On a Forced Possession

People buy things on credit all the time. Credit cards are the natural way of buying now and paying later. This plastic money is actually a less-formal version of a loan. Then again, instant plastic money can also lead to an inability to pay the bill – especially with mounting interest – and then the credit card becomes what it always has been – a formal loan.

People also make big purchases with bank loans. Cars and houses are the biggest purchases, but not the only. An unfortunate aspect of most new motor vehicles is that they automatically decrease in value over time. That brand new car is worth less as soon as one drives off the dealer lot for the first time soon after signing the papers.

Many banks and credit cards departments of companies have their own collections department dedicated to getting the money owed to them. Other companies hire a collection services company to do the same. I can’t imagine the difficulty of having a job like that – but people do – and like all work positions, some people are very good at it.

This story is about a forced possession – a repossession. Seemingly a sad tale, but not this one because this story is about goodness – about kindness … a story worth the 2+ minutes to watch.

36 thoughts on “On a Forced Possession

  1. There are good people out there. What a nice video
    Maybe the world would be a better place if everyone stopped wringing hands about problems miles and miles away – which they can do nothing about (except get upset) and instead just looked down the block. So much need everywhere. Local – person to person – the best chance for a better world. Kindness works.
    thanks for the smile, Frank

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  2. His good deed took effort, money and time: all well spent.

    I think the thing that hit me the most is that he saw his own grandparents in the older couple. If only we could all treat the others around us the way we treat the person we love the most. Yes, the world would be a better place; but I think we as individuals living that way would be a lot happier and have a deeper sense of purpose.

    Thanks for sharing this story with us, Frank.

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    • Eric,
      The grandparents line also struck me when I first saw this, so thanks for reinforcing that. Oh the number of ways the world could be better … so many options that are applicable across the globe. Thanks for sharing your insight.


  3. I watch Sunday Morning, also, Frank…I have now teared up watching this piece twice! We need more examples of people going out of their way to help others with kindness and generosity. Such a wonderful story!

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