On the Aftermath

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It’s over … finally …. the longest campaign season in history is finally over! Below is a collection of immediate thoughts.

I never thought Donald Trump would get the nomination, let alone win … but he did. I not only accept the results, I accept the fact that I missed it on both counts.

Although I’m surprised he won, I’m not surprised she lost.

Yesterday I told a friend that if we knew before 10 pm, it would be an easy victory for Mrs. Clinton … but the longer it went into the night, advantage Mr. Trump … and about 9 pm I knew she was in trouble.

Her not speaking to supporters with a concession speech bothers me … and for some reason, I’m not surprised.

I took heat from a few partisans for my hope of divided government. Because they preferred all or nothing, a side of me is now smiling.

The Republican-led Senate proclaimed the Biden Rule regarding the Supreme Court vacancy, but now I don’t expect them to follow it.

The results do make me wonder about many things. I will continue to ponder, and time will tell what happens. After all, over-reaction is seldom a good idea.

Because the election is rigged, will he immediately step down? … Hey … someone had to ask! 🙂

I’ve always believed that the USA and its framework is stronger than any one person.

I’ve said on many occasions that if the president is successful, then the country is successful. Although I didn’t vote for him and casted a vote much more against him (than for her), I wish him well with hopes he governs toward the center. Although I expect to disagree with some (maybe even many) of his decisions and many (if not most) actions by the Republican Congress, it’s time to move on.

I’m extremely thankful for the end of the political ads! … and besides (as I can’t resist) all this is Obama’s fault. 😉

73 thoughts on “On the Aftermath

  1. I’m not to sure what to think about anything at the moment. I almost think Australians had more interest in this election than our own. We’re used to having the vote and I guess I did find it frustrating that Americans who had the right to vote and influence what could be quite a turning point in US and world history, choose not to.
    I’m not sure that Hillary was the answer but Trump scares me. Let’s pray I’m wrong.
    xx Rowena

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  2. Frank, under normal circumstances I would agree with you that the country’s framework is stronger than one person. In the past, I may have complained about the elections but lived with the result. That’s politics and governance (I still have my well-worn copy of the US Constitution from high school). However, this is not a normal year (ya think?) nor is he a normal candidate. I deeply fear his thin-skinned reactions as a world leader as well as the probable dismantling of all environmental controls by climate change denying Republicans – this could conceivably lead to the end of life as we know it. Nuclear war and/or catastrophic climate change have suddenly become possible. Where are the checks and balances in our three branches of government? There are none at this time.

    I don’t blame Hillary one bit; no candidate for president has EVER been treated the way she has been, from her opponent threatening in a debate to jail her to inciting disgruntled voters to chant terrible threats against her to the catastrophic interference of the FBI in the election last week. I feel as a woman that I have been beaten and mauled by the rhetoric in this election process and I am not alone.

    But finally, I’m absolutely appalled and deeply saddened by the level of hate, bigotry, and misogyny revealed by the American voter. No good can come of electing a candidate who has brought out the very worst in people by playing on their fears in order to reach his own ends. I worry that we are headed for some very difficult times in our country. I keep reminding me that the race was VERY close and there are a lot of people in this country who did not vote for what we now face. And one must hope in the face of the “rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem”.

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    • Cynthia,
      This campaign season has been anything but wise and conciliatory. Sure I have concerns … some more serious than others … but it is important for wisdom to prevail. Besides, being more in the middle I tend to get punched whichever way I lean.

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  3. I wish I could share your positivity, Frank, but I’m swimming in a thick cloud of gray this morning. We just elected racism, hatred, sexism, bullying…or at least it feels that way based on the things we’ve seen and heard over the past several months. A tweet by David Duke during the night said “make no mistake about it, our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!” I felt sick when I saw it. And to have one party in control of Congress and the presidency, especially under Trump? Scares me silly.

    So while I’ll have to eventually accept the turn of events, I’m worried it’s going to take a while. Maybe it’s time for one of those Ohio beer festivals you’ve been telling me about?…

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  4. I was bothered as well that she didn’t speak. The announcement by Podesta for everyone to go home, that the votes were still coming in and that they weren’t giving up, then her conceding defeat within the hour, left a bad taste. But I’m not surprised. I suspect she was simply too devastated to speak–but her supporters deserved to see that pain and grieve with her. Just my opinion.

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  5. I think this is a attitude we should all take, Frank…move on and stay as positive as we can. We should have all seen this coming but your comment is most telling, “I’m surprised he won but I’m not surprised she lost.”
    No one ever thought this was possible…not even Trump. But here we are. It’ll be an interesting time, to say the least. Maybe he’ll surprise us. Lord knows he has so far.

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    • George,
      Thanks for the kind words. Truth be told, I’m on the gray side today as many, but so many of his votes had to be more of “not her” … just as mine was more “not him” … but it’s over … time to move on. Oh yes – I have my concerns – but I’m moving on.

