On an Italian Time-lapse

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One of my friends describes Italy as “one long museum.” The country offers so much that it is actually very hard to describe. Then again, being that my heritage is all Italian and with 4 first cousins and an aunt there, I admit being a bit biased. Enjoy with time-lapse of various parts of this beautiful country.

30 thoughts on “On an Italian Time-lapse

  1. Frank, this is our dream to go to Italy. Hopefully it will be realized soon. You’ve been? I hear that it’s awe-inspiring. I think we’re drawn to the Amalfi Coast.

    Your pictorial, set to beautiful music certainly is! Thank you.

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  2. Yes, you are biased. But you aren’t wrong from what I have heard about Italy. I’ve also seen a number of cooking shows where they “reach back” into Italy to explore the genesis of many dishes and/or their preparation. I admittedly think of food first whenever I hear the country’s name because I love their cuisine. The geography and architecture…well that’s just that much more to love from what I’ve seen at a distance. Perhaps I will cross this off the list one day…but for today I can cross Italy right here.

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    • Bruce,
      Glad you enjoyed this little journey. Obviously, I am a sucker for Italian food. Interestingly, is how regional the cooking is. Not only differences between provinces, but within it as well … let alone coastal vs. 15 miles inland vs a mountainous region vs an inland plain. Gotta love it.

      I invite you to see the more of what I have captured there … In the sidebar Categories > Travel > Italy. Enjoy!

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  3. Whenever anybody asks me where to go for a first or once in a lifetime trip to Europe, I say “Italy.” You’re friend’s quote is perfect. There are no bad places in Italy. The countryside is magnificent, the cities magical, the beaches beautiful. The food is excellent in even the most modest restaurant, and the people are delightful.

    What’s not to like?

    My work computer is slow today, so I have to wait to watch the video. But I now have something to look forward to!

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  4. Now that I’ve been and seen but a small snippet of Italy, this time-lapse means that much more… I want to go back sooooo bad! I must have some Italian deep in my heart, if not my genes! Loved this, Frank.

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  5. Fabulous! Italy is one of the few places I’d like to visit!
    There is so much in life that I draw from the culture, yet, I’ve never seen it first hand.
    Happy New Year, Frank!!!


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