On a Beach Walk: No. 1

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I like walking the beach. It’s good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Never a run – very seldom a stroll – but a walk – a good exercise – and as we age, walking keep us moving. My wife and I walk at home. We walk on vacation. We walk on the ship’s deck when cruising. We like to walk.

As we walk, conversations can be short or long – the topics deep or shallow – important or trivial. In times of silence, my mind keeps going – to think – to ponder the world. Thinking is also good exercise. Like the body, the mind must keep moving as we get older.

We walked a lot in January – yes – on the beach as this was our first attempt at being snowbirds from the north who went south for the winter. Walking on the beach as snowbirds facing the difficult daily questions of wondering about the temperatures at home – wondering what’s for dinner – wondering about the day of the week or the date because we aren’t sure. Be

As I walk the beach my contemplations are mental dictations on imaginary paper. Oh the blog post I have created my walking. Yes – the perfect words of never-to-be published gems that never make it outside my mind. Sometimes poetic in the rhythms of Frost, Keats, or Poe – well, at least in my mind.

My thoughts can be simple or complex. Some about wonder – some leading to awe. Others start with awe and lead to wonder. Some are personal, others professional, and others in wide-ranging topic – but fiction is a rare occurrence. All this as water refreshes my feet.

Sometimes after walking I attempt to recreate those insightful words. Usually in a notebook – but it’s never the same as the perfect string of words while walking the beach – yet future posts they will probably be – simple reflections from my mind as I walk on the packed sand along the water’s edge where water retreats to the sea.

There will be more walks in the weeks ahead because we were in the south for 27 days. More walks because I like walking the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing my feet.

Do you like walking the beach? Long distances or short? Do you contemplate or just try to chill?



79 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 1

  1. What a wonderful post on walking… and thinking…
    It seems walking is totally related to your creative process, hence I´d say to your writing too
    I liked this sentence in particular: “As I walk the beach my contemplations are mental dictations on imaginary paper” 😉 Beautifully penned post, dear Frank… sending best wishes! ⭐

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  2. Frank, take a small notebook and pencil with you when you walk! That is the advice we are given in my university course, so those elusive, yet extremely insightful thoughts, when they appear, will not disappear into the mist of forgotten memories. I really should spend more time talking walks along the beach, I only live about ten minutes drive away from the Pacific Ocean and love taking long walks with my camera in hand. Sunset often turns the water bright orange – an incredible sight to see – and it’s one of my favourite photographic subjects. 🙂

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    • Joanne,
      If I had a notebook, I would be stopping too often … thus the long walk would cause me to miss lunch and dinner. 😉 … but that is a good idea. Also why I tried to jot a few notes as soon as possible.

      Oh my … you have the beach and the water so close … awesome! … Meanwhile, we drove 12-13 hours to get there!

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  3. Oh, this made me yearn for a beach walk. My husband hates walking. I don’t know why. Our second date was a long walk, which HE elongated because he didn’t want me to go back inside (haha, they say people change after marriage!). I usually walk in the country with my mother and father, I grew up walking with them so I would like to grow old walking with them too. This post is lovely, the thoughts you have shared so poignant. My favourite line from this post; ‘My thoughts can be simple or complex. Some about wonder – some leading to awe. Others start with awe and lead to wonder.’ – marks of a vivid mind, my friend. Good for the mind, body and soul, and refreshing for your feet! Do you walk on the beach barefoot? The photographs are very beautiful.

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    • Lenora,
      Thank you for the kind words and for sharing your favorite line. Comments like that cause me to smile! BTW – I will have posts about my thoughts while walking … actually about 7 already drafted.

      Yes – walked barefoot. Fortunately the water temperature was warm enough for the feet.

      Regarding the images, the first one is from Getty Images … but the second one I took one early morning. It was great to catch the sun rising with one walker in the picture.

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  4. I love walking the beach. I do it every morning with my wife and two Boxers. There is nothing finer than meeting a new day and being open to the wonders there. We often comment that the beach looks different every time we walk. Enjoyed your post, Frank.

