On Thanksgiving 2016

After an election process that has been too long, too costly, and too damn goofy, the election has tested our spirits and patience. While some are upset, others gloat. While some cautiously watch, some don’t worry – even though they are leery.

My Thanksgiving wish for 2016 is that everyone enjoy the gathering. Don’t talk politics, but enjoy the company. Don’t talk politics, but enjoy the food and beverages. Don’t talk politics, but enjoy laughter. Don’t talk politics, but enjoy the little things. Don’t talk politics, but be thankful for all the good people in the world. Don’t talk politics, so smile and be kind – after all, you probably have a lot to be thankful for.

Safe travels for those who will spend time on the road. To those who don’t have family gatherings, peace to you. Happy Thanksgiving … and I’m thankful for all the good people I’ve encountered on my little corner of the world.

There’s got to be a song for you below. Which did you pick? …. and you can have more than one. 🙂

61 thoughts on “On Thanksgiving 2016

  1. We can discuss politics because we all agree. AND we can pile on the one Pennsylvania voter among us who didn’t vote ..

    As for the songs, I’ll go with “Thank you for being a friend,” which is how I feel about you, Frank.

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  2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Frank. Thanks for the music. I don’t really want to talk politics except with people who agree with me. I’ll admit it. But as my family hasn’t gotten together in many many months, it will probably come up. And to think that it would all be over with the election. Oh, far from it, huh? Take care, Frank. Have a great holiday!

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    • Amy,
      Enjoy your family gathering … especially because it has been a bit too long since your last gathering. Try avoiding election talk and enjoy the day! 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving to you and your entire family.


  3. Right on target when you say, “Don’t talk politics.”
    Let us celebrate our blessings and be ‘Thankful’.
    I enjoyed your music selections, aFrank. It’s difficult to pick one but Louie Armstrong
    is my pick.
    May the peace of ‘Thanksgiving’ shower over you and your family. 🦃🍗🍰☕️🍷🍴🍽 🍷
    Isadora 😎

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  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours Frank. I picked all the songs since you said we could have more than one. (Ironically the same thing happens when a similar offer is made to me regarding pumpkin pie…)

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