On a Slice about Americana


There it is … sitting along a beautiful beach sandwiched between a high-rise condominium to its right and a parking garage of another high-rise condo to its left. A place where friends meet. A place where others become friends. A place for good times and good music.

It’s a local legend, yet a place well-known throughout the South. A place that northerners in the condos as vacationers or snowbirds came to know. The place actually straddling the Florida-Alabama state line – although it is mainly in Florida. A place that was a very short walk from where we stayed in January.

There it is – A place displaying a weathered look while sitting along the beach since 1964. A weathered look of normal wear and tear that beach side brings, plus the occasional hammering by storms and hurricanes.

The Flora-Bama -a colorful place with a colorful past that includes a long list of colorful characters.

The Flora-Bama – a place featuring music seven days a week by local and regional musicians songwriters. Some who made it to the national stage of hits and awards while others maintain their local craft.

The Flora-Bama – with its more than eclectic collection of artifacts adorning its walls and ceilings – plus walls with names of patrons written in permanent markers – let alone the framed signed pictures of visitors and performers – and yes, even there is even more to see.

The Flora-Bama – an institution to many, no wonder country music star Kenny Chesney wrote a song about it. No wonder he performed his only concert of 2014 along its beach to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

Before I tell you more in another post, I’ll let his lyrics and his music video introduce you to this slice of Americana – the place its documentary called The Last Great American Roadhouse. Welcome to the Flora-Bama Lounge Oyster Bar and Package Store.

48 thoughts on “On a Slice about Americana

    • Dale,
      Thanks. My first draft most of this info plus my encounters with this place. I couldn’t make it work until I got the idea for two posts! (The next one probably next week). And finding this video was one of the main factors. Glad you enjoyed Kenny. Maybe I’ll include it in the follow-up post. 😉

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    • Pauline,
      I had never heard of the place until my in-laws talked about it … and I’m much closer to it than you are in New Zealand. 😉 … If all goes as planned, I’m thinking the follow-up post will be the same time next week.

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    • Kerry,
      Quirky and authentic are unquestionably great descriptors! If you ever get to the panhandle region, keep it in mind. Meanwhile, I have another post about the Flora-Bama in the queue for next week. 🙂


    • Phillip,
      After all, most Americans haven’t heard of the Flora-Bama! Including myself until I was in my 50s. You would hear your share of country music at this place. Glad you enjoy Chesney .. I accidentally stumbled across this video, and immediately knew I had to use it. Stay tuned for a follow-up to this post that should be in a week.


    • Audra,
      There is much good to be told – especially during these tense times. The Flora-Bama is quite the place, and Kenny Chesney’s song tells part of the story. Cold in Cincinnati too … then again, as a whole, February was very mild!

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  1. Will look forward to reading more about this little dive on the beach. Trying to catch up on my blog reading.

    Regarding basilcello, you are right (as usual), I should have said I made it with grain alcohol instead of whiskey. I used Everclear and it was probably not the best but it was an experiment for me. You said it could be made with vodka also. I believe that I first learned of basilcello from one of your posts in probably December of last year but haven’t been able to find it again. If you would give me the date of link, I would add it to my post. Thank you and cheers!

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    • CC,
      This place on the beach is a classic. Their T-shirt’s used to same “The Ultimate Dive Bar” … a good chuckle. Another post hopefully next week!

      Everclear is a fine … I use 1 bottle of Everclear at the beginning then add 1 bottle of vodka later. I like that balance better than 2 Everclears. Besides, Everclear does a better job extracting than does vodka. Glad you enjoyed it … PS: My niece made grapefruit cello … awesome!

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  2. OK so I get the Flora-Bama thing, but given that my wife and I aren’t 20 anymore, and that we don’t need to travel somewhere to get Margarita Therapy, just tell us your Number One, King Of The Hill, Top Of The Heap, best walking beach in the world, and we’ll go there.

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        • You do realize that over-thinking and wanting to keep in simple are direct contradictions.

          Over the years, we enjoy going to different places. Each beach is different. Sarasota’s Siesta Key is fabulous, but not miles and miles. This Alabama beach is also wonderful … but that doesn’t mean all beaches in Alabama are. So, for an all-time favorite, I will not provide one because I didn’t keep a written scorecard.


  3. What a great little find, Frank! I wouldn’t have been able to resist exploring, and so I love the video! I think when traveling I can be completely caught up in the unexpected places that have a story! Very special!

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    • Debra,
      This place is unquestionably an institution, so if you ever in this area, definitely stop by for a unique slice of Americana. Meanwhile, another post about the Flora-Bama is in the near future.


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