On a National Park

Named after the French-Canadian fur traders that settled the area, Voyageurs National Park is a US National Park in northern Minnesota near the US-Canada border. The park is known for its vast lakes, abundant wildlife, and old geology. This Explore video, a relatively new release from National Geographic, offers a time-lapse look of this park – especially the skies.

22 thoughts on “On a National Park

  1. Dear Frank,
    It is a spectacular show of sky from a gorgeous piece of earth’s paradise that is now a park.
    I should be happy that it’s not a parking lot.
    I’ve watched some interesting archeology shows over the holidays. i need to come to grips with what my ancestors did.

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    • Sarah,
      Welcome first-time commenter to my little corner of the world. Definitely wonderful photography of a beautiful place and set to outstanding music. As a photographer you know that beauty is all around each of us. No matter where we are, we have to take time to look. 🙂

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