On an Idea for Great Again

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Dear President-Elect Trump,

I’ve never written a president or a president-elect, but once I discovered I can submit my ideas on GreatAgain.gov, I just had to write my suggestion.

I’m approaching 64 years old, so I’m relying on my experience. While I was growing up in a small town in rural Appalachian Ohio, all the parents of my friends were working. In that same area today, jobs are difficult to find. Here’s an idea to help make America great again.

Not only should we abolish the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), let’s repeal all (if not most) of the environmental laws Congress has passed since the late 1960s. After all, even in rural Ohio, I had clean air to breathe and clean water to drink when I was a kid before the EPA even existed.

For three summers during my college years, I worked at one of 4 coal-burning power plants in my area. Since those days, driving past the same plant I have noticed the facility is more than twice the size because the EPA required the facility to add so much anti-pollution controls. Today, not only has one of the four plants closed, so has the large coal mine located in the area.

Other industrial facilities have either closed or downsized. If you abolished the EPA and the environmental laws;

  • A layer of corruption and overreach in government would be gone
  • Cost to businesses and people decrease
  • Jobs would return to not only my home area, but across the country
  • Local businesses would thrive again because people would have more money to spend
  • Walmart will become accessible to more people because more stores will be built in new areas – stores that put people to work and all people to spend
  • The Constitution’s intent of state’s rights would be preserved, so if states like California want their own environmental rules, they can have so they can send jobs to Mexico or other countries
  • … besides, climate change is a hoax so we don’t need an EPA

I know businesses have the best interest of people, so they won’t pollute the water, air, and soil. I know business leaders like the Koch brothers would much rather spend millions on growing their business instead of using that money for lobbying and political campaigns. Growing their businesses to put Americans to work so people can spend is the American way. We the people need to let these business giants, other owners, and entrepreneurs unleash their creative power to return America to its past glory.

Mr. Trump … please, please dismantle the EPA and remove the burden of environmental laws so our economy can grow and America can return to prosperity for everyone. I want to make sure I see that we take back what the Chinese have – something that I never had … and if this doesn’t work, it’s Obama’s fault.

Thanks for listening.

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44 thoughts on “On an Idea for Great Again

  1. Those who feel the EPA is nothing but another level of bureaucracy, fashioned by liberals for the sole cause of crippling business, are not old enough to have seen towns and countrysides crippled by air and water pollution (Lake Erie in the 70s, Love Canal, the Millcreek etc.). The earth God gave us needs to be cared for. We have been given charge and with that charge comes a responsibility.

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  2. Just think! With more deaths of folks in their prime working years due to asthma, black lung, COPD, lung cancer, etc., there will be less unemployment! That’s a win for everybody. Except for the dead folks.

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  3. I think you have the right idea. The more people ask for something the more the government ignores their request. I think a massive anti EPA initiative should be undertaken. Only then will the government be forced to dig in and defend the agency with all the power available.

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  4. Frank, I have a confession. I think because of recent personal circumstances I’m a little fragile right now. and I’ll be the first to admit that all my pollution-producing pistons aren’t firing accurately. I was almost apoplectic reading this. LOL! I actually started reading this believing you were stating your truth! No more environmental protections! I am old enough to remember “smog alerts” when we as children couldn’t play outside. The air in Southern California was chewable. We pay a small fortune for our environmental protections in this state and I’m glad to pay. This is one topic that nearly reduces me to a puddle, so you got me really good with this one! Well done!

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  5. I am afraid that Trump will take your satire completely seriously.
    But let’s not forget that cleaning up pollution, making and selling air and water filters, and more pollution-caused medical problems will create way more jobs that trying to prevent pollution ever could.

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