Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 329

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This past week has been cold in Cincinnati and across the eastern half of the country. At least that big snowstorm missed us.

Last weekend our handbell choir attended a regional festival with almost 400 ringers. The event starts late afternoon Friday and goes until late afternoon Saturday. Given so much time there, a time change, and our prepared song for church not quite ready, our director cancelled us playing on Sunday – which was a big relief to all of us. We will continue to work on the piece as we will try to work it into a service before we break for the summer.

Because we wanted to see it before it closes sometime in April, this week we visited the Vikings: Beyond the Legend travelling exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center. Thumbs up – but I don’t know the exhibits future schedule. I didn’t know they spoke Vikinese, invented Vicodin, and knew to blame Obama. Here’s the link to the Cincinnati exhibit; plus, I hope to post about it in the future.

Have you considered banana pancakes for your weekend? Watch to see what I mean.

At the last weekend’s festival, a guest choir played a concert where I heard this beautiful piece of a popular song that you probably know. I invite you to listen.

My wife gets to celebrate her birthday on a holiday – and St. Patrick’s Day is here. Happy Birthday!

Some readers enjoyed the timeline link from The Atlantic. In honor of my wife’s birthday, here’s the link again.

Reminder: Sunday is Buzzard Day – the day the buzzards return to Hinckley.

I will have a Saturday post – which will be one for Resa’s month-long dedication to kids.

Not only do I want answers to the charges of wiretapping at Trump Tower, I want some heads to roll – whomever it may be.

Predictable statements from the White House and each political party followed the report from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO). The interpretations are different enough causing one to wonder if they read the same report. Then again, they love to make a nonpartisan report partisan. In their attempt to appease the partisans, I say “Happy cherry picking, jackasses.”

Readings about the health care bill

One would think that our elected officials could find some common group to solve a problem – but that would require listening, not walking with tugging sacred cows, thinking outside the box, and seeking for the common good of constituents. Yep – old colloquialism “fat chance” is very applicable.

Did anyone notice there is a new party-of-no in town?

Former President Obama’s Five Faults of the Week
A stretch of cold weather after a very mild winter
The Congressional Budget Office being nonpartisan
Fig tree problems in Italy
Behavior of TSA agents
My attitude toward our politicians

To lead you into this week’s dose of satirical headlines, The Onion provides a public service by providing tips to keep your personal information secure.

Weekly Headlines from The Onion (combos welcome)
Nation Leery Of Very Odd Little Boy
Area man thinks he’s better than uneducated wife beater
Police satisfied when local drunk man assures them there is no problem
Happily married, 100 percent heterosexual father of three had that doggone dream again
Scientists discover existence of Homo Sapien subspecies which enjoys and is influenced by Red Bull ads

Interesting Reads
Issues holding back driverless cars
FDR’s floating White House
Police chiefs, sanctuary cities, and decreasing crime
Brain activity and those who don’t like music
Debunking 9 myths about Hinduism
(Photo essay) Geometry and architecture
(Photos with brief descriptions) The beauty of Arizona’s Chiricahua Mountains

This past Wednesday was the Ides of March, so this is the only way to send you into the weekend. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.

42 thoughts on “Opinions in the Shorts: Vol. 329

  1. What did you think of Maddow’s release of Trump’s ‘tax returns’? I like Maddow, but that was much ado about nothing, especially after the big build-up they gave it on Twitter. I expected a bombshell but got a tiny gas emission. 😄

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  2. Got to run to catch a plane to AZ but will read more of today’s Op. Shorts there.

    Copy that – wanting heads to roll over the Trump Tower wiretapping charges.

    No splats.

