On a Beach Walk: No. 2

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I like walking the beach. It is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing my feet.

The rhythmic action of the waves catches my attention. Each wave washing ashore is different with its terminal points resembling a changing graph with many peaks and troughs – but each wave retreats to interfere with the next incoming wave.


No matter the day or time, the waves have a rhythm – but they differ from loud and roaring to a gentle ripple – yet all are refreshing on my feet.

Waves – the heartbeat of the sea delivering a reliable steadiness – the steady presence of the message they deliver.

Waves – the poetry of the sea singing tones of aquatic melodies for our souls.

Waves – one of nature’s languages sending bliss to those enjoying their mere presence.

Waves – the rhythms within a rhythm – a different rhythm, but no less a rhythm – the tides affected by Mr. Moon. The tide is either moving in or out – a movement I can’t tell unless I know it’s timing. Yet, this relentless rhythm keeps its own time – the time of the next tidal crest.

Waves and tides – two of the timeless, reliable rhythms of life that make creation and the nature within it so grand.

I like the walking the beach for it is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.


23 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 2

  1. I love beach walking. Although, there’s no murals along the beach where I live. I’m very lucky to live near the beach of Lake Ontario. From my door to the sand is 2 minutes.
    Hey, the Palais Royale is at the top of my beach walk. Great history there. There’s also a boardwalk for miles.

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  2. Frank, I am glad you posted a number 2! I felt as though I was actually there by the sea. You make me nostalgic for the ocean. This post read to me like poetry, so beautiful!


    • Lenora,
      Many thanks for the kind words. Although I didn’t try a poetic approach, I did try to write in a different style. So if you found it to be poetic, so be it .. and thank you! Meanwhile, I can say that Walk #3 is in the queue. 🙂 Hope you also watch the videos because I try to find the video that matches what I’m trying to convey.

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  3. Yo Teach!

    Good shtufffs, Frank. Waves, wind and a blue sky; a place to be young again. Be it for a hour, a day, a week or longer if one is lucky.

    You cannot beat a good beach. Restorative. Sensual. And humbling. Where leopard skins are poured from bottles by young and old alike. An old conquistadors can simply spend the day a signing names to each wave that blesses the shore. You can even lay back an solve the problems which nip at life’s toes. Or. Escape/teleported into the sun to explore the tapestry of the universe.

    But the Ocean, with the potential of raw rage, has a sensual, seductive side. There is just something about a wave as it caresses a shoreline. To quote myself –

    you, with your blue eyes and gold hair
    with a promise running through
    one step to left, sound footing
    one step to right, sweeps me away

    oh baby,
    how the curve of your waves strum me

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      • Frank, as a relative of my father’s often replied when asked that very question, ‘ the lord doesn’t want me and the devil doesn’t know what to do with me’, comes to mind. In short, am just peachy, thank you very much.

        My words are hardly better than yours. I just say what comes to mind.


  4. Great song, aFrank. It has a funky beat. Dancin’ … Dancin’ … Dancin’
    I think I’m a mermaid. I adore the beach and the ocean. This post is a page from my favorite things in my life. Glad you enjoyed walking …. walking …. walking.
    Isadora 😎


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