On a Fire that Isn’t

Embed from Getty Images

The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire. (Pamela Hansford Johnson, critic)

During 2 weeks in February in Yosemite National Park, the light from a setting sun lines up to not only illuminate a waterfall and its mist, the light also gives the water a fiery appearance. Sit back and enjoy this spectacular natural phenomenon.

24 thoughts on “On a Fire that Isn’t

    • Kerry,
      Scale is a great point in both still and video photography. We always need a point of reference. As I say, an elephant is big compared to a mouse – but quite small compared to Mt. Everest.


  1. How gorgeous, Frank. I would love to see Yosemite in the winter but I’m not quite that adventurous! When we visited in the fall of this year we could see these falls off in the distance, or at least I think they were the same falls, and in the afternoon sunset they do create a rainbow effect. We weren’t close enough to fully appreciate, but it was visible. The music accompanying this video was great, as well!


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