On a Cosmetic Nude


ArtWorks is responsible for adding over 100 murals throughout Cincinnati – of which many are in the main part of the city. Thanks to Resa posting about street art in Toronto and Winnipeg, she has heightened my interest in these wonderful works of outdoor art that is in my city.

The one mural featured in this post first caught my attention several years ago when it I first saw the nearly completed version that was covered by scaffolding. Because I didn’t know much about why this mural was selected, its color and unique style caught my eye.

ArtWorks selected this design to be part of its Cincinnati Masters series – a collection of murals dedicated to the work of Cincinnati artists. Maybe in the future I’ll put them together into one post. To be honest, I didn’t know this artist – then again, I don’t claim to be knowledgeable about art. So, I decided to do this post in the style of a famous television game show – Jeopardy!

Answer: Born in Cincinnati, lived 1931-2004, graduated from the University of Cincinnati, and the Art Academy of Cincinnati

Answer: He moved to New York City where cartoon strips were his initial success, but after 5 years he decided to pursue painting

Answer: The Great American Nude series brought him fame in the art world

Answer: He became well-known for his American Pop Art, and a contemporary to Andy Warhol

Answer: He also developed his own techniques of using metals in metal-work sculptures; such as The Dropped Bra

Answer: His Still Life is another series – Still Life #60 is a collection of things a woman will wear – causing some to suggest these object take the place of a nude while suggesting her presence.

Answer: His mural is located at 811 Main Street in downtown Cincinnati

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Question: Who was Tom Wesselmann?

Although this mural caught my attention, I’ve never heard of Tom Wesselmann … at least now I know. Thanks ArtWorks!

To see more posts about the ArtWorks murals in Cincinnati, click here. Meanwhile, here’s a short video featuring Wesselmann’s work … and don’t forget to visit Resa to see the urban art she has captured.


25 thoughts on “On a Cosmetic Nude

    • Susie,
      I still remember the first time I saw this one when it was shielded by the scaffolding … and I knew I wanted to see it again. … but I never knew it was a tribute to Wesselmann until recently. Meanwhile, the murals in this city are quite the undertaking, and they have captured my attention … therefore I am happy to capture and share.

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  1. Love the art I’ve seen here tonight! Wesselmann is definitely a wonderful artist, and deserves to be in the streets! 😀 … and I mean that with all respect and sincerity! ⭐
    PS TY for the link! 😀

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  2. Tom Wesselmann is one of my painting heroes. Here are 6 of his quotes which I keep on my refrigerator:

    1. “The challenge for an artist is always to find your own way of doing something.”
    2. “The prime mission of my art, in the beginning, and continuing still, is to make figurative art as exciting as abstract art.”
    3. “At first glance, my pictures seem well behaved, as if—that is a still life, O.K. But these things have such crazy give-and-take that I feel they get really very wild.”
    4. “For many years, drawing, especially from the nude, was a desperate attempt to capture something significant of the beauty of the woman I was confronted with. It was always frustrating because the beauty of the woman is so elusive.”
    5. “As pop art became linked with Coca-Cola and soup cans and road signs, I pulled back. It was becoming a subject matter and the subject was very limiting.”
    6. “I can’t talk about Matisse without talking about myself. He is the painter I most idolized and I still do.”

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    • Bruce,
      Glad you enjoyed my Jeopardy twist. It came about because I knew about the mural long before I even noticed the name Tom Wesselmann … which was then followed by the infamous question – Who is Tom Wesselmann? … Bingo! The idea hit!!!

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    • Debra,
      Glad you enjoy this series … and this particular mural. As I mentioned, this one caught my eye the first time I saw it when the scaffolding was still in place.

      There are more for me to capture, so I’m anxious to find a nice day to head into the city for more photos of different murals. But going into winter, who knows when that day will arrive.


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