On a Beach Walk: No. 3

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I like walking the beach. Walking is good for the mind, body, and soul – and refreshing on my feet.

Pelicans are on the water and in the sky searching food. – but all the pelicans are oblivious to my presence. Sanderlings are ahead of me using their fast-moving feet in what appears to be a frantic search for food – but they are very aware of my presence. I can see a Great Blue Heron ahead staring across the water – and no doubt oblivious to me. These are a few of the things happening as the persistent waves wash across my feet as I walk.

Some of the pelicans fly amazingly close to the surface while others soar above then suddenly turning their glide into a dive. I wonder about the pelican’s design – its adaptations allowing it do so – its adaptive features for its necessity – including diving without breaking its neck. I wonder about the success rate of their dives.

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I glance ahead to the sanderlings with their beaks in the sand and moving quickly where the water just passed. I know they are searching for food as small crustaceans, crabs, crab eggs, aquatic insects, and worms. I wonder if they have a way of separating water, sand, and food. That I do not know, but they are like the pelican because they are adapted for what they do. The next wave comes, but they quickly move as if saying “You aren’t going to get me”, then the search for their necessity resumes as the water retreats. Meanwhile, the Great Blue Heron stands and stares.


Sanderlings and pelicans in their daily routine. Each doing something that the other cannot. Each doing what they need to do, but in their own way. Each searching for food – food to survive so they can survive to reproduce so their next generation continues tradition. And the Great Blue Heron doing the same – but doing so by patiently standing and staring.

Isn’t creation grand! All this as I walk and the water refreshes my feet.

50 thoughts on “On a Beach Walk: No. 3

  1. There’s nothing quite like the ocean or a walk along one. Sometimes I wonder why I live in Ohio when I only have one life to experience walks on the beach, and there’s no ocean near me. But as you know, Ohio has its own charms. And being able to go to the Cavs games is pretty sweet too. 😄

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    • Carrie,
      Yep … we miss not having a regular opportunity to walk the beach, then again … that would also mean dealing with hurricanes. YIKES! …. Yes, every location has its charms … a list of plusses and minuses … but hey – one gets out of it what one puts into it.

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  2. Isn’t creation grand indeed! You painted such a beautiful picture here, Frank. I felt as though I was there myself, watching the pelicans and sanderlings swooping and soaring. So much so that I googled the nearest beach to my town and it is only an hour’s drive away! So I know where I am going this weekend 🙂

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    • Lenora,
      Oh wow … glad this inspired you to go to the beach very soon. Hope the weather cooperates with your wishes.

      Sanderlings are so funny as their movements are so frantic, they still make one smile. Of course you may not have these birds in your area. Enjoy the beach! BTW … sometime in the future, I will return to the heron and its staring.


  3. right there with you, love these posts! truly absolutely peaceful walking on the beach with water dancing, swirling around, and the birds darting and chatting. just a side note, love your red nail polished toes – or is it a stock photo – lol!

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  4. Frank, there is a heron that occasionally visits the golf course we live near. It just sits on a rock in one of the larger water hazards and just stares at the ducks and geese going about their day. Doesn’t appear to get flustered by any of the activity. Just stares. Stoic and beautiful all at once. Enjoyed walking the beach to the Beatles!

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  5. ‘All this’ as you ‘walk and the water refreshes’ your feet -and I might add the soul. Frank you just be ‘A Child of The Wind’ – the title of a favourite and identifiable song by Bruce Cockburn.


    • Calvin,
      Thanks for the kind words. The reactions that I’ve received from the Beach Walk series has been pleasantly interesting … and I can say more are to come! I have A Child of the Wind playing at the moment, so I notice how it speaks. In terms of the soul, I use it in the opening line, which closes with the feet … thus why I close with the feet. Meanwhile, here’s Bruce singing the song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6j1SIUGRxRM


  6. You write beautifully of your beach walking experience, Frank. Beach walks are the best way, in my opinion, for refreshing the spirit and lifting mental fatigue. I love shore birds, and support a few agencies committed to stabilizing their populations against environmental degradation. I have watched the California Brown Pelican come back after near extinction due to DDT contamination. I love watching Sanderlings play at shoreline. I enjoyed taking a beach walk with you, my friend.

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