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  3. Happy Birthday to Ms. Angle! Good luck with your handbell piece.
    The Viking exhibition sounds interesting.
    As for the party of no, I think the Democrats have to be that right now–the health plan, the budget, all of dt’s cabinet picks. . .Well, I certainly say no to all of it.
    I haven’t heard that Banana Pancakes song in a long time. One of my daughters used to love it, but I expected more sounds from the objects–more like this:

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    • Merril,
      The Vegetable Orchestra is new to me … Ah yes – physics and creativity working together – and working together is what I expect of government. I didn’t respect the last party of no, and I don’t respect today’s version. I didn’t respect the last party of shoving legislation down our throat, and I don’t respect it now. But the day is joyous with a birthday here, so I will pass along your greeting. 🙂

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  4. Happy B-Day to Ms. A! I hadn’t come across Banana Pancakes before today…well, I probably ate them a couple times…but the Ides Of March is one of those songs I not only instantly remember from my youth but also the group’s name. Often the song will be immediately familiar but sometimes the group or singer takes a few moments longer. Not in this case. I was advised growing up I come from a line of Scotch-Irish so I have donned a green shirt in lieu of green beer. Have a great birthday/holiday/buzzard day/weekend Frank!

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  5. I never realized that Vikings invented Obama-blaming, but it all make sense: I imagine a band of Vikings raiding a town on a coast, murdering, pillaging, and then telling everyone still alive that it was Obama’s fault for not protecting the town from savage Norse immigrants and not letting the townsfolk to carry guns.
    P.S. If the Democrats become the new party of No (so far, I think, they haven’t actually filibustered a single thing yet), I’d say that the Republicans are getting just what they deserve for the 8 years of obstruction.

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  6. Hello, hello! Thought I’d pop over here and see what you’re up to as you were so kind as to promptly welcome me back! 🙂 A wonderful and eclectic range of topics covered here as always. I liked the banana pancake video and song a little TOO much I think…

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    • Hi Vanessa,
      Glad you enjoyed the pancake song … definitely one than makes one smile. Let’s see … this post remains a Friday tradition. In terms of new, I have a new series about thoughts while walking the beach (available on your Wednesdays)


  7. Happy St. Paddy’s Day and a very Happy Birthday to your wife. The funniest story for me yesterday was Trump quoting his “favorite Irish proverb” which turned out to be anything but Irish. It was written years ago by a Nigerian Muslim poet. 🙂 Love the handbell piece as usual. Glad you had a reprieve with your performance. Have a great weekend.

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    • Sylvia,
      OMG … now that’s really funny. I hadn’t heard this news and it’s perfect. His team have made similar mistakes in the past (but not checking). Thanks for causing us to laugh here. Glad you enjoyed the handbell piece … oh yes, a beautiful arrangement. I’m hoping it’s part of our playing list next year. In terms of the piece we passed on last week, at the last rehearsal we continued to practice it and discussed when we could do it … so it’s still a possibility.

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    • Marina,
      Glad you enjoy this rendition of Hallelujah. I’ve also heard one that included a voice part … it’s fabulous … and I may included here in the future. Meanwhile, I’ll pass along your birthday greetings.

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  8. Resa,
    Oh my … another birthday greeting from Canada for me to pass along. 🙂 … Glad you enjoyed the song … and BTW … besides Saturday’s mural for kid’s, you may find another link coming your way on Friday (but it’s not a mural).


  9. This is my birthday month, too, and I enjoyed the Atlantic timeline. I also enjoy hearing about your handbell choir and hope all the ringers enjoyed a bit of a reprieve on the more complex piece. I’m sue a little more practice is a relief to most. Good for you for even trying to “decode” the CBO report. Watching everyone spin and dance and churn themselves into butter is irritatingly entertaining. To use one of my grandmother’s favorites, “We’ll see how it all comes out in the wash.”


  10. Happy Birthday Mrs Frank!!

    The timeline was cool. Of the articles, loved the Mountains, been there but I think the photos showed me something I couldn’t see just traveling through.

    I think it will take many of us, many weeks to plow through the budget and the CBO report. There is so much there and it is so easy to nitpick.

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    • Val,
      I will pass along a Texas birthday greeting.

      Glad you enjoyed the timeline, too. I had to include it in back-to-back weeks because I knew readers would enjoy it if they visited it. Thanks for following my tip!

      In terms of President Trump’s budget, it is like the rest of the presidential budgets – DOA.


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