Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 311

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Summer is at full throttle in my area as we are in the throws of heat and humidity. Although I realize those to the south have more humidity, I hate this type of weather.

We saw the newest Ghostbusters movie this week.

  • Entertaining
  • Good animations
  • Slow beginning
  • Kate McKinnon is outstanding
  • Love the cameos
  • I enjoyed the 1984 original more

This week I bottled my first-ever batch of basilcello. Initial taste test was good as it is basilly, sweet, and strong.

Even though numerous incidents have heightened racial tensions in the US, today’s situation isn’t remotely close to 1968.

I didn’t know that upon returning from their historic trip to the moon, the Apollo 11 crew completed a Declaration Form at US Customs. Here is a copy of theirs.

This year has been the strangest golf season I’ve had in some time – maybe ever.

No Explore post this weekend.

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Sorry – I couldn’t find any reason to watch the Republican convention. Do you think I’ll watch the Democrats next week?

Although I didn’t watch the convention, I noticed these headlines from The Onion’s coverage.

  • Trembling, Pallid RNC Attendees Undergo Second Day Of Firearm Withdrawal
  • RNC Speech: ‘If We Don’t Elect Trump, Our Enemies Will’
  • Chris Christie Emits Loud Sob As Paul Ryan Asks Crowd Whether They Worse Off Now Than They Were 4 Years Ago
  • RNC Attendee Excited To Find Out What He’ll Get To Boo Tonight
  • Trump Accidentally Fires Off ‘Boring Mike Pence’ Tweet During VP Speech Before He Can Stop Himself

President Obama’s Five Faults of the Week

  • Lack of riots at the Republican Convention
  • Melania Trump’s plagiarism
  • Texas Voter ID laws violating the Voting Rights Act
  • Phil Mickelson losing the British Open
  • Roger Ailes

Much ado is being made about Melania Trump’s speech. Although I actually heard someone blame Hillary Clinton for the snaffu – no way – as I stated earlier, it’s President Obama’s fault.

In terms of the selection of Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) has a running mate, Mr. Trump was in the same position as previous nominees John McCain and Mitt Romney – play to the base.

To we independents, this election has been loaded with head-shaking moments. Ron Fournier hit a home-run in this article (in The Atlantic) about Mrs. Clinton.

Given next week’s Democratic convention, this is probably the last aFa Power Ranking for Hillary Clinton’s running mate: 5) Julian Castro, 4) Chris Murphy, 3) Tom Vilsack, 2) Tim Kane, 1) Thomas Perez

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To lead us into the satire portion of this post, The Onion explains Pokémon Go.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Humanity hoping it only has to put up with few more millennia of this shit
‘People are inherently good,’ world halfheartedly mutters
Woman who doesn’t use Facebook completely out of touch with friends’ prejudices
FDA declares new drug ‘Qualmex’ safe for treatment of anxiety about drug
Two-hour meeting spent thinking up hashtag absolutely nobody on the planet will use

Interesting Reads
The most emotional cultures
Quantum and the origin of time
The campaigns and elections of Millard Fillmore
Dusk, dawn, and Viagra
Me in the Age of the Selfie
(Interactives) Where US gets its oil
(Photos) The world from above

Earlier in the week I heard a song that took me back to the early ‘70s. Have a safe weekend and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

43 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 311

  1. That song was my favorite when I was a child. Still love it today! I watched the convention on and off simply because I was 20 miles away from it! Very proud of my awesome city and how the whole thing was managed, I have to say. So glad there was minimal violence.
    The Pokemon Go thing is so strange! I took my dog up by the lake for a walk recently, at a relatively quiet park, and was surrounded by players of the game. Apparently it was a location associated with it. I felt out of place not walking around looking down at my phone non-stop! I like the fact that it gets people moving more, but the addiction aspect and amount of time spent playing it seems like it’s getting extreme.
    I make a batch of limoncello every summer, but I’ve never tried basilcello. I have a huge pot of basil on my patio that I use for cooking, so maybe I can give it a try! Hope you have a great weekend, Frank. Temps in the 90s are predicted here, but I’ll take the heat over our cold winters any day! 🙂

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    • Kelly,
      Your city did well with the convention. The only thing I saw was the Today show set downtown. They gave great plugs for Cleveland food. I didn’t realize how many police from outside the city came to work. They did well at limiting the unnecessary. Regarding Pokémon Go taking peace and quiet away from the park – that’s President Obama’s fault.

      Because you make limoncello, make basilcello the same way. I used about 60 leaves at the start. Used 60 after exploring online recipes. The end result was greener than I anticipated.

      Stay cool!

