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Walls can surround to keep something out. Walls can also surround to keep something in. Either way, walls divide. Walls are barriers – and barriers can come in different forms.

Rick Steves is a respected travel guru in the U.S. – especially specializing in Europe. His shows and books are very well done, and one we appreciate for our travels. We have not taken any of his tours, but everyone that I know who has rave about them.

A new American president has made quite a splash in the news. Although he states his desire to be a president for all, his actions do not support his statement. After all, actions are more powerful than words – or as I like to say, behaviors and actions demonstrate one’s true value.

Rick Steves has a perspective about building a wall and actions that act like a wall. To me, this is a worthy and powerful read. Click here to read it.



39 thoughts on “On a Worthy Read

  1. Debra,
    You ask an interesting question. The other day I stumbled across a statistic that stated something like of the terrorism trials in the US since 9/11, 80% have involved home-grown terrorists.

    Meanwhile, regarding President Trump, we are stuck with him.

    PS: As one who enjoys travel, I hope you read the Steves post.

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  2. Excellent read, Frank. As a fellow traveler I see no good come from this attitude. I am actually not in any rush to visit YOUR country at this time (sad as I go yearly…). And yet, I’ve only ever met wonderful, welcoming people. I will wait. Tensions are high… The wall is perhaps invisible but it is definitely there….

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    • Pauline,
      The comments can be crazy, thus why I have a tendency to avoid them … well, unless I’m looking for information. I can see your point about a demoralizing feeling. Then again, how can the situation make one feel good? (Well, except for the supports who are jumping up and down.)


  3. Thanks for passing that on, Frank. I found the comments almost as interesting as the piece itself. I despair that we are so divided these days that we might as well build a wall through the center of the country and separate the red from the blue. *sigh*

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    • Robin,
      Glad you appreciate Rick Steves words. A tip of the cap to you for being able to plow through the comments … something I couldn’t do. Meanwhile, we indeed do have a wall in this country … and it is quite high and obvious.


  4. Good piece, Frank. I have to say that all Trump’s actions so far have been in line with his campaign rhetoric. I’m not surprised people are reacting with fervor. What surprises me is that people seem surprised by all of this including his appointees. Where has eveyone been for the last 18 months?

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  5. We had a terrorist attack here in Canada. A non-Muslim killed 6 Muslims. Reports say that the shooter was inspired by trump.
    Okay… now, it is trump’s turn.
    I had this hideous, inexplicable burp yesterday. It was trump’s fault.

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  6. I love Rick Steven travel guides/shows – they were helpful in out travels. Will pop over there to check it out.
    You know I’ve always wanted to see the Great Wall of China – and engineering marvel. My parents went over just as China was opening to foreigners – the wall and the mobs of their own people using it as roadway quite amazed them.
    I’ve seen the some ancient Roman walls and aqueducts. But I don’t think any chainlink/pipe/barb wire/virtual wall constructed will last as long and be marveled over many, many years in the far future.
    Now if Hollywood could recreate The Wall from Game of Thrones, maybe… HA HA
    (All this drama still – sure sounds like JR high when kids would talk themselves into hysterics…kinda like the Salem witch trial teens. Calm down people. Try focusing on your neighborhood, community – a 10 mile circle around your house – which is a manageable area where you can busy yourself and really make a difference for 3-31/2 years. And we all know our congressmen/women’s emails/phone numbers and have no problem stating in 3 minutes in logical non-emotional language what you are concerned about and what specifically you want your representative to do, right? Hope so. Burrow in, but don’t zone out.)

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  7. Add me to those who have traveled in Europe and rave about Rick Steves. Also add me to those who agree with Rick Steves that “Our President Just Built a Wall…and We’re All Going to Pay for It.”

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  8. Thank you for sharing this, Frank. I so agree with Rick Steves and I find myself filled with anxiety and dread…fairly unusual feelings for me, as I, like you, feel that most of the people in the world are good. However, I’m having a hard time feeling hopeful right now.

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  9. Every time I read something well-written like Rick Steves’ blog article I find a little bit of light shining through. There are so many strong and clear voices speaking against the current insanity. I seem to need to pull strength from others these days. I’m sickened at what is going on and he definitely nailed it–we are ALL paying for this most recent wall…and the others that are sure to come.

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  10. Debra,
    A shiny light indeed finding its way through the dark clouds. Definitely insane times. I heard one commentator today say that he think we are heading toward 1968 levels of turmoil. Being that we lived it, YIKES!


  11. I have seen a couple of Rick’s shows and here he makes a compelling case indeed. The new American president has certainly had an impact on the entire world in just under two weeks time. The amount of dominoes that have fallen already are very hard to comprehend. Consequences are everywhere to be found.

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    • Bruce,
      His shows are wonderful as they aim at typical people … not those who prefer exclusive glitz. YouTube has many of his shows already broken down into shorter clips. Meanwhile, your dominos analogy is a good one.

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  12. Great post, Frank and yes I abhor Trump’s divisive and dangerous ideas and orders. I’m glad I didnt vote for him. His policies are dangerous and I’m embarrassed that he is now the President of the USA😢 I read Rick Steves’ article. Thanks for sharing it

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    • Margie,
      Glad you enjoyed Rick Steves’ article – one that makes a lot of sense to seasoned travelers. I didn’t vote for him either. However, ever since the day after Election Day, I’ve tried to give him a chance – but he has a way of making that difficult.


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