Pre-Blog Break Shorts & Snorts

The Cincinnati Zoo reported (Tuesday) that Fiona weighs 130 pounds. This is what she does when she’s dreaming.

Monday was Opening Day in Cincinnati. Based on the morning weather reports, we decided to stay dry by not attending downtown festivities … and it didn’t rain a drop! … Damn Obama!

Congratulations of the North Carolina Tar Heels for representing ABK with distinction in the men’s basketball tournament. For those who don’t know, that’s Anybody But Kentucky.

Although their winning streak was surprisingly snapped, a tip of the cap to the UConn Huskies women’s basketball team. Wow – winning 111 games in a row is unbelievable … so I imagine a new streak will start sometime in November.

I enjoy celebrating milestones with a numbers tribute – as the last post was for our 40th wedding anniversary. Our schedule dictated that we go out for a nice dinner the evening before, and it was wonderful. Thanks again for the anniversary wishes.

Count me in on the outcry that penalties should not be based on communication from spectators. The PGA and the LPGA need to put an end to the nonsense!

I can’t recall ever seeing ads on television supporting a Supreme Court nominee. I remain standing firm on my stance of Last Judge Standing, and will continue that position until I feel it is no longer necessary – but I wonder if that will happen in my lifetime.

I continue to avoid watching Chris Matthews, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, and Rachel Maddow. I very seldom read columns by EJ Dionne, George Will, Charles Krauthammer, and Eugene Robinson. Why? … I can think for myself and do not need partisans to verify my position. After all, I have it even better because I have all the partisans to prove my point.

Senate Majority Leader McConnell (JA/R-KY) is threatening to impose the rule change known as the Nuclear Option. I say go right ahead because we citizens need more dysfunction based on partisanship. After all, Former Majority Leader Reid (JA/D-NV) did his share to lead the way by setting an example. Follow the lead, jackasses!

Cheers to Stephen Colbert who makes me laugh at the political chaos. I know he’s a partisan, but he still makes me laugh.

April has a way of being hectic. Better weather gets us outside. Golf league for both of us will ramp up. Working hours will increase at the golf course. Taxes to be filed. The handbell choir prepares for Easter Sunday. Dances are to be done. The Masters golf tournament is a must-watch event. Baseball season has started. A room painting project in the near future. Vacations to plan, and more.

This blog has been very steady for almost 6 months, so it’s time for a blog break. Not sure how I will spend it, so don’t be surprised if I go visiting. For the record, more Beach Walks are to come.

To send you into my blog break, this song goes out to the dreaming Fiona. In the words of Garrison Keillor, Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.


51 thoughts on “Pre-Blog Break Shorts & Snorts

  1. Good move to give Stephen Colbert a partisan pass. Belated congratulations to you and your wife for wedding anniversary No. 40. Also congrats to UNC for (1) taking out Kentucky (2) winning the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, in that order.

    Enjoy your BLOG BREAK!

    P.S. Where was “Gemini Dream” when you picked the opener for my Moody Blues marching band show?

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    • Tim,
      Regarding the Moody Blues, they have many good songs for the show, and you could only use a spoonful.

      Colbert and his writers are brilliant … absolutely partisan and relentless, but I find him funny.


  2. Well, Frank, have a great break! I have a post almost ready, as a thank you for your contributions to Kids’ Month. I’ll can post it later today or I can wait until your break is over. Let me know!

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  3. I believe I missed congratulating you & your better half on 40 years, thus happy belated congratulations. Life has been hectic lately for me, so I haven’t been around much. Enjoy your blog break. DH and I may be visited near your fair city at the end of the month, if all goes through, maybe a meet-up and coffee?

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    • Elyse,
      Yes .. opening day is a snore …. but in Cincinnati it is Opening Day … truly a long-running major event. This year was the 98th year for the parade! You would enjoy the festive nature of downtown … and you don’t have to go to the game!

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  4. I must have missed the post about your 40th anniversary. Congratulations to you and Ms. Angle!
    I haven’t listened to the Moody Blues in a long time. I remember the Nights in White Satin album played quite often in my husband’s dorm.
    Enjoy your blog break, Frank!

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  5. Merril,
    Thanks on the congrats. I don’t think you saw the post “On 40” … but others saw the post and commented while not noticing the statement at the end about the anniversary. Glad I was able to rekindle those college days memories … but I won’t ask questions about your presence in his dorm room. 😉


  6. Have a good blogging break Frank! Cheers for the Fiona video – I thought you might like to know that my Siddy also licks like that when he is dreaming – probably about food! It’s good to know my little puppy has more in common with a cute baby hippo than just roundness and cuteness 🙂

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  7. Such a fun post, as usual. My wordpress settings changes all by themselves the other day, so my email notifications stopped and then went into spam,. I am finally seeing notifications more consistently. Happy belated anniversary! Enjoy April and your blog-break.

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  8. Congratulations on your anniversary!
    I really hope the Republicans use the nuclear option to remove the filibuster on the Supreme Court nominees – that way, Dems get a pretty decent judge (and Gorsuch is pretty decent pick, considering who had nominated him), and the Democrats will get to nominate their own judges without a threat of filibuster when their time comes. (Although, I wouldn’t put it past McConnell to change the rules back or to mess with them in another way to still allow the Republicans to filibuster).
    And although it was the Democrats who changed the rules first, at least Dems put up with GOP filibusters for 3 or 4 years before going nuclear, the Republicans couldn’t even stomach a single Dem filibuster before running for the rule book. 🙂

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    • X,
      Many thanks for the congrats.

      Well .. they used it today and I too wouldn’t be surprised if the GOP in-nuked it to their convenience. Yes, anyone can say the Dems started it with their version, but that doesn’t mean the GOP wouldn’t have done it at this time. Nonetheless, now the Senate is like the House … officially out of control.

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  9. Fiona is awesome. She looks way cuter dreaming than I ever could. As for those golf penalties generated from viewers on the couch at home…no self-respecting sport allows people sending in “tips” from home to decide competition. That being said I did enjoy watching the Masters on my couch at home. Congrats indeed to the Tar Heels A.K.A. A.B.K. Enjoy and be well during your blogging absence.


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