Exploring Help through Ales

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The craft beer craze is big in the USA. Cities have embraced different levels of enthusiasm about craft beers, although Portland (OR) and Minneapolis (MN) are commonly listed. I know my Cincinnati (OH) is all goo-goo about crafty brews.

But nonprofit beer? A pub operating for the purpose for donating its profits to designated charities? Sounds odd, but this is unique, so worth the 6 minutes. After watching the video below, you can also read more about the Oregon Public House by clicking here.

22 thoughts on “Exploring Help through Ales

  1. Craft beers are Huuuuuuge here too… What a wonderful idea. I would gladly support this!
    Couldn’t watch the video here. Grrrr. Will check the link – with videos that I CAN watch domani.


  2. When I saw this segment on CBS I knew I’d want to visit! We will be in Portland this summer for a wedding and I can’t wait to track down one of these amazing places. I am so impressed with the concept, but I’m always impressed with Portland’s progressive ideas and lifestyle!

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  3. This is a great idea. I was just in Portland, but did not know about this place until just now. I did get to try out some other good breweries there. A lot of IPA’s. Check out my blog for more breweries to discover around the U.S.


  4. With how well craft breweries and brewpubs are doing these days, there is definitely a unique opportunity for these establishments to give back to their communities. One of the reasons I love the craft beer community so much is the fact that so many people are not only making beer, but making beer to help others in even greater ways. Most craft beer people in the actual industry really enjoy sharing what they can and doing what they can to make their community a better place for being there.

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    • Brew,
      Welcome first-time commenter. Hope you return.

      The craft-brewing industry has been interesting to watch. I wonder about the location of the saturation point.

      Meanwhile, Cincinnati (my location) has a rich history of brewing. Craft brewing has done very well here. Personally, I would consider myself a loyal beer drinker, but craft beers have caught my attention … and I admire the creativity brewers has demonstrated.

      How has the craft beer industry done in your area?


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