On a Few Bits Before …

Greetings everyone. I’m still present, but just not writing and visiting much. Out of respect to the many good people who visit my little corner of the world, I wanted to check-in.

I know my presence has been (at best) faint, but I continue to struggle with the enthusiasm necessary to post and visit. However, in my tradition, it’s also time for a Fall Break.


The current political climate in the US is pathetic (and that’s being kind). Besides our election process being too damn long and too expensive, I’m sick of it, therefore have to get a few things off my chest.

I like this recent quote from columnist David Brooks that describes American voters.

Politics is catching up to social reality. The crucial social divide today is between those who feel the core trends of the global, information-age economy as tailwinds at their backs and those who feel them as headwinds in their face.

David Axelrod’s comment about Hillary Clinton is right on: “Antibiotics can take care of pneumonia. What’s the cure for an unhealthy penchant for privacy that repeatedly creates unnecessary problems?”

Anyone who doubts the existence of a right-wing conspiracy against Mrs. Clinton is either clueless or part of the conspiracy. Nonetheless, why she (and her campaign) make choices that feed the conspiracy is beyond me!

Here’s another thing that causes me to slap my forehead. Why isn’t Mrs. Clinton and the Democratic Party making issue of the lack of action by the Republican-led Senate regarding the Supreme Court vacancy?

1968 was the first US presidential election that I closely followed … and I have engaged in them ever since. During that time, the current candidates are the 18th and 19th different candidates nominated by the two dominant parties. (Repeats counted once). I would unquestionably vote for any of the previous 17 candidates over Donald Trump. Yep … Nixon, Humphrey, McGovern, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Mondale, Bush (HW), Dukakis, Clinton, Dole, Bush (W), Gore, Kerry, Obama, McCain, and Romney would get my vote before The Bloviator.

Enough said.

To lead us into my upcoming absence, here a song from the greatest band not (for whatever strange reason) in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Hope all is well with you, and in the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

100 thoughts on “On a Few Bits Before …

  1. I was just thinking about you last night and wondering how you are!
    The lack of decision on the Supreme Court is outrageous. HRC needs to step up her game.
    Also, I don’t know why there aren’t more outcries over all the outrageous claims of DT–and his basket of deplorables.

    Enjoy your break!


    • Merril,
      I’ll give Trump supporters credit … no matter what he says, when he flip-flops, when he lies, when he misuses facts … they stick with him. …. and to me, that is more scary than him.

      Yes, the lack of decision on the court nominee is outrageous …. and I can’t understand the Dems ignoring it as a campaign issue. My state has (to date) the most expensive Senate campaign in the country … and no mention of it here. Crazy! … But spending will go down because the Dems candidate is sliding.

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  2. Happy Fall Break, my dear friend and yeah, election process [especially a long one as yours] is when you think about it, bad for health! Everything is put on hold and it’s like you’re entering a virtual reality of promises! Hang in there and may wisdom and goodness* [wishful thinking!] prevail! 😉
    * yes, I am aware that these two terms don’t exist in any politician’s book but, no harm in wishing it, is there?!]

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  3. I’m in the same boat as you. Barely any interest in reading or writing. And disgusted by the current campaign. Me! I too would vote for anyone on that list over Trump — well probably except for Reagan. No, I couldn’t vote for Reagan under any circumstances. I would stay home for that one. Or write in AFrankAngle.

    Enjoy your break!

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    • Elyse,
      LOL … but if you had to vote, I’m confident you would vote for Reagan over Trump … but I never sit on out … never … please a spot blank, yes …. but I voted.

      Meanwhile, hang in there … the blues will pass us.

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  4. Nice to see you back, Frank and I know what you mean about not posting. The mood has to be right and one has to want to write. I am reading voraciously though!

    Skipping the politics as I always do, I wish you and yours the very best and hope to see you more in the blogosphere. :).

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  5. The last civil and intelligent conversation that I heard regarding politics was David Brooks/Mark Shields. All the others scream over each other (aided and abetted by the host commentator). Enjoy the break/pause but don’t stay away too long because you may find the AFrankAngle write in campaign in full swing when you come back.

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    • Mudge,
      David Brooks is smart, insightful, sensible, and respectful. I always appreciate him when he’s on the Meet the Press panel. … and sensible people seem to be lacking in this election cycle. … and thanks for the kind words.