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  5. I love to walk along the beach, dancing with the waves as they try to catch me. I try as best as I can to empty my mind and listen to the sound of the ocean. I find it so calming. The sound of the waves wraps around me and I feel one with everything that ever was, is and will be. I feel both insignificant and as if I am in the center of everything. And then my sweet little dog comes up to me and shakes his wet, sandy fur all over me and I am, once again, me: happy, present, calm, in need of a good brush-off! 🙂

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  6. Lorna,
    Using beach walks to free your mind from the clutter is a good idea and excellent point. That sound just keeps on going as nothing seems to stop it. Love your description of insignificance and being in the center. Well stated!


  7. I am envious. I can’t really think too much writing into my head at one time, because it tends to bunch up on me, and it goes all crazy train with voices. That might sound cool, but it’s not quite so convenient.

    Love the post, Frank.

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  8. A week or so ago I was walking a beach in Florida, thinking deep thoughts! I agree about having feet in water–ever step draws me into the next one. I like all walking and, yes, I really believe my best thinking (and ultimately my best blog posts) come from my walks. Walk on, my friend!

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    • Marina,
      Ahhh … a mental escape from the trials and tribulations of daily life. Seems it works well for you. As for me, yep … I escape by thinking … then again, I can see how that could be considered as a trap rather than an escape. (I know you didn’t call it a trap). Meanwhile, I have 7 more ready for posting and more in draft form – so there will be more in the future!


  9. Love walking! That’s how I find all the street art I’ve collected. My typical street art walks are 2 – 4 hours. Of course there are no street art walks in temperatures -2 C or below, or on icy sidewalks, or over +32C (+94F)
    When I work, I walk a minimum of 10,000 steps a day, usually more, a lot more. My assistant, who is almost always with me, has an AP that counts steps.

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  10. What a beautiful stretch of beach, Frank. And I, too, enjoy walking for exercise, but mostly for thinking time! It’s amazing what I can untangle on a good walk. I’m so glad you had a wonderful extended time at the beach and hope you’ll be able to repeat the experience another time. We spend a lot of time walking at the ocean’s edge–we have our favorite spots, but to me, any beach anywhere is amazing!

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    • Debra,
      This stretch of beach is wonderful. NOTE – the opening pic isn’t Alabama … but the second one was.

      Seems that beach walking to think is another thing we have in common! 🙂 … FYI: This first of a series of mental walks … actually the second is up right now.

      I don’t know enough about California beaches to know how they compare to the Gulf beaches, but I think you would like this place.


  11. Aye, those fleeting thoughts of genius. Frank, when will they invent ear-buds with instantaneous thought recording capability, bundled with in-hack-able encryption of course. Though personally I would not use for walking. When I walk or hike I tend to disable thinking, preferring to switch on ‘absorb mode’. The mental or thinking is processed later.

    When it comes to beach trolling, I vacate completely – total mental cleansing. No tunes. No talking, preferring ‘you go left and I’ll go right and we’ll meet back hear at some point’. Escapism in it’s purest form.

    So, from this first post, I take it you and your wife took to snow-birding. It seems to have fit you very well indeed. Good shtufffs, Frank!

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  12. Tonight is the night I catch up on your Beach walks.
    I compose beautifully worded posts, I sing songs in my head, I reflect, I solve the problems of the world… I return home and. Nothing. Not two coherent words can be strung together. 🙂

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  13. The sea in so inspiring, peaceful and serene, or a roaring storm rushing in Frank, I love the beach. The Gulf beaches are wonderful, I am on the east coast of Fl. though, this is home for me. When one lives on the beach we must be prepared for the awesome power that can be ushered in by them. Those are fearful times, still I wouldn’t change places with anyone. Thank you describing the lovely experience of strolling the shores.

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  14. Walking is therapeutic and relaxes the mind and body. I jogged regularly a few years back but after having some knee issues I realized the value of walking. I couldn’t think much while running but walking seems to stimulate my brain. Walking on the beach is even better!


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