On an Election Day Primer

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Tuesday is Election Day … and day that many of us have been anticipating for a long time. In my opinion, our process is too long and too expensive. That aside, it remains an important day. I encourage all to vote with their head.

To many people – a mixture of independents and partisans – this election has been a national embarrassment. One of my fears is that this may become the new normal. Even though embarrassing, I encourage people to vote, and not leaving their ballot blank. If that means holding your nose in the voting booth, just do it.

This election has been so goofy, so undignified, so disrespectful, …. there is only one way (for me) to post a primer leading into Election Day … and that’s with The Onion! Enjoy!!!! … Combos are welcomed! … Any favorites?

The Onion looks back with this timeline about the election …. and a few headlines for a laugh. After all, many of us can use one.

Nation’s still-undecided voters: “Help! We can’t get our car seatbelts off.”

Trump makes last-minute push to appeal to whites

Michelle Obama tosses a bunch of Barack’s old number 44 jerseys

Undecided voter waiting until he hears the same responses for the seventh time before making a decision

Trump raises concern over members of urban communities voting more than zero times

Anthony Weiner sends apology sext to entire Clinton campaign

Intergalactic law enforcement places energy shackles on Hillary Clinton

Trump complains entire personality is against him

New heavy-duty voting machine allows Americans to take out frustrations on it before casting vote

Teary-eyed Tim Kaine asks Clinton if his hair will grow back before Election Day

Mike Pence visits small town hit hard by kids seeing R-rated movies

Nation puts 2016 election in perspective by reminding itself some species of sea turtles get eaten by birds just seconds after they hatch

Trump hold strategy meeting with campaign’s top militia leaders ahead of the election

Clinton delivers stump speech in Moscow warehouse in effort to appeal to Russian hackers

Election Day is the only time most Americans in same room with person support other candidate

Anthropologists discover isolated tribe of joyful Americans in remote village untroubled by 2016 election.

37 thoughts on “On an Election Day Primer

  1. I wonder if this is going to be one of those, “Where were you when the winner of the Presidential election of 2016 was announced”, moments. You know, remembering where you were when the O.J. simpson verdict was announced? I seriously don’t know where to hide…under the bed, under a huge mound of candy bars, under a rock? Sigh…politics.

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  2. Ear plugs, unplugged media, remote village….Cathy U is absolutely right: it is going to be business as usual…with or without us. I remain hopeful that there are more “withs” who will demand and expect better of not only our elected and/or appointed politicians but from our individual selves as well. xoxoxcheers to you aFa.

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  3. I’m pretty sure “Without Me” by Eminem should’ve been Trump’s campaign theme: “Now this looks like a job for me / So everybody just follow me / ‘Cause we need a little controversy / ‘Cause it feels so empty without me…”

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  4. Sad but I couldn’t help chuckling. So glad we are down for the count I am exhausted. I just heard one of the women in the house reserve a cab for us to be at the polls at 6:30 am. Yes I want it to be over with but I don’t like that early morning get up in the cold and get out. But our niece has to vote then go to school.

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    • Debra,
      Part of the reason how system goes on so long is that we don’t have a parliamentary system where a party suddenly loses a majority, thus a call for an election. (That’s simplifying) … so the dates are locked in here. .. but still, too damn long!


  5. Please could you check out my post on the election, mostly if you’re voting Trump as I’d love for you to read a British opinion on the matter. But those of you who support Hillary, id love your feedback!


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