the nomination and the reasons why. Please don’t get me started on Cruz. Never a fan of Boehner, I kind of loved what he said about him last week. As a somewhat liberal Texan, I cringe at the number of wacky nut job politicians we seem to foist on the rest of the country. And the talk I hear of Trump making him his running mate–or Supreme Court justice!–the horror!

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    • Angela,
      Many thanks for the congrats. Sen. Cruz is a piece of work, therefore causing me to scratch my head or wince on many occasions. In terms of Mr. Boehner, if it were up to him (IMO), he would have crafted deals with the White House. Unfortunately, his own caucus was a bit more than dysfunctional. Regarding the high court, there is a line of thought that Senate Republicans will give in to confirming the nominee … but that would surprise me.


  2. Yes, congratulations on your 300th post! I will be voting for Hillary. Trump is bad but I would rather have him as POTUS rather than Cruz. He is a sorry senator for Texas. Wonder if the Senate will be glad to have him back? The presidential campaigns go on way too long!


    • CC,
      Thanks on the congrats. No doubt about it – that is the campaign not only being too long, but too expensive. I’m with you – Trump instead of Cruz – but in the big picture, no to either.


  3. On a positive note, congrats on 300 Opinions in the Shorts posts! On a negative note, Donald Trump. That’s all I need to say on that matter, since my despair is wafting through the interwebs enough for you to feel it.

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    • Carrie,
      Thanks for the congrats. As I mentioned, his nomination shines a dark light on the American public as a whole. Then again, although he seems to have clear sailing ahead, fireworks within the GOP is still possible.

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  4. Congratulations on your 300th post, Frank!
    I’m with Carrie about Trump. I’m just astounded (and horrified) that he got this far. Cruz is worse, and although I like your idea, I would also have been horrified if he had won.

    I started reading the eugenics article, but I got distracted by the link to Jill Lepore’s article on the history of marriage therapy.

    The Moody Blues bring back memories of college days. Have a great weekend and enjoy your dreams!


    • Merril,
      Thanks on the congrats. Agree that a Cruz presidency would be beyond the horrifying level of a Trump presidency. Then again, he was so out-there that I wasn’t worried about him capturing the center and wondering Democrats. On the other hand, Trump has the ability to capture people by saying the ridiculous and being (at best) sparse on details. Oh well … more weird to come.

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  5. On the bright side: (1) AFRANKANGLE post No. 300 – CONGRATS! (2) the demise of Ted Cruz

    On the dark side: (1) Donald Trump – I SHARE YOUR PAIN! (2) The Moody Blues not in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

    Thanks for the articles from The Money Issue of ‘The New York Times’ examining President Obama’s time in office. Question: Which article is the economic look and which is the broad view? (I also plan to check out “In Search of the Middle Class” and “Is the U.S. Ready for Post-Middle-Class Politics?” from the same read.)

    Splats from the last two Onions.


    • Tim,
      The “economic look” article is the one you mentioned and the “broader look” is from the Wash Post. Both are linked, and neither is in the Interesting Reads list.

      Meanwhile, 2 Onion face splats is quite the honor. FYI: This is OITS No. 300 – but post No. 1,824


  6. Congratulations on 300, Frank! I enjoyed the article about Snoopy. Thanks for that and for all the other things you share and that gather us together here. 🙂


  7. Congrats on 300, Frank, although in all truth I appreciate your quality more than your quantity. 🙂

    “Hiroshima” is sobering indeed. The New Yorker is my favorite magazine.

    I don’t fault you for being convinced The Donald would not be nominated, although there is historical precedent for such things. I still find it hard to believe it could happen in modern America. I wrote a post about it.


    • Jim,
      Thanks for the congrats and your enthusiasm for the Interesting Reads. I’m not sure what the Trump nomination says about modern America. There’s an image stuck in my head from last week. Sen Cruz approached a group of Trump supports who were holding signs with a nasty look on there face … disgusting.


  8. Good choice on the Blues song, Frank. Like you, their lack of inclusion in the Hall is a joke, though the Hall’s reasoning on who gets in is hard to understand at times.
    If there is a Trump/Clinton general election I can’t imagine the levels we will sink to as a nation. The mudslinging will reach an all time low.

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    • George,
      Glad you enjoyed the Moody Blues. Somewhere in my post history is a list of many worthy for the HOF that are not. In terms of the general election, Mr. Trump says he’s going to be presidential and won’t start anything. … and how long will that last?

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  9. Congratulations on hitting a milestone. I just told a youngster who is dissatisfied with Trump and likely Hilary in the primary said she rather not vote. I finally understand that saying. A no vote will be a vote for Trump. I think so many famous people dying is because they don’t want to be around if Trump wins. Hope there are more smart people.


    • Kim,
      Thanks for the congrats. In terms of not voting, I can understand the youngster’s stance. Personally, I like my vote to be for someone. Although I have a long record of voting, I have left parts of the ballot blank … that is not voting for either candidate … but I cast my ballot. So if you see that person, encourage them to cast a ballot.

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