  6. Hi Frank, don’t worry – blogging comes in fits and starts, so all’s good – and enjoy your break!
    As for your election process, I lost track of how it works many Moons ago. Our media swings from one side to the other so we have no real idea who’s ahead of the game. Our comedians do likewise. All I know is I want one person to win, and the other to, erm, not. I’ll not say who though, as my opinion may swing opinion, but I’m hoping I’m siding with the majority. May Heaven help the world if I’m not… and I’m not even political!
    Good to see you again.

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    • Tom,
      I enjoy getting opinions from afar about our political election craziness. … so many thanks. It’s so dominant on the news, I imagine there aren’t many places to hide.

      “Fits and starts” is a good way to an important aspect of blogging. Given my longevity, I feel good about not having many times of “fits” … Cheers!

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  7. It’s good to see you back Frank – it would be great to see real, modern day Americans hollering out their windows right now ……. even where I sit the US political system appears to be in a disastrous position. Blame and shame the order of the day and both parties putting up Presidential candidates of dubious competency ………….

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  8. “Unhealthy penchant for privacy”? I don’t think there’s anything unhealthy about wanting to have privacy – it’s the reason why I don’t put my name or photos on my blog. 🙂
    I know it’s different for presidential candidates, but not advertising a moderate and rarely life-threatening illness that’s treatable by antibiotics isn’t that concerning as, say, hiding a cancer or a serious heart condition. I also don’t know Clinton’s phone number and credit card number, and you could argue she’s covering up these, too.


      • Maybe they mishandled it, but what was the right way for Clinton to handle it? Take the day off as the doctor recommended, skip all public events on 9/11 anniversary and face the Fox News outrage about Hillary Clinton disrespecting the memory of 9/11 victims?

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        • Not saying anything on 9/11 was fine … yes, remember the day … but she has the knack of playing right into the hands of the Clinton Conspirators. (See my comment to Lame Adventures).


        • I think anything Clinton does is playing into the hands of the Clinton Conspirators. You just have to know how to spin it.
          Personally, I think trying to sit out 9/11 anniversary would have been a much worse decision – she’d be labeled a traitor and anti-American for ignoring 9/11.
          Announcing in advance that Clinton is sick with pneumonia, then disappearing for a few days, including 9/11, to recover – she raises “what does she really have?” speculation plus labeled a traitor and blamed for making up false excuses to dishonor the 9/11 victims.
          Announcing pneumonia in advance and warning she may leave the event early again prompts the “what does she really have?” questions.
          They chose taking a gamble that she’ll make it through the event and won’t come off as sick and won’t raise any concerns – and she lost that bet when she collapsed. If not for those last 20 seconds, she would have won. But at least trying to power through being sick seems like the only option that offered a decent chance that her reputation wouldn’t suffer any new attacks, while all other options I could think of guaranteed fresh new attack lines.
          So it’s easy to say she could’ve handled it better, but I just don’t see any better option.
          If you were her campaign manager, how would you handle it?


        • 1) Don’t play to the detractors because they won’t be happy even if they got what they wanted.

          2) Information must be timely. If I was in charge, the statement would have come forward much earlier … and the evening of 9/11 would have been appropriate … again, she plays into the hands of the Clinton Conspirators, and that raises questions with the people in the middle.


        • Actually, the doctor’s statement that Clinton had pneumonia was released sometime in the afternoon of 9/11 or evening, judging by the fact that there were news stories that evening mentioning the statement – here’s one posted at 7p.m. on 9/11: http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2016-09-11/hillary-clinton-diagnosed-with-pneumonia
          As for not playing to detractors, I understand and agree, but there are detractors and there is a massive propaganda machine that will blow every minor thing out of proportion so that people who are on the fence will think she’s evil incarnate after the flood of such “scandals”.
          Case in point: she did what you said she should have done, released a statement on that same day, and yet you think that she’s engaged in some insidious coverup. 🙂


  9. Frank, you and I are on the same page when you said, “I continue to struggle with the enthusiasm necessary to post and visit.” I also loathe the bloviator, as do my siblings and Milton. Milton and I were both apoplectic over how stupidly Hillary handled her illness. It’s stunning how someone who has a huge intellect creates these problems for herself over and over. I agree with Milton, “Bitch better get well before that first debate!” Enjoy your break!

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    • Lame,
      Here’s an interesting take on HC (credit to Michael Smerconish and my added touch) …. Of course there is a Hillary Clinton conspiracy. Anyone denying it is either clueless or part of the conspiracy. So if the conspiracy exists, why and the hell does she embellish it by playing into the conspiracy? … (I wanted to include this in the original post, but forgot … so thanks for the opening!) … Glad to know I’ve got company!

