On Mini-Shorts to Start 2017

A belated Happy 2017 to all! Even though the start of the new year seems so long ago, were you awake at midnight? We enjoyed the evening at a ballroom dance party where we’ve developed good friendships.

Did you notice the new header? I find so much awe, wonder, and beauty in Hubble Telescope images. This one is of the Homunculus Nebula surrounding the Eta Carinae star system. I chose this image because it symbolizes several things that are currently in my mind. The entire image is much more impressive than the cropped header.


Readers seemed to enjoy the Explore series I did in the last week of December. Thanks for stopping by.

I have made a decision on the next musical, but have no idea when it will take place.

Embed from Getty Images

Countdown is on toward Inauguration Day, and I am confident the partisans are thrilled.

Although I enjoyed President-elect Trump’s slamming the new Congress for attempting to minimize the Independent Ethics Office, I wonder if the Republican Congress will serve as a watchdog over the new administration.

The NFL Playoffs start this weekend. After a good run of consecutive trips to the playoffs, the Cincinnati Bengals are on the sideline this time, which is Obama’s fault.

Cincinnati is excited because Southwest Airlines is finally coming to town! Service starts in June.

For whatever reason, the Rose Bowl is a game I like to watch – and the 2017 edition did not disappoint. The way Penn State lost was definitely Obama’s fault.

Just wanted to get the year starting with something light as I embark on my who-knows posting schedule. Here’s a song from the 1970s to send you into the weekend. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

42 thoughts on “On Mini-Shorts to Start 2017

    • Kerry,
      I’m sure you didn’t realize (at the time) the reason for what went wrong in the game, but I’m happy that I was able to shed rational light on it for you. Nonetheless, quite the game! Happy New Year!

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  1. I hadn’t heard that song in a cat’s age, cool selection.

    What a Rose Bowl game indeed! I think we might be looking at the next gen Tom Brady in this Darnold kid out of USC. But I shouldn’t jinx him that way. Barkley and McSorley of Penn State are fun to watch as well. That McSorley kid is a gunslinger with absolutely no fear- I tend to dig that in my signal caller.

    Sorry about your Bengals. But I don’t think Lewis should go. He’s turned Cincy into a perennial contender, which should buy him another year.

    Have a great weekend!

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    • Cayman,
      Glad I was able to bring a smile by selecting Al Stewart. He had some great stuff for a limited time. Gotta love that Rose Bowl game! Whew ….. what an ending! Tough year for the Bengals. Besides Obama’s fault, too many key players aging at the same time … plus injuries and losses at WR due to free agency. Oh well … it happens. I support Marvin, but I think he will go out on his own terms over the next 3 years (into retirement).

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  2. I had fun this morning poking around the internet for spectacular photographs of the Homunculus Nebula surrounding the Eta Carinae star system, an exercise much more relaxing than our Holiday visits the last two weeks where we assisted in structuring the time of our relatives’ children (ages 5-37).

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  3. Isn’t that a spectacular image of something which must be terrifying to see closer up …….. I wonder if that is another galaxy forming or imploding? All the best for this year Frank, to you and Mrs Right. May your year be filled with dancing, music making and other wondrous things!

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  4. Happy New Year, Frank (for the tenth time). I’m sorry that Obama caused the Bengals to be left out of the playoffs. I was hoping for a showdown with the Steelers. Oh well. I love Al Stewart and this was the perfect song for today. Thanks.

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  5. Maybe when Southwest Airlines opens up there someone can steer and subsequently stow Marvin Lewis on board for a one-way flight outta town to…anywhere. Ownership is so frugal they might just then try getting through the fast approaching season with no Head Coach at all. I think the Rose Bowl was James Franklin’s fault for throwing bombs in his end of the field with overtime almost assured. Going aggressively for the win is OK…but not when you are launching pop flies. Very entertaining game however! Al Stewart’s Year of the Cat one of my all-time faves.

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    • Bruce,
      I’m a Marvin supporter, but I think he’ll retire in no more than 3 seasons. In terms of the Penn State game, I have to disagree with you blaming the coach because it is obvious that it was Obama’s fault. Cheers to you appreciating Al Stewart! Who knows … he may return soon.

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  6. Happy New Year, Frank.

    I’m impressed that you managed to get a picture of my brain at the exact moment Trump takes the oath of office. (Tell me, what is the oath of a pathological liar worth?)

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  7. I love Al Stewart, “The Year of the Cat.” What a treat! The Hubble image is very cool as well. All a wonderful distraction away from politics. I’m not yet able to say the words “enjoy” and “Trump” in the same sentence, but it gives me a little hope that you can. It should be quite a year!


    • Debra,
      Surprise – I remember you appreciation for Al Stewart! 🙂 I understand your troubles with Trump as I am there too. For me, I simply am not going to let him lose my faith in this country. I see some potential good in his ways … at the same time, I’m walking on egg shells. He’s hasn’t gotten to me as he has to the partisans because that’s not the way I’m wired.


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