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  2. We’ve had nice summer weather here in New England, so far…very few of those ugly mugly days of heat and high humidity.
    I did watch the convention, and plan to watch the one upcoming next week.
    Hope your weather improves, Frank…

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  3. Cheers for the weekend. (Is it just me or are these conventions so much like school plays: some (family and hog tied friends) are forced to go and endure, others go to laugh and ridicule, and some only cheer their own kid then leave.)
    I’m trying to avoid all of it for both weeks – which is difficults as you’d think it’s the only thing going on in the world and if allthe drama actually makes any difference. A chessboard not of the general population’s making
    Prayers for Munich. Wishing for a better world for all.

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    • Mouse,
      When I read your comment yesterday, I didn’t know about the Munich event – crazy …. absolutely crazy! Meanwhile, I successfully avoided the first convention, and time will tell if I implement the same plan next week.

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  4. Mike Pence could have fired off a “Boring Donald Trump” Tweet, Frank, considering that Trump’s acceptance speech slogged on and on for 75 minutes. Trump must view editing as a sign of weakness. Your heat and humidity are heading my way. Right now, it’s 91, but the humidity is 50%. It’s forecast to increase. What a great time to finally have a/c at home!

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  5. I’m enjoying reading “Quantum and the origin of time” slowly.

    You saying that your golf year this year has been strange probably means that you’re scoring well with sub-par ball striking?

    Add “Trembling, Pallid RNC Attendees Undergo Second Day Of Firearm Withdrawal” to your “It’s President Obama’s fault” list.

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  6. I’m in the Basque Country at the moment and had 100 degree heat a week back with high humidity – was not the best of times. I like the hashtag note, wonder what other useless things we shall see as technology aims for the sky but lands in the soup?


  7. The heat index today where I live is 126 degrees. For the first time in my life, I got into a car and couldn’t breathe it was so hot. Ye gads! Anyway, felt the same about the new Ghostbusters, but liked the Star Trek movie better. As to the Republican Convention, I watched so you didn’t have to and wrote the post “House of Horrors,” as a “reporter” interviewing Melania. (I think you will find it entertaining.) In the meantime, I am now in full intercessory prayer and fasting until November.

    Congrats on your excellent golf game. I live in a place with three golf courses and every friend and neighbor here is trying to get me to play golf. So far I’m standing strong in the “Hell to the no!” department. All the best.

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    • E-Tom,
      Eek!!!! … you watched? More evidence that I’ve failed – miserably failed. BUT, thanks for the Star Trek plug!!!! … and I think we’ll see it soon.

      Oh no … not an excellent golf game because it has been a strange year for my golf …. as strange or stranger than the Trump candidacy.

      Heat wave in DC? Extra yuk! Before AC, wasn’t Washington seen as a hardship post for embassy assignments? Stay cool!!!!! …. so how is the new place?


  8. You’re right Frank, what’s going on isn’t close to 1968 but we’re heading in a dangerous direction and if things don’t settle down soon it’s possible we can move closer to that very difficult time. It only takes a spark to ignite a flame and several sparks have already been lit.


  9. i enjoyed the article from The Atlantic, Frank. I certainly agree with the author’s premise and his conclusions! I did watch the Republican convention–what I could see of it while we were out of town, and I have watched the Dems so far this week. I don’t know what it is that draws me in. I do feel like I’m watching highly produced entertainment, a sorry state for something s serious as our Presidential election. I watch the television and at the same time read what people are Tweeting. There is so much anger, but like you remind when you bring up 1968, we’ve lived through turbulent times before. I just don’t remember another time when it felt so ludicrous!

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    • Debra,
      You may be like me as one who likes a good political speech … and I t seems I missed some good ones with the Dems. In terms of 1968, I stick with historians who call it the most turbulent year in US history.


  10. Ah, so much to say… Let’s see. Over here near Portlandia it’s getting hot but Humidity has left the building, so nothing to complain about given Saunageddon around the country. As for the short season of Fear Factor, RNC Edition, I was a bit miffed that all those gun lovers wanted to limit firearms during the coronation. I’m keeping up with all the political news via NPR’s political podcasts and the comedy news on Hulu. No commercials; it’s great. Sort of. Seeing all the Bernie supporters sobbing at the DNC convention is a real downer, but that’s just one of the stages of grief. The anger stage is getting annoying. And the Clintons really need to advocate a form of communication other than email, don’t you think?

    As for the racial climate today versus 1968, you are so right. I’m reading a book about Charles Manson (I know, some light summer reading!) and those were some terrible times. I was 11 and sheltered in very rural NY. Wonder bread wasn’t as white as our little microcosm of the world, so I had no idea of the racial acrimony and violence. History. Repeating. Oy Vey!

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