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  6. Super comments, Frank. I like you am not surprised Hillery said nothing to all those who worked so hard for her. Of all the aftermath comments I have read yours is the most uplifting and reasonable. I am so tired of the division I hope we can all put on big kid pants and do what is best for the country. The fact that I’m still alive and writing is Obama’s fault.

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  7. I honestly can’t think of anything to say/write at the moment. I’m feeling terribly ill after this election. Perhaps they’ll someday name a disease after it. (Joking…maybe.) That hate won is hard for me to fathom, but so much of what goes on these days is hard for me to fathom. Although I was not Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan, I did appreciate her taking the time to get it together before giving her concession speech. I thought, as I did with Gore years ago, that if she had campaigned with as much passion as she put into her concession speech, she might have won. As it is, she did win the popular vote (last I checked — those numbers might have changed).

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    • lol! Looks like I thought of plenty to say/write. I want to add that I appreciate your willingness to put aside the election and come together for the sake of the country. I hope I can get there someday, too.

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    • Robin,
      I recently saw an interview with Michael Dukakis (who lost in 1988) … and he said it best … “Losing sucks.” … as all candidates pour themselves into the campaign. Time did allow her to gather her wits and emotions, and I thought her speech this morning was very good (as I heard most of it). Thanks for sharing!


  8. I appreciated reading this post Frank, and all the comments that preceded mine. As a representative from a small, far-away country who found herself watching on the internet in horror last night my only two thoughts were that the country had revealed itself and the ‘greatest country in the world’ was no more. I’m not quite so fatalistic this morning, for I believe that out of chaos and confusion great opportunities for change and growth arise. Times have changed Frank!

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    • Pauline,
      The whole world was watching … and many with horror as well. Yes, the world is changing … times are changing … and change happens quicker than every. I too can see opportunities for positive change, but time will tell if that will happen. Thanks, Kiwi!


  9. It’s all Obama’s fault. You’re so funny! Being on the west coast, I didn’t have to wait up too late before the end result was clear. Once Florida and your fine state were in, I knew it was over. I’m frankly surprised that Trump won and that it was fairly easy for him. I guess we’ll see what happens next.


    • Betsy,
      Even though we went to bed around 11:30 that night, I already had the feeling what would happen. Found out when I woke up and heard the news on the radio. I’m still amazed he won, but still not surprised that she lost. Listening to people hear, I’m amazed that so many didn’t want her because of her character, but gave him a free pass. Strange … very strange … well, at least to me. Nonetheless, time to move on so time will tell!


      • That is strange about the character thing. I’m glad people weren’t lured by the idea of having the first woman president–any woman president. It will be cool to see that happen, but I’m grateful it didn’t happen with Hillary.


        • Hillary has tons of experience to fit the position … then again, she is her own worst enemy and feeds (in my opinion) the Clinton conspiracy advocates. … I’ll be quote an editorial here in the next post (up in about 8 hours).

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  10. You’re the first blog I’ve accessed since Tuesday night, Frank, and I was hoping you’d commented on the election outcome. I was reasonably sure you had. I’m in Oakland with my son and daughter-in-law and the Bay Area is about as “Blue” as it gets. People of all ages are walking around in a stupor, and I’ve had marvelous conversations with many. It’s easy to speak to likeminded people. It’s the people in my life who have supported Trump that I’m not quite ready to face. I might just decide not to come home? 🙂 I’m aghast. I’m holding my tongue, for the most part, and I only hope I can maintain civility. California has sent Kamala Harris to the Senate, and I think she’s tremendously qualified to lead. It’s going to be a bumpy ride–at best.

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    • Debra,
      Glad I was able to answer your hope for a post! … and hopefully it delivered some sanity. I have another coming soon.

      As I stated, it hard to believe that he won, but I’m not surprised she lost. This election has been so weird on many levels. Fortunately, I’ve successfully been able to ignore the gloating Trump supporters.


  11. I have this theory that Trump decided to run for election, first as a publicity stunt, and then when he began to gain followers, it became an obsession so that he would say anything to gain more popularity. Maybe he was as shocked when he won, as Hillary was to lose. Now he seems to have become a bit less bumptious as the reality has begun to sink in. “Be careful what you wish for!” 🙂

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  12. Frank, my thoughts went to you … under the election night – the hours I was awake and what we had been talking about earlier. I had a feeling it would go this way, when people don’t feel good they listen to the one that screams the highest.
    I do in a way understand … because people are tired of that things are the way they are and something is seriously wrong, but Mr Trump isn’t going to fix any of it … but people will soon find out about that. The thing is they didn’t only vote for him to be your next president .. they also gave him the most powerful job in the world .. and it will affect the whole world. A man that going to separate people instead of bringing them together … who preaches hate.
    I hope the senate and the congress is a lot smarter than him.
    Have the same in Sweden, where the National Party has seats in parliament. Scary stuff.


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