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  10. I understand where you’re coming from with the enthusiasm to continue visiting and blogging. I’m struggling as well. As for your political observations, I think I can easily just say “ditto.” The words that come to mind aren’t fit to print. I think it’s best to wake me when the whole November debacle is over! Take care…check in from time to time when you have what it takes. You’re missed! 🙂

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    • Debra,
      We’ve been together on WP a long time, and you know my political bend, which also means my relative consistency. I’ve taken my shares of bites out of Trump, but the Clinton criticisms are very valid. As one interested in politics, I’m tired of the BS from this entire cycle! … and we deserve better!

      Meanwhile, thanks for your blogging support – a hobby that ebbs and flows.


  11. http://www.sfgate.com/opinion/article/Garrison-Keillor-Understanding-Hillary-9222289.php
    aFa, if nothing else perhaps a more credible explanation on Hillary’s “failures” to do this or that, would be to read Garrison Keillor’s most recent article, but especially the last paragraph. “Concrete shoes” continue to be relegated footwear for many, regardless of gaining the vote and the passage of Title IX, as Mr. Keillor so adeptly points out. In this particular instance, however, the inequality of reasonable expectations between the presidential candidates is blaring and blatant. Shame on those who remain clueless. Shame on the rest of us for accepting what is being presented as fair and equal. We have lowered the bar of responsibility and accountability and will have only ourselves to blame.

    In any event, I’m [obviously] with you on the break/pause. Fertilizing the roses…which seems most appropriate and suits my own frame of mind at the moment. Looking forward to hearing from you after the dust of summer into fall settles. OXRRR

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  12. Been missing our smiling face, Frank. Enjoy the break – and soothe, heal the spirit.
    I’ve been a bit disheartened about blogging, too. Enjoy the conversations, but all the chaos and noise is wearing.
    If this excessive heat ever breaks, at least I can get back outside.
    Cheers and off with you!

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  13. I too, would vote for any of the previous 17 candidates over Donald Trump. … Nixon, Humphrey, McGovern, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Mondale, Bush (HW), Dukakis, Clinton, Dole, Bush(W), Gore, Kerry, Obama, McCain, Romney. What’s needed between now and Nov. 8 is for Bernie Sanders to get out on the campaign trail EVERYDAY in support of Hillary Clinton and WITH GUSTO explain to his primary supporters why he too, would vote for any of the previous 17 presidential candidates over Donald Trump.

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  14. I missed this post when it came out. We were somewhere in Scotland and very preoccupied. During our barge week, we had no access to the internet at all. Good thing. Didn’t miss it. After that we were entertained by Edinburgh and the whisky tour.

    I empathize with your sentiments. The extreme levels of encampment by the two factions of society really causes a whole lot of noise and nothing getting done on state and national levels. Most of the people and places I know in small town and rural areas continue to work with each other and get stuff done. We know how to do it. But, put someone into the state or national spotlight and their brain shuts down to compromise and cooperation. WTF!

    Do we need an impending worldwide disaster like an asteroid to make us wake up? I figure each side would still blame the other for letting it happen. Of course it would be Obama’s fault in some way. And Donald? He says he will fix everything and fast.

    OK…I am now down off the stump. 🙂


  15. Beam yourself back aboard AFA! Looking forward to your phasing-in to the brass knuckles politics election going on here and hearing about your latest trek. Also looking forward to showing you my revamped golf game which I’ve been working on since my debacle with you at the Oasis CCGC.

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    • Tim,
      Sorry … but being away from the election for 2+ weeks was refreshing, and it helped me realize much about this election. The mere mentioning of your revamped golf game is more evidence that he don’t believe in my approach – thus contrary to want you say.


  16. Good Morning dear Frank, I have been thinking of you, because you are in silence. But I know now, enjoy your break, sometimes we all need to have a break time. Politics make my mind busy too 🙂 you can’t believe this, but we had a very bad summer time in here, and I hope and wish what the best is for your country, I hope and wish it to be nice and good for us too 🙂 Thank you, Love, nia


    • Nia,
      Greetings to the good lady from Turkey as it is always good to hear from you.

      The world is a troubled place, and the Internet seems to amplify that news because most of us receive news so fast from throughout the world … thus one of my beliefs of the importance of good people of all cultures sticking together.

      I’ve been silent, but doing well. Following my vacation, I now am working my way back into blogging. Not sure when my next post will be, but I’m answering comments and slowly visiting others …. so many thanks for thinking